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Signs that the Model 3 Flood Gates are Starting to Open Abound


Tesla’s mission ‘to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy’ appears to be surging forward after hitting a couple of road blocks this fall.

According to news reports, Tesla Model 3 distribution centers are now filling up with units of the highly desirable electrical vehicle. According to Elektrek, hundreds of Model 3s have been spotted at Freemont’s distribution Center. And a new distribution center in Los Angeles with a lot capable of holding 400 vehicles appears to also be full. Meanwhile, smaller centers and sales rooms around the country are reporting an influx of Model 3s.

(Sales lots for the Model 3 are starting to fill — indicating that higher production volumes have been reached)

This news comes after Tesla recently opened orders for a first batch of Tesla reservation holders. It also follows Panasonic’s announcement that battery production bottlenecks at Tesla’s Gigafactory had cleared.

According to…

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Punish Star Athlete Accused of Beating and Starving His Dog | Animal Petitions


Tallahassee police arrested Hubert “Chris” Maxwell a former two-time All-American track and field athlete after he allegedly beat and starved his dog. The emaciated pitbull mix, suffered from lameness to his back legs and a severe flea infestation, causing him to lose chunks of his fur. Maxwell’s former roommate reportedly witness Maxwell swing the dog around by his collar slamming him  into the wall and floor, kick him and then step on his neck. Maxwell denied ownership of the pitbull mix and one other dog stating that one dog ran away after being disciplined for urinating on the floor. He offered no explanation for the other dogs absence.

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Punish Incumbents

Armory of the Revolution

The surest way to impact public policy is to impact elected officials. And the most effective way to impact public officials is to threaten their incumbencies.

The animal movement has little political influence. And that is a generous assessment. Animal issues are not on the public’s radar, so they are not on politicians’ radar either.

Even among progressives there are precious few who are committed to animal protection, let alone to animal rights or veganism.

Unlike progressives like Bernie Sanders, animal activists owe no allegiance to the Democratic party.

And it makes no difference to the animals being tortured and murdered whether the lobbyists for Big Ag and Big Pharma bribed Republicans or Democrats to vote for the terror to happen.

A poll conducted 4 years ago revealed that animal activists do not vote as an influential bloc. We squander what strategic power we could wield. We are actually as…

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Petition update · Victory! Prison for the men who laughed as a tortured a shark in Florida ·


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News alert
by the team

Dec 13, 2017 — Mugshots and everything. We did it. Thank you so much for your help everyone. Thank you for your signature, your emails. Thank you for calling the FWC and the State Attorney’s office. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for having faith even when the odds were against us. Thank you for uniting and encouraging each other.

Of course, we still must await the outcome of the trial, but the fact that charges were even pressed is monumental. They had been getting away with this behavior for years until all of us stood up and said no more. This is proof that we can make a difference.
Florida men who dragged shark behind boat charged with cruelty
The three men in a viral video showing a shark being violently dragged behind a speeding boat have…

This petition…

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Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness

Total Animal Liberation


If you believe you have a right to be alive, to be free, and to pursue happiness in whatever way you desire… yet at the same time you take away all happiness, all freedom, and the very lives of the other sentient beings on this planet (animals)…

… then you are a Human Supremacist.

You are prejudice against any living being who doesn’t happen to belong to your particular species.

Humans are not superior.

Humans are not special.

The human species is psychopathically narcissistic, and has a psychopathic superiority complex.  The human species is forcing hundreds of billions of innocent, sentient beings into lives of  agony and hell.  Then systematically murders them… all just to feel powerful and superior.

Humans force others to suffer.

Humans are proud of the atrocities they commit against animals.  Just go to any restaurant and watch the humans proudly, happily, and with a great sense…

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Total Animal Liberation

Nonvegans use a common set of arguments/excuses justifying their acts of violence, exploitation, and murder of animals.

Vegans and animal rights activists commonly respond with detailed explanations of logic, reason, and facts to debunk all the excuses.

But despite all the common justifications nonvegans openly voice, the REAL reason humans destroy the lives of animals so that they can eat them all boils down to one thing that is almost never discussed openly…

… SUPREMACISM.  Human Supremacism.  (“Humans are obviously special and superior and are therefore entitled to dominate, control, exploit, and kill animals.”)

Speciesism.  (“My species is superior to all other species.”).

Prejudice Against Animals.  (“Animals are inferior.  Animals don’t matter.”)

Psychopathic Superiority Complex.  (“I am superior to animals.  Therefore I can do anything to them and it’s okay.  I love dominating, controlling, killing, and eating animals because it makes me feel…

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Mankind’s Last Days

Exposing the Big Game

10405311_308608659330466_3235603653435958062_nThe other day a friend asked me, “How do you keep your head above it all? You do so much, and your immersion in the dark side of information and events is so deep. I’ve seen most of what can be seen, I think. But even still, I have to periodically recharge with temporary absences from the info stream. It’s so disheartening and yet if you’re a person who cares, you just can’t dig your head in the sand. It’s my most challenging thing in this life — striving for a balance between my mental well-being and my commitment to our fellow beings.”

First, I can understand anyone who finds this all too much on a daily basis. I guess I get through it by choosing my battles and knowing that by not eating animals I’m not so much a part of what’s happening to them. Sometimes I have to…

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