“Ditch the Bitch, Let’s go Hunting!”

That insolent motto was the message of a bumper sticker displayed on the back window of a beater pickup truck parked at my local store yesterday. The words read above and below the outline of a trophy four-point buck (with his body turned sideways, presenting the kind of “perfect shot” that hunters have wet dreams about). If you’ve been through a rural American town during hunting season, you’ve probably noticed this popular line of window decals—many of which show the animal within the crosshairs of a rifle scope—on about every truck and SUV around, often accompanied by the ubiquitous NRA sticker.

The telltale idiom, “Ditch the bitch, Let’s go hunting,” calls into question the average sport hunter’s oft-professed “respect,” not only for deer, but also for women—both of whom are equally objectified.

It also brings up the question, how can a woman who loves animals be with a hunter?

The polite answer must be, with much internal conflict.

Depending on how much and how heartily a woman loves animals, they would have to be willing to accept hunter’s feeble rationalizations and disregard their own gut feelings. If they really loved animals, surely they’d be saddened by a bloody carcass hanging in the garage, and uncomfortable knowing that it was the product of their significant other’s murderous intent.

Some women adapt by retreating into their shell, denying their own principles. Others go even further, actually becoming hunters themselves—which is really schizo when you think about it. No, actually schizophrenia is too tame a word for whatever disorder they must be suffering from. Boasting rap sheets that include the pre-meditated murders of such victims as deer, elk, caribou, pronghorn antelope and polar bear (not to mention untold African trophy animals), some of these monsters make Sarah Palin look like a choir boy.

These confused women are so into it they write articles about their exploits for kill magazines or participate in wildlife snuff films for the sportsmen’s channels. One of them tells her readers, in an article she calls “Antelope Addiction”: “Feeling a little defeated anyway, I decided to call it a day… [Phil] was determined for me to get my antelope. Day after day he put me in great places and I just couldn’t get it right. Back in camp, I went straight to our room and cried in frustration.” Typical of a psychopath, her tears are not shed for her victims, but for herself. We never hear of her crying for the animals she causes to suffer and die—only when she doesn’t get her way by making a successful kill.

On a “better” day, she boasts of impaling a female black bear with an arrow: “The beautiful sow carefully approached my bait area from behind my stand…she finally approached my shooting lane…I sent my arrow through the air for a perfect hit. She jumped and growled and ran off for a short distance of fifty yards before I heard what most people call the ‘death cry’. That’s when I realized I had made the perfect shot!” The perfect shot?!? The bear struggles for FIFTY YARDS before dying, and she calls it a “perfect shot”???!!

As an example of how these lady-nimrods are duped into thinking that their actions don’t result in the misery of a sentient being, she goes on to say, “Hearing the death cry didn’t disturb me, because my husband had told me that the death cry is just the air being released from the lungs after the animal has expired.” How convenient. Knowing that women may have a bit more compunction about the torment they’re inflicting, their male counterparts are quick to draw from the hunters’ volumes of validations, or dream up all new justifications on the spot, to quell any concerns for the animals that members of the fairer sex might have.

For a more in depth examination of animal thrill-killers, visit Shannon Wright’s great blog and list of the 12 Most Vile: http://shannonwright1.wordpress.com/

Hunters aren’t the only ones clever enough to come up with catchy slogans for bumper stickers. How about: “Ditch the Bastard, Let’s Stop Hunting!” Got another idea for a sticker? Feel free to post them to the Comments section. Here are a couple of my favorites:

29 thoughts on ““Ditch the Bitch, Let’s go Hunting!”

  1. “How can a woman who loves animals be with a hunter?” Answer: She cannot. No woman with an ounce of empathy or sanity would ever go near a hunter, let alone date one, let alone marry one!

    • Don’t be so quick to judge. I did not learn my man was a hunter until after we’d already been together nearly a year. He’s an otherwise wonderful man, and while his hunting pains me to no end, I cannot throw away a loving relationship based on that one thing alone.

      • It stands to reason that he did not know your feelings on hunting until it came up a year after you were together. Now that he knows, maybe he’ll quit out of respect for you.

      • Nothing wonderful about any human that takes the life of an innocent sentient being.
        Sounds like you are an enabler.

    • I agree. I always had such a hard time being around my sister when she was dating a hunter (the kind who would go to Africa and shoot exotic animals) and then his dad was the taxidermist and there were stuffed animal heads all over. We would get into arguments and I told her if she ever decides to marry him I will stand at her wedding and say that I am against the union. I always questioned her as a person for being with him, too. He is just like my dad, though. And I asked her did she not see she was with someone just like our dad, I think that finally made her get out of the relationship.
      It is hard to feel and know things the way I do, but then have family members who are the exact opposite and who hunt without feeling a little resentment towards them

      • I can definately see why you had a hard time with being around some big game trophy hunter and thinking he might become part of the family must have been intolerable. Yes, it’s hard not to feel resentment, and well you should. They’re the ones that need to change, not you!

  2. Boo hoo. She couldn’t get killing an antelope right. My heart bleeds for her. This same psychopath has the dubious distinction of being the first “woman” to kill a polar bear with a bow, and Sarah Palin is her hero. The latter pretty much says it all about her.

    Shannon’s series on vile women hunters is absolutely chilling. May karma come breaking down their front doors to harvest them soon.

  3. Sara Palin’s Dad wanted a boy. That woman was hunting before she could walk I told my grandaughters she was a bad example of a compassionate person and an insult to women.

  4. You’re all vegans then I presume? As a meat eater, and one very conscience of the food I put in my mouth, I don’t go to the store and buy organic ‘farm raised, grass fed’ beef. I don’t buy ‘free-range’ chicken (aka as chickens crammed into one giant room to feed off each others backs and necks). No, I don’t buy chemical filled or fake organic food of any kind. I live on a ranch. I raise and slaughter my own. I hunt for venison and hog and rabbit. I feed my family the best all-natural food God has to offer straight from my own woods. There is nothing sinister about harvesting your own natural food. To think so is to turn a blind eye to the cases and cases of meat at your local grocers. Not everyone can hunt. I understand that. I don’t think less of someone who doesn’t. What makes no sense is that this article assumes that those who do hunt should be thought less of. Women have hunted, harvested, and fed their families this way since the beginning of time. We aren’t less human because we want natural, God-given, healthy food. I find it hypocritical of most people who disrespect their fellow woman for doing something (like hunting) when their own coffers are filled with hamburger, steaks, chicken breasts and fish. It didn’t lay over and die for you. It was mistreated, handled with abuse, stuffed with antibiotics, crammed into a small cage, overstuffed with horrid unnatural food and had it’s throat slit or it’s head bashed in. The Coach handbags you carry, the Kenneth Cole sandals on your feet, and the beautiful leather wallet in your bags came from such an animal.

    I have no guilt or remorse. I hunt. I garden. I feed my family. And I sleep well at night.

    • I guess some of you missed my earlier post that answers to many of the points you bring up (this addresses Jeff’s similar comment as well):

      In that post I wrote: “…. believe it or not, there is one thing I have to thank hunters for. In trying to defend their brutality by pointing out the hypocrisy of my eating farmed animals, they inspired me to completely swear off meat.

      That was fourteen years ago, and I haven’t regretted going vegan for a moment since then. Not that there was anything profound in their observation, but I had to agree, there’s no real ethical difference between eating wild “game” and animals bred and raised for food. And as a wolf and a pig are both on similar intellectual and emotional planes, how could I object to wolf hunting and trapping while chowing down on a BLT?”

      Also, you say, “Not everyone can hunt. I understand that.” Thank god! People have been so successful at going forth and propogating that there are now over 7 billion humans to feed! There isn’t enough habitiat or “game” on god’s green earth to support an unlimited number of carnivorous primates *. If we all went back to hunting, the wild species would be wiped out in short order, as is happening in countries where “bush meat” killing is popular. What makes you so entitled?

      *Yes, humans are primates, relatives of gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans. Back in the “the beginning of time” our earliest ancestors ate primarily plant food, and both sexes probably worked side by side gathering it. But when our species made the fatal (for the planet) step of embracing flesh for food, hunting became the privileged task of the males, who would resent any competion from women for their fireside bragging rights.

    • From Brennan Browne:
      Shelly, if you’re not ashamed, guilty or remorseful for what you do, then OWN IT!

      >”There is nothing sinister about harvesting your own natural food”<

      Yes. There is. Particularly when you play mind-games with yourself and use euphemisms meant to separate you from the emotional consequences of those you murder. You HARVEST vegetables. You SLAUGHTER sentient beings.
      As a vegetarian, now vegan for 32 yrs. few things piss me off more than a race of murderous monsters who hide behind a bullshit lexicon designed to protect themselves from the psychological consequences of what they do!

  5. I really do not care what you think of me as a women hunter. It provides food on the table, since I have no job at this time. It also has helped families who needed to feed their children. Money for groceries is impossible for me to give, but I can give them some meat out of my freezer.

    • If you are truly having to resort to hunting because there are no other resources available to you, then you are one of the rare ones indeed. Most hunters spend far more on their trucks, four-wheelers, and the gas to and from their hunting grounds than it would cost to feed them in some other, more humane way.

      • This comment from Brennan Browne on another forum points out the difference between people like you and the trophy hunters my blog post is meant to be about:

        Having come from a poor, rural, Texas background and a family of hunters — my Dad and all 8 of his brothers killed for food, mainly quail and pheasant, but there was an occasional deer. I was never asked to participate in hunting, nor did I ever have any desire to. Our families did not bag ‘trophies’ or have body parts displayed on walls in their homes. This would have been considered grotesque and an ostentatious display of arrogance and ego not befitting good Christian conduct.

        The mindset of people who believe killing is necessary to eat, is light years removed from those entrenched in the psychopathic, self-serving hubris of killing for the sheer thrill-laden, god-like power of watching the animation drain from the eyes of one’s victims; then posing with their kill and carting the bodies home for display so that the ecstasy of murdering can be relived and enjoyed repeatedly.

        Sport hunting should be banned — condemned and publicly demonized exactly like the acts of other serial killers. To believe that psychopaths have the ability to change through advocacy, gentle or otherwise (or to change at all) is naive and quite frankly, dangerous. These individuals are predators and the only language they understand is that which will force them to stop their killing, because they will NEVER do it voluntarily.

  6. I am not “confused”, “duped”, or a “lady-nimrod”. I am certainly not a psychopath, and I do not judge you for not eating meat or meat products. Kindly do a little research, and if you are simply morally opposed to hunting, my apologies. But hunting is not filled with the kind of barbaric and disgusting group of people you want to describe. My family owns a game ranch, and I myself hunt deer. Without hunting, deer in my area would become overpopulated and starve to death. Which is a better fate? Hunters are also the biggest conservationists around and give the most back to conservation efforts. Well-meaning animal activists have just recently endangered the scimitar horned oryx in Texas by closing the hunting loophole. This animal is now found almost exclusively in Texas and is held by ranches that allow hunts. Closing this loophole means that many ranches will be denied liscence, and will kill off or give away their animals, resulting in a decrease in their population.

    • As I’ve stated in an earlier post, I don’t have the time or inclination to answer to each and every hunter who wants to sound-off on this blog. We’ve all heard your arguments many times before and I’m not going to waste the readers’ time posting them over and over.

      I have certainly researched the subject–I wrote a book about it! Most of you hunter’s rationalizations are covered in my book, Exposing the Big Game, so I’m not going to re-hash them again here.

      But since your family owns a “game” ranch, I’m sure you are opposed to natural predators like wolves, cougars and jaguars reclaiming their role of keeping deer numbers in check. Deer are one of those species whose numbers actually increase in response to hunting pressure, so in essence hunters are causing the very problem they claim to be trying to solve.

      Meanwhile, the Scimitar-horned Oryx was hunted to extinction in its native home in North Africa. The only reason hunters care about the ones brought over to game ranches in Texas is so they can have fun shooting them.

    • This comment is from Brennan Browne, who is having technical difficulties posting here:

      I have yet to see a psychopath admit to being one — not gonna happen. I’m quite familiar with their traits, as I have 2 within my extended family [by marriage]. A psychopath will never take responsibility for their behavior/crimes, this is one of their defining characteristics — to not only initially victimize, but then turn around and lay blame upon their victims repeatedly, for causing their own victimization. You are using a psychopath’s argument with your ridiculous and erroneous example of starvation/overpopulation “I’m doing you a favor by killing you because think of your suffering if I didn’t” …yawn. That excuse has been refuted so often it’s hardly worth addressing. Nevertheless, here is an excerpt from an article I wrote that puts it into perspective:

      HUNTER LIE #1
      We help animals by keeping their populations in check. If we didn’t kill them they would starve from overpopulation.

      If this were true, there would be piles of evidence [bones/bodies] all over the planet in places where hunters have historically found the habitats and animals too inaccessible to kill. The world would have heard these stories each time scientists discovered closed, ecological loops–islands–of which there are 10s of 1000s on Earth.

      The biological reality is that if left alone, animal species regulate themselves. These ‘controlling’ elements are based primarily on food supplies and weather. Conditions which trigger hormonal responses in the females of non-human species. These responses determine whether the offspring will be male or female; how many babies a given animal will have; or if indeed they will have a successful pregnancy at all. Factor in disease and natural die-offs, and if hunting were never undertaken again, the environment would, for the first time in hundreds of years, function as the perfectly synchronized interdependent system Mother Nature intended.

      “Dis”harmony–overpopulation–is CAUSED BY HUNTING. Species will adapt to FILL a void. These ‘voids’ are caused by Fish and Wildlife policies which encourage hunters to decimate natural predators, i.e., cougars, coyotes, wolves, etc.– a standard practice of wildlife “managers” throughout the world. Obviously once predators are removed, if food supplies are plentiful and weather conditions favorable, an overpopulation problem is created. However, if conditions are NOT favorable, a massive environmental disaster, resulting in the starvation of animals targeted by such “management” methods becomes the reality. Wildlife officials KNOW FULL WELL they are manipulating prey species to the point of overpopulation by killing off their natural predators.

      How generous of you not to judge those of us attempting to live non-violent, benign lifestyles, Kenisha. Unfortunately, we don’t have the same luxury of sitting by while your Earth-raping choices wreak severe havoc upon the rest of us, because it has now become a matter of life and death for all those trying to save this planet. It’s way past time individuals like you be held accountable for the monumental suffering and destruction you’re responsible for causing everyone else. And make no mistake, if it weren’t for the widespread proliferation of psychopaths in our society today, your family’s killing fields would be nothing more than bloodless pastureland and they’d be out of business.

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