The First to Go

“We cause pain and suffering and apologize to no one.”

Another quote from an unrepentant, sadistic serial killer defending his fellow psychopaths’ right to manipulate and exploit others? 

Well, if by psychopathic serial killer you mean someone who kills repeatedly without conscience or empathy for his victims, then yes.

The quote is an edited version of a comment to the press by the vice president of the Montana Trappers Association. The entire statement went: “We trappers do cause pain and suffering to animals and apologize to no one.” Sure, as far as “sportsmen” go, trappers are the cruelest of the cruel, but this guy must have one over-inflated sense of entitlement to publically blurt out something this shallow, narcissistic and utterly absent of regret.

A lack of remorse or guilt, lack of empathy, grandiosity and shallow emotions are all key traits of psychopaths, according to the Psychopathy Checklist, spelled out by Robert D. Hare, PhD, author of Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us.

If a society were ever to practice pre-emptive incarceration based on a given person’s potential to do harm to others, trappers would be the first to go.


16 thoughts on “The First to Go

  1. Psychopaths! How do we reach them! Why are they with such closed minds? How do we educate them? Why do they not see the whole picture? Unfortunately those that turn their heads, because they say “too painful” are guilty as well. We all have to try to change this Inhumane heartless behavior.

    • Della, it’s pretty much impossible to reach trappers, and hunters as well, because they’re taught from the time they’re very young that animals are theirs to do with as they please, just as their parents were, their grandparents, and so on. They’re also indoctrinated from the time their “education” begins to believe they’re the stewards and saviours of nature and that what they do is good for nature and animals. Hence, why they truly believe they’re conservationists. And unfortunately, they don’t have the mental capacity to see beyond the indoctrination and propaganda, and continue to perpeptuate it to future generations.

      Do you know what trappers refer to fur-bearing animals as? A renewable resource. Do you know what they call animals they trap unintentionally? Trash animals. They’ll also look you straight in the eye, so to speak, and tell you that what they do is perfectly humane. They also refer to trapping as a recreational activity. If you want to get more of an idea of how sick they are check out

      • All very good points, but I’m not sure that most hunters and trappers truly believe the idiotic things they try to tell the public (like they’re conservationists). They use those PR lines to help sell unwary people on their dubious preactices.

        In my book, Exposing the Big Game, I include a personal account by Canadian author, Farley Mowat. He tells in detail about being indoctrinated with the “sportsmen’s” view of animals as game.

        After wounding a goose who is left to struggle–calling, calling, calling out to her disappearing flock-he has a revelation and states, “I never hunted for sport again.” Unfortunately, most hunters don’t have the capacity for the kind of emotions (love, empathy, etc.) Farley Mowat feels for the animals.

    • Delia, true psychopaths have a mental disorder that renders them incapable of feeling things such as remorse, empathy, guilt, etc. The literally have no moral conscience. They know there is right and wrong because society says so, but they don’t feel it like other people do.

  2. Jim, I based my comment on things I’ve read on trapping and hunting boards. For example, on one hunting board I saw a discussion in which one hunter was saying how wonderful hunters are, because they save animals from dying from disease by killing them before they become diseased. I saw a post conveying a simliar deluded point of view on a trapping blog. And time and time again I see comments and posts on FB made by hunters in which they laud each other or try to set us non-hunters “straight” by vehemently declaring that we know nothing about conservation/wildlife management and that the wild animal population needs to be controlled. If not, we’ll be overrun by wolves and bears, which will eat all our babies, and all the deer will starve to death. This is why I believe hunters amd trappers see themselves as heroes.

    • Thanks Maureen, Yes, I’ve heard all those arguments a million times before–that’s why the taggline on my book site is: “Forget hunterts’ feeble rationalizations and trust your gut feelings, making sport of killing is not healthy human behavior.”

      I studied wildlife biology/managment in college. The courses were all set up to brainwash the student to think like a game manager. Instead of being sucked in by their agenda, I saw that all their B.S. about “conservation” was politically motivated.

      • Yeah, I thought about my response after I posted it. I thought back to last fall when I started learning about hunting, conservation, wildlife management, and wildlife rehabilitation. It didn’t take me long to realize that hunters are basically full of crap, and that state and provincial game agencies are in the business of pandering to hunters and allowing them to destroy wildlife for kicks, all under the guise of conservation, blah, blah, blah. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the real conservationists are those who add to our knowledge of ecology and wild animals or who work to rehab injured and orphaned wildlife.

      • Right. Anyone who doesn’t stand to gain personally from their acts. Of course hunters do, therefore they’re not conservationists in the original sense of the word.

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  4. Wildlife “management” basically consists of destroying most predators to artificially boost deer and elk numbers for hunters and to appease ranchers. Look what’s happening now with the wolf
    reintroduction in the west. Hunters couldn’t wait to start slaughtering wolves and now they are
    off the endangered species list in most states. Hearing all the crap they say about how bloodthirsty wolves are and how brutally they slaughter their prey, one might think they are transferring their own psychotic traits to these creatures……..
    I’m convinced that many hunters (not all) are psychopaths. You can also add slaughterhouse
    workers to that group.

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