Play by Nature’s Rules

One of the more amusing of hunters’ feeble rationalizations is that they are “part of nature,” as though that entitles them to assume the role of top predator over every other species. Funny how they bring that up when they think it will get them what they want, but when the preacher postulates that humans are above the animals and nature, they’re the first to stand up and shout “Amen!”

It seems they want their cake and eat it too.

Modern humans have long since stacked the deck in their favor. When Mother Nature decides to defend herself against their fully-armed onslaught by summoning up a super-bug or super-storm, hunters will quickly decide it’s no fun to be part of nature anymore and demand a dose of the antidote or call in the rescue helicopters.

Natural predators, like wolves, don’t have the kind of creature comforts that even the most impoverished hunter takes for granted. When wolves get hurt or sick it’s often fatal, whereas a human can find a clinic to fix them up whenever they get any kind of scratch. Hunters should play by nature’s rules or get out of the game.

Like it or not, humans really are a part of nature—but they’re certainly not above it. As Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson wrote in my book’s foreword:

“No species can live upon this earth without living in accordance to the three basic laws of ecology: (1) the law of diversity, that an eco-system is strengthened by the diversity of species within it, (2) the law of interdependence, that all species are dependent upon each other for survival and (3) the law of finite resources, that there is a limit to growth, a limit to carrying capacity. Human populations grow by literally stealing the carrying capacity of other species and by so doing, they diminish diversity and thus cut the bonds of interdependence.

“The cruelty and destruction that humans have inflicted upon each other is surpassed only by the cruelty and destruction humans have inflicted upon the nonhuman citizens of this world. Hunters are guilty of crimes against nature, against future generations and against humanity because diminishment leads to collapse and to extinction and we forget that we as animals, as primate hominids, will commit collective suicide if we continue with our barbaric traditions and behavior in the face of a global ecological collapse.”

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5 thoughts on “Play by Nature’s Rules

  1. Good points! Drive to the woods in a truck, posts gloating, self-aggrandising pics of pitiful corpses on the internet, then claim to have a “role in nature.” Hunters are an evil subculture killing for recreation.

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