ACTION ALERT: Tweetstorm Tuesday, July 29, 2014 – Dan Ashe – Director – USFWS

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Dan Ashe, the director of the USFWS, recently stated in a small round table discussion  “that he sees a “giant clash” between those who favor conservation and those who favor economic development and that he believes that conservationists “must accept a world with fewer wolves, salmon, and spotted owls.” The Director of the very agency most responsible for protecting the nation’s biodiversity went on to say that, in the name of compromise, we must accept “a world with less biodiversity.”……H. Ronald Pulliam

What an incredible statement from a man whose responsibility it is to “conserve the nature of America”. That is the mission statement plastered on the front page of the USFWS website.  Yet the director of this agency thinks we need less biodiversity? Of course I’m not surprised he said this because he’s pushing to delist wolves nationally.

We want to send Dan Ashe a message. We…

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Carlton Complex fire burns 391 square miles, hundreds of homes

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OKANOGAN COUNTY — The massive Carlton Complex fire has destroyed an estimated 300 homes in north-central Washington, according to the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office.

The 250,514-acre fire was 59% contained on Sunday.

Lightning started the fire on July 14. Nearly 3,000 people are fighting the fire from the ground and the air.

PHOTO GALLERY:  Devastating fire scorches Central Washington

Several days of rain has helped crews start to get the upper hand on the fire.

Now, hot and dry weather is predicted with temperatures reaching the triple-digits next week.

Interactive map

This embed is invalid

A community meeting is planned for 7:00 p.m. Sunday, July 27 at Brewster High School.

How can you help?

Officials say donations centers are overwhelmed with the amount of materials they’ve received.

Several organizations are accepting cash donations which authorities say is a better way to help.

Cash donations help provide families food, groceries, temporary lodging and other needs.

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Shirley and Jenny – An Elephant Love Story of Friendship and Reunion

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Shirley and Jenny advocacydotbritannicadotcom-5

Shirley and Jenny Reunited After 22 Years


Whatever Happened to Jenny and Shirley

In Memory of Jenny
1969 ~ October 17, 2006

Jenny_Woods The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee


The Elephant Sanctuary In Tennessee

A little boy wrote a note to Shirley. From the Elephant Sanctuary in Tn.

September 9, 2003
This dear note was sent by a three year old after he met Shirley on our site.

Dear Shirley:
I will give you ice cream on a plate.
I will give you one motorcycle. ONLY ONE!
I will kiss you on your ear.

Love Cyrus


Elephants Find Paradise in Tennessee


Top Video: Courtesy YouTube agrofilms

Bottom Video: Courtesy YouTube elephantsanctuarytn

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The Amazing Journey and Sad End of Wolf 314F (UPDATE)

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July 26, 2014

This little Mill Creek Pack wolf was another casualty of the war on wolves.


UPDATE: October 16, 2012

I posted this story in October 2009 about an amazing little Mill Creek Pack wolf, who traveled 1000 miles from her home in Montana to a lonely hillside in Colorado, called “No Name Ridge”, where her bones were found.

Her death has been under investigation by USFWS all this time.

Finally, after almost two years,  it was announced she was poisoned by the deadly compound 1080. It is one of the horrific poisons Wildlife Services uses in its arsenal to kill our wildlife.

The organization Predator Defense has been trying for years to ban this  deadly compound along with Sodium Cyanide, used in M-44s. So far they have been unsuccessful in their bid to do so. Maybe now people will wake up and realize they must  pressure Congress to ban these deadly poisons FOREVER.

Apparently Compound 1080 is banned in Colorado, which would make 314f’s death an illegal…

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Fish Feel 2
Fish are Sentient and Emotional Beings and Clearly Feel Pain
Fish deserve better treatment based on data on their emotional lives
Marc Bekoff, Ph.D.<>
I always love it when scientific researchers provide solid empirical data on the cognitive<> and emotional lives of nonhuman animals (animals) that some take to be a “surprise” because in their (uninformed) opinion “this just can’t be so.” I recently wrote about this sort of surprise in an essay called “The Emotional Lives of Crayfish: Stress and Anxiety<>”. And, now, Culum Brown<>, a professor at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, has published a review paper in the journal Animal Cognition titled “Fish intelligence, sentience and ethics<>” that clearly shows that fish are sentient and emotional beings and clearly feel pain in much the same way that humans do. The abstract of this significant essay available only to subscribers reads as follows:

Fish are one of the most highly utilised vertebrate taxa by humans; they are harvested from wild stocks as part of global fishing industries, grown under intensive aquaculture conditions, are the most common pet and are widely used for scientific research. But fish are seldom afforded the same level of compassion or welfare as warm-blooded vertebrates. Part of the problem is the large gap between people’s perception of fish intelligence<> and the scientific reality. This is an important issue because public perception guides government<> policy. The perception of an animal’s intelligence often drives our decision whether or not to include them in our moral<> circle. From a welfare perspective, most researchers would suggest that if an animal is sentient, then it can most likely suffer and should therefore be offered some form of formal protection. There has been a debate about fish welfare for decades which centres on the question of whether they are sentient or conscious. The implications for affording the same level of protection to fish as other vertebrates are great, not least because of fishing-related industries. Here, I review the current state of knowledge of fish cognition starting with their sensory perception and moving on to cognition. The review reveals that fish perception and cognitive abilities often match or exceed other vertebrates. A review of the evidence for pain perception strongly suggests that fish experience pain in a manner similar to the rest of the vertebrates. Although scientists cannot provide a definitive answer on the level of consciousness for any non-human vertebrate, the extensive evidence of fish behavioural and cognitive sophistication and pain perception suggests that best practice would be to lend fish the same level of protection as any other vertebrate.

Professor Brown’s findings, consistent with the excellent research of Victoria Braithwaite (see and<> and<>) are reviewed all over the web and this essay called “Fish have feelings too: Expert claims creatures experience pain in the same way humans do – and should be treated better<>” nicely captures the essence of his review. Some snippets that should entice you to read the full essay include:

– They [fish] develop cultural traditions and can even recognise themselves and others

– They also show signs of Machiavellian intelligence, such as cooperation<> and reconciliation

– Professor Brown said the primary senses of the fish are ‘just as good’ and in some cases better than that of humans.

– The level of mental complexity that fish display is on a par with most other vertebrates, while there is mounting evidence that they can feel pain in a manner similar to humans.

Fish should be included in our moral circle

Professor Brown also noted that, “Although scientists cannot provide a definitive answer on the level of consciousness for any non-human vertebrate, the extensive evidence of fish behavioural and cognitive sophistication and pain perception suggests that best practice would be to lend fish the same level of protection as any other vertebrate … We should therefore include fish in our ‘moral circle’ and afford them the protection they deserve.”

In her very interesting book called Do Fish Feel Pain?<> Dr. Braithwaite concluded, “I have argued that there is as much evidence that fish feel pain and suffer as there is for birds and mammals — and more than there is for human neonates and preterm babies.” (page 153).

It’s high time that use what we know on behalf of fish and other animals who are used and abused in the countless billions. Fish clearly are not things nor disposable objects, but rather sentient and feeling beings, a point stressed in Farm Sanctuary’s “Someone, Not Something<>” project.


Animal welfare groups in Utah opposed to crow hunting proposal

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SALT LAKE CITY – Animal welfare groups are working in opposition to legal crow hunting in Utah, which is scheduled to begin in September.

Wildlife officials moved to approve crows for hunting earlier this year, and the hunt runs from September 1 to September 30 and from December 1 to February 28. The final decision will be made next week.

Officials with the Humane Society of Utah and the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah have launched petitions, and they want the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to present more data regarding why it should be legal to hunt crows.

In a previous press release, DWR officials stated crows can damage fruit, corn and grain crops in parts of Utah. The animals also raid nests and steal eggs from other birds. Officials also said crows damage trees and cause disturbances in urban areas.

Animal advocates called…

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Wisconsin Sinks To New Low..

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We all know Wisconsin is allowing trophy hunters to chase down wolves with dogs. It was challenged in the courts by humane organizations who recognize this for what it is, cruelty, pure and simple.  An appeals court recently ruled  the state can go forward with this disgusting, ugly practice, essentially sanctioning  dog fighting.

Wisconsin is gaining the reputation as Idaho east, except even Idaho, as brutal as their policies are toward wolves, don’t allow this. Just wondering how these so-called Wisconsin “hunters” would like to be chased down by dogs?  They wouldn’t be so “brave” then, now would they?



LETTER: Wisconsin has poor version of ethical hunting

July 23, 2014 3:03 pm  • 

Black bears should no longer feel solely terrorized and persecuted by hound hunters in training activities; the gray wolf has now joined their ranks.

Here’s how hound training on both…

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CNN/ORC Poll: Majority say no to impeachment and lawsuit

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Washington (CNN) – There’s not a lot of public appetite for a Republican push to sue President Barack Obama, or for calls by some conservatives to impeach him, according to a new national survey.

A CNN/ORC International poll released Friday morning also indicates that a small majority of Americans do not believe that Obama has gone too far in expanding the powers of the presidency.

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Forwarding Request to Sign Petition

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Rhiannon Taylor Gomez has invited you to sign the petition:

“Your voice will make a difference. Sign the petition.”

Get Facebook to remove the group, “Kill All the Wolves.”

Sign the Petition to FACE BOOK by clicking here

How this will help

Because they have picture after picture of killed, and skinned wolves. They are piled on top of each other. They even have a picture of a pile of burned wolves. FaceBook is no place for this type of violence. It is way beyond and above just a common hunting page. They have been reported over and over and Facebook still refuses to take them down. This page has to be shut down. Now it has been brought to my attention; this Horrible page is also getting peoples stuff off of their wall and posting it on the “kill all the wolves” wall and telling all of their followers…

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Remembering Jewel…Phantom Hill Wolf Pack Female B445…Shot Dead

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“Jewel” – Phantom Hill Wolf pack member B445

July 24, 2014

Here is another tragic story of a young Idaho wolf, cut down before she had a chance to live.  I’ll continue to  repost  these stories the rest of the week in remembrance of the wolves and wolf packs we’ve lost  at the hands of Wildlife Services, wolf hunts, ranching and poaching. We can’t forget them, they are why we are fighting this battle!

October 31, 2009

Jewel, a young beta female, of the Phantom Hill Wolf Pack in Idaho, was shot dead in the Eagle Creek drainage, north of Ketchum. She was only two years old but had already made her mark upon the pack. When the alpha female took an extended vacation this year, Jewel assumed “nanny duties”, caring for the pups during the alpha’s absence.

Jewel died for nothing yesterday. Here is her story from Western Watersheds…

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