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A PETITION TO TEACH CHILDREN RIGHT—HAVING A CHILD READ ABOUT “BAMBI”, and then teaching them to kill animals, or partake in what others kill, is a destructive to their psyches and their bodies….please, sign and share below, to say we must teach ANIMAL RIGHTS IN SCHOOLS…this is the only way, to ensure a kinder and GENTLER WORLD….thanks, Animal Freedom Fighters…


Montana man pulls knife on hunting partner after sexual advances rebuffed: police


Ravalli County Sheriff’s Offic. Robert Saunders, 31, was found drunk by police and refusing to leave his hunting partner’s property, according to an affidavit.

A Montana man allegedly pulled out a knife on his hunting partner when the friend turned down his drunken sexual advances after a day of hunting and drinking together, according to police.

Robert Dale Saunders, 31, was charged with felony assault with a weapon Monday.

Saunders reportedly “became verbally abusive and aggressive” with hunting partner Michael Smith when they returned to Smith’s home in Hamilton, Montana, Sunday night, according to an affidavit obtained by The Smoking Gun.

After cursing at Smith, Saunders allegedly grabbed him around the neck and pushed against his body. Saunders then grabbed his own groin and said, “You know what this is about.”

Smith told police he rebuffed Saunders’ sexual advances and asked him to leave, but Saunders refused.

As his hands were around Smith’s neck, Saunders allegedly pulled a 4-inch hunting knife from a sheath on his hip.

Fearing for his safety, Smith said he reached for his own knife. The two men entered into a stand-off, each holding a knife in the other’s direction, according to the affidavit.

Full story: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/montana-man-threatens-hunting-partner-police-article-1.1992402

And to think Teddy Roosevelt called it a “manly sport.”

This cartoon that appeared in The Washington Post led to the creation of the first "Teddy Bear" stuffed toy.

Hunter’s Code of Conduct [translated for laypersons]


Respect the Environment & Wildlife

  • Show respect for the wildlife you hunt by taking only clean, killing shots…[Remember, nothing shows respect like killing.]
  • Learn to tread lightly while afield…[this may be a physical impossibility for some hefty hunters.] Use vehicles only on established roads and trails, practice low-impact camping and travel, and pack out your trash, including cigarette butts and spent shell casings…[and poop.]
  • Report illegal activities immediately[such as someone trying to murder an animal.]

Show Consideration of Non-Hunters

  • Remember that the future of hunting depends on hunters and non-hunters alike. Be considerate of non-hunters’ sensibilities, and strive to leave them with positive images of hunting and hunters[Yeah right, good luck on that one.]
  • Don’t flaunt your kill. Treat game carcasses in an inoffensive manner particularly
    Serial killer, Robert Hansen, shown here treating a carcass in an inoffensive manner.

    Serial killer, Robert Hansen, shown here treating a carcass in an inoffensive manner.

    during transport…[even though you just treated the living animal in an extremely offensive manner by taking his or her life.]

  • Be considerate of all outdoor users, including other hunters…[of course, this rule does not apply to the wildlife.]

Hunt Safely

  • Exercise caution at all times…[You don't want to end up another statistic.]
  • Fire your gun or bow only when you are absolutely sure of your target and its background…[Enough said?] 
  • Wear hunter orange whenever appropriate…[or not.]

Support Wildlife & Habitat Conservation

  • Provide hands-on and financial support for conservation of game...[to ensure a healthy supply of victims for future hunting.]
  • Become involved in wildlife conservation organizations…[i.e.: political trophy hunting groups like the Safari Club.]
  • Purchase state and federal wildlife conservation stamps, even if such stamps are not required for hunting…[to help blur the line between hunter and non-hunter wildlife conservation contributions.]

Pass on an Ethical Hunting Tradition

  • Invite a young person or a non-hunter next time you go afield to scout or hunt…[every future school shooter need a mentor.]
  • Attend a hunter education course, and urge others to do the same…[and don't forget to try to graduate from high school.]
  • Set high ethical standards for future generations of hunters to help ensure hunting will continue…[because all that really matters is that the sport of hunting will continue in perpetuity.]

Hunt Only with Ethical Hunters

  • Take pride in being an ethical hunter…[even if such a thing is fictitious, like
  • Smalfut Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster.]

And remember that hunting and alcohol don’t mix…[so, you might want just to stay home and watch the ball game instead.]

Adapted from:


teenager who went on a shooting rampage was avid hunter

From Anti-Hunting in America:

A photo of Jaylen Ray Fryberg, the teenager who went on a shooting rampage yesterday at a Washington State High School killing a female student, and wounding four others before killing himself.

“I expect after you have many times seen a deer or woodchuck blown to bits, the thought of a human blown to bits is that much less impossible to conceive.”
-Grace Knole

In many parts of the United States hunting remains a revered right-of-passage for young boys. YouTube hosts a disturbing number of videos of boys as young as eight killing deer. Advocates of this behavior invariably highlight the benefits that come from being in nature, bonding with fathers, and pursuing an ethic of conservation. It’s important to expose the lunacy of this rhetoric. These supposed benefits are, if the above quote is onto anything, little more than rationalizations for severe violence. Violence that could all too easily carry over into the way we view, and perhaps can treat, our fellow humans. See More

Wildlife Conservation & Management Funding in the U.S.


Wildlife Conservation & Management Funding in the U.S.

By Mark E. Smith and Donald A. Molde

October 2014


The authors present a novel approach to help answer the question “Who really pays for wildlife in the U.S?” Using public information about budgets of various conservation, wildlife advocacy, and land management agencies and non-profit organizations, published studies and educated assumptions regarding sources of Pittman-Robertson Act and Dingle-Johnson Act federal excise monies from the sale of sporting equipment, the authors contend that approximately 95% of federal, 88% of non-profit, and 94% of total funding for wildlife conservation and management come from the non-hunting public. The authors further contend that a proper understanding and accurate public perception of this funding question is a necessary next step in furthering the current debate as to whether and how much influence the general public should have at the wildlife policy-making level, particularly within state wildlife agencies.

Read the full paper here: Smith Molde Wildlife Conservation & Management Funding in the US Oct14 FINAL

Everything Wrong With Teen Hunter Kendall Jones’ New Hunting Show


By Melissa Cronin

The YouTube series, titled “Game On,” features Jones and a friend setting out on hunting trips together. The first episode, a poorly-made jaunt to Lake Charles, La. for a crocodile hunt, begins with the line, from Jones’ friend Taylor Altom: “I want to shoot a gator in the face.” The pair travel through the swamp in search of alligators for a weekend with the help of a local hunter.

WARNING: Disturbing Images

  • (Kendall Jones/YouTube)The episode, which can be seen at this link, ends with Jones shooting an alligator who was caught on a baited hook in the head as her guide holds it up about six inches away from her. She’s careful to thank her Remington, a nod to the show’s sponsor.

  • (Kendall Jones/YouTube)The American alligator was taken off the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s Endangered Species List in 1987, and is actually faring pretty well. But hunting methods like baited hooks have been criticized before as inhumane ways of killing the animals. During alligator hunts, a short wooden peg is usually attached to a line, baited with beef or roadkill and then thrown into the water or tied to a branch to lure the alligator. Because take isn’t allowed after sunset, it’s possible that alligators will have to spend the entire night on a line before they’re shot with a gun or bow and arrow.

    When Jones was attacked for hunting big game in Africa, a petition started by a Cape Town native calling on her to be banned from hunting in African states gained over 150,000 signatures. Another petition asked Facebook to remove her grisly hunting photos — which they eventually ended up doing. No word yet on whether YouTube will do the same thing.

    Petition: WWF: End your Partnership with the USA Pro-Hunting Lobby

    Yolanda Kakabadse: WWF’s International President and USAID: WWF: End your Partnership with the USA Pro-Hunting Lobby G

    Yolanda Kakabadse: WWF’s International President and USAID: WWF: End your Partnership with the USA Pro-Hunting Lobby G

    5,242 signers. Let’s reach 100,000

    Why this is important to me

    The World Wildlife Fund in Africa, is in bed with the USA Pro-Hunting Lobby Groups: DSC, SCI and NRA. They have vested interests because they are controlling funding streams and imposing their Hunting Agendas first. Which, means they are directly influencing and manipulating ALL the African Countries to maintain a Trophy Hunting Stance.
    Please sign this very important petition. We need to raise awareness to STOP the corruption in the WWF in Africa. They are blatantly exaggerating critically endangered wildlife population numbers and data, they are misusing global WWF Charity Donations, whilst, creating opportunities for the Trophy Hunting Industries in Africa to flourish.

    This wildlife holocaust is causing human incurable diseases. ‘Ebola’ is spreading across Africa and soon the rest of the world.

    Evidence : Uncontrollabled Hunting Leads to New Deadly Diseases including Ebola : http://en.ria.ru/eco_plus/20140906/192693219/Uncontrolled-Hunting-Leads-to-New-Deadly-Diseases-Including.html

    The African Ecosystem is breaking down as Trophy Hunters have massacred and over-hunted wild animals for over 50 years.

    The USA Trophy Hunting businesses and the members of the USA Pro-Hunting Lobby Groups alongside the Poachers are now standing side-by-side massacring the Wild Animals into extinction.

    The destruction of the natural world in Africa is supported by WWF Charity Donations, which is directly threatening the African Tribal People’s health and their future because they are dependant upon the Natural World to survive. …

    Petition and More:


    Unfortunately the Bear Hunter Got Away


    Black Bear Mauls Hunter Who Shot It

    article image

    A Minnesota hunter was mauled by an enormous black bear on Saturday morning after shooting it with a bow and arrow.

    The unnamed man was hunting in dense woodland near Duxbury on Friday night when he shot the 525-pound bear. Fearing the bear’s meat would spoil in the day-time heat, the hunter and his friends waited four hours before following the animal’s blood trail.

    The group tracked the bear for several miles in the darkness until they found it lying on the ground early Saturday morning. Suddenly, it charged and attacked the man who had shot it, who screamed before stabbing the animal 20 times with a hunting knife.

    “I heard him screaming – felt like 10 minutes, but was probably two minutes,” Craig Lindstrom, a fellow hunter, said. “He kept stabbing it and it was pounding on him, a quarter of a ton – a 525-pound bear pounding on him.”

    Using first-aid skills he had learned as a Chicago City firefighter, Lindstrom led his friend half a mile out of the woods and called the Pine County Sheriff’s Office.

    “I thought he was dead 10 to 15 times,” Lindstrom said. “He would fall down and he told us about telling his parents, his fiancée, his kids – tell them I love them.”

    The hunter suffered two broken arms along with wounds to his face, jaw, stomach and legs. He is currently at the North Memorial Medical Center and in stable condition.

    The bear eventually died around 50 yards from where it was stabbed, and was dragged out of the woods by the remaining hunters.

    Despite the brutal attack, Lindstrom and his friends said they won’t hesitate to hunt again in the future. Lindstrom hoped that his friend would recover in time for deer hunting season.

    - See more at: http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/animal-rights/minnesota-hunter-mauled-black-bear-after-shooting-it#sthash.0Jujcb8h.haFmSQlb.dpuf

    Nation’s Cuckolded Husbands Gear Up For First Day Of Hunting Season With Wives’ Lovers


    The Onion • ISSUE 50•40Oct 7, 2014

    COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—Packing up their shotguns and donning brightly colored orange jackets, the nation’s cuckolded husbands set out Tuesday for the first day of hunting season with their wives’ secret lovers. “You ready to do this, buddy?” said husband Walter Conelly, echoing the words of thousands of other cuckolded men across the country as he loaded gear, ammunition, and a cooler into the bed of his truck mere inches from the man who has been engaging in sexual intercourse with his wife at a nearby motel at least once a week for the last 15 months. “I went to this same place last year and there were pheasants everywhere. It’s a great little spot.” At press time, the nation’s husbands were patting the passenger seats of their trucks and instructing their acquaintances, each of whom had slept with their wives more recently than they had, to “hop in” so they could get out into the woods before it got too late


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