Someone Has To Say It

Hunters often spout off about their “birth right” to shoot and kill wildlife recreationally. The rest of us be damned—they’ve got a god-given entitlement to “harvest” elk, or further disrupt the balance of nature by eliminating wolves. Heck, it’s not their doing that the last of the wild places and species are disappearing fast. After all, they’ve got seven kids to feed…

As much as it turns the stomach to envision, the “boiling frog syndrome” (based on the fable that a frog placed in hot water will jump out, but the same frog placed in cold water which is slowly heated will not recognize the danger) is a fitting metaphor for people’s failure to react to the momentous changes they are affecting across the planet.

The human’s ability to adapt to change is impressive. It always amazes me to see how easily the inhabitants of a busy city can accept ridiculous conditions. As an infrequent visitor, I can’t get used to ever-worsening traffic jams, but to those adapted to it, being wedged in among thousands of others is just a fact of life. With each new lane added to the highways, there’s less and less wildlife habitat and open space. So, what’s fueling the human expansion into every last vestige of wilderness?

Dare I say it? I guess someone has to:


Professor Paul R. Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb, dared to say it in 1968 (when humans numbered only 3.5 billion), following it up in 1991 (when 5.3 billion humans walked the Earth) with The Population Explosion.  In 1970, he told National Wildlife Magazine, “It isn’t a question of people or animals–it’s got to be both of us or we’re finished. We can’t get along without them. They could get along without us.” Today, the human population has erupted to over 7 billion, while the number of species now extinct or endangered continues to grow exponentially as well.

The “boiling frog” story may only be a fable, but humans had best be mindful of gradual changes lest they suffer unfavorable consequences.


13 thoughts on “Someone Has To Say It

  1. So true about the human population explosion. Which is why the claims of hunters that hunting is necessary to keep the animal population in check IS A HUGE LOAD OF CRAP! We need to start keeping our population in check and leave the animals alone.

  2. That’s why it freaks me out when they treat people who have given birth to umpteen children like they have developed a cure for cancer. What they really need is a smack in the head…..Wake up! We have more than enough people on the planet…you know, zero population growth! Nature did a fine job of keeping animal populations in check before human ‘civilizations’ came along.

  3. We need to draw a line in the sand on wilderness areas, try to get permanent designations around as many as we can, and convince humans to build up and down instead of sprawl, and set up to rules for those pressing up against wilderness for living there. The animals were there first, are now, so we should give them room to live and not get them killed by our behaviors, such as owning chickens in wilderness areas, and stock, and not watching our pets, and ranchers predator baiting by their behaviors. Of course we also need to get our overly consumptive bulging, in more ways than one, populations under control, maybe even changing what we eat. The human population is destroying the world. Maybe we need an alien visitor to stop us, i.e. The Day the Earth Stood Still with Kneau Reeves.

  4. Human reproduction is the greatest threat to everything that is being threatened. With fewer of us everything either begins to recover or the pace of destruction slows down. Because breeding is a selfish unnecessary action, please adopt. Give a home to a child who is already here and deserves a loving family far more than the child who only exists in your imagination.

  5. Yes, too many humans, doing too many terrible things.
    I just read an article on the from AP wire, by Matthew Brown, who reports that: “BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Yellowstone National Park proposes to kill roughly 1,000 wild bison this winter – mostly calves and females – as officials seek to reduce the animals’ annual migration into Montana.”
    And the reason? “to prevent the spread of the disease brucellosis from bison to livestock.” Another quote which is the core problem, having to do with no toleration of wildlife by ranchers up there is:

    “Through the legal agreement the National Park Service has to do this,” said Yellowstone spokeswoman Sandy Snell-Dobert. “If there was more tolerance north of the park in Montana for wildlife, particularly bison as well as other wildlife, to travel outside the park boundaries, it wouldn’t be an issue.” (Meaning the very anti-wildlife ideology of the livestock industry, which is always behind this slaughter–and wild horse roundups, along with wolf, coyote, lion and other killing. Any wild animals who steps out of this park, will be shot, trapped or poisoned.

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