Wolves Added to Long List of Montana Trapping Victims

The state of Montana is in the process of adding wolves to their long list of species targeted by trappers. A wolf is a highly intelligent and social sentient being; the amount of torture that trapped individuals are subjected to is immeasurable.   

Anyone who has seen the harrowing ordeal suffered by an animal caught in a leg-hold trap would be appalled and outraged that trapping is still legal in states like Montana. But many people are simply unaware of the terrible anguish and desperation a trapped animal goes through.

They have never heard the cries of shock and pain when an animal first feels the steel jaws of a trap lock down onto his leg; never looked into the weary eyes of a helpless victim who has been caught in a trap for days and nights on end; never come across a leg that an animal had chewed off in order to escape a deadly fate, nor stopped to think how tormented and hopeless she must have felt to take that desperate action. And they have never seen an animal struggling through her life on three legs.

Compassionate people everywhere must add their voice to the rising call to end this barbarity for good. 

For information on the proposed wolf trapping season in Montana and where to send your comments, please visit Footloose Montana.org:


7 thoughts on “Wolves Added to Long List of Montana Trapping Victims

  1. Thank you for your support and efforts to stop Montana from adding yet another species to its long list of legal animals to trap! While the current proposal to trap wolves does not include the legal use of snares or body gripping conibear death traps, the impacts of allowing the trapping of wolves will be tremendous for them, all wildlife, companion animals and humans! We urge people to write and voice their opposition. Attend public hearings, too. Email Montana Office of Tourism and let them know your thoughts.
    Submit your comments and for additional info see under “Hunting” http://fwp.mt.gov/news/newsReleases/hunting/nr_1717.html
    Please help! Visit us on Facebook and at http://www.footloosemontana.org Thanks!

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