Never Enough Carnage

There’s never enough carnage to satiate the boiling bloodlust of wolf hunters and trappers in those states fortunate enough to support populations of the long-embattled canines. Just today, I received the following email alert from Footloose Montana 


Update about increased wolf “bag” limits

as it stands now:

· If you are a trapper you can officially kill ONE wolf per season.

What’s coming down the pike for wolves:

· It is FWP’s goal to pass a bill through the next legislature that would INCREASE the “bag” limit on wolves in Montana from ONE to THREE or FIVE per trapper (the final number will likely depend on whether Steve Bullock or Rick Hill becomes Governor).

· FWP wants this to pass a quickly as possible …no later than the end of January 2013, so that they can implement this new law for the remainder of the 2012-13 hunting/trapping season.

This means that we (the public) are commenting against the trapping of ONE wolf per trapper, comes February, it will be certain that each trapper will be allowed to either kill three or five wolves!

In light of this new and frankly, deceiving, information, it is more important than ever for YOU to send a comment to FWP opposing the planned trapping of wolves. If you have already, THANK YOU! If you have not yet, please send your comment to:

Your friends at Footloose Montana


At the same time, the anti-wolf militia in Wisconsin is hoping to add additional cruelties to their eradication arsenal. Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife posted the following alert on their blog




**UPDATE**  The hounders, hunters, and trappers are already whining that killing 1/3 of the wolf population is not enough. Please spread this survey to everyone you know. You know that the anti-wolf groups are lobbying their members hard to allow even more killing.

Please take the time to respond to this survey from the Wisconsin DNR about their upcoming wolf killing season. You can be sure that the wolf haters will be out in full force to defend their plan to kill 1/3 of the population by using packs of dogs, night hunting, trapping, baiting, electronic calls, all for four and a half months. Their stated goal is to knock the wolf population down to a token number of 350 and this is just the beginning. I urge you to take the time and do this survey. Make YOUR voice heard. Please use the link below to access the survey.


Apparently, unmoved by the near-extinction of the species, 21st century wolf haters won’t be satisfied until they’ve had their turn to try to drive them back to the brink of oblivion…

Photos Copyright Jim Robertson



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