Terms of Undeerment

I studied a bit of wildlife “management” in college and the one thing that comes across loudest and clearest in that discipline is how animals are not to be regarded in the context of their place in a healthy, freely functioning ecosystem, but by what value they have as a “game” species. Our fellow beings are viewed in terms of “population densities,” a convenient way of ignoring the welfare of individual animals. 

Wildlife “mangers” have dreamed up their own language—their own special terms—to degrade animate non-humans to the level of rocks or soil. A deer isn’t a precious creature, it’s a “resource,” and killing one isn’t murder, it’s “harvest.” As a scientist, the biologist is expected to look upon their fellow animals as a geologist would see a vein of minerals to be melted down to feed the hungry human machine, rather than as fully-formed sentient beings with their own self-interests in whether or not they are exploited or made to suffer. 

The late, great Edward Abbey (author of such inspirational works as The Monkey Wrench Gang and Heyduke Lives) imparted, “To speak of harvesting other living creatures, whether deer or elk or birds or cottontail rabbits, as if they were no more than a crop, exposes the meanest, cruelest, most narrow and homocentric of possible human attitudes towards the life that surrounds us.”

photos copyright Jim Robertson

7 thoughts on “Terms of Undeerment

  1. Your latest spot-on posting reminds me of two quotes. Dr. William A. Ritchie said the same thing as Ed Abbey in a slightly different way: “The wildlife management philosophy of propagating and harvesting these beautiful and sentient creatures like a crop of potatoes is a shameful and vulgar perversion.” And one of my all-time favorites quotes is another from Ed Abbey: “Whenever I see a photograph of some sportsman grinning over his kill, I am always impressed by the striking moral and esthetic superiority of the dead animal to the live one.”

  2. Don’t forget that animals are not born they are “produced” or “recruited.” These fluffy fish and game buzzwords have gotten under my skin for a very long time. There was one instance a couple of years ago when a hunter wrote the Wisconsin State Journal to complain about a story where the author wrote “kill” and “gun.” The letter writer was upset that the author didn’t use “harvest” and “firearm.” The author righty said in reply that if you are man enough to go out and blow something away with a weapon, you should be man enough to call it exactly what is was: killing with a gun. I am sick and tired of all of this sugarcoating.

      • By the way, Brennan Browne wrote these comments to the piece you posted by Rob Sexton of the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance:

        We’re a minority. There are roughly 20 million hunters in the United States, making us less than seven percent of the population. Democrats purport to be the champions of the under-represented. Here we are!

        The hunting population comprises closer to 3% of the U.S. population and the pro-killing faction is trying hard to increase their numbers through indoctrination programs designed to ensnare toddlers, pre-teens and women into hunting’s murderous lifestyle. While hunters are the minority, they, like the 1% who wield power over the other 99%, have stacked every wildlife agency on the local, state and federal levels with pro-kill enthusiasts. Pro-hunting laws bypass the interests of the wildlife and the majority of taxpayers and concentrate on the interests of the few who use their bloodlust as a bully pulpit to rape our public lands and decimate animal populations.

        We eat free range / organic food. Democrats decry large livestock farms, and the use of hormones in meat. Whether deer or duck, game is the ultimate healthy choice. What’s the difference between free-range chicken and free-range pheasant?

        The ultimate “healthy” choice is to stop eating the bodies of the dead — period. Cancer rates, obesity, diabetes and heart disease are rising, not falling, regardless of what the pharmaceutical-controlled “health”care industry would have people believe. Health cannot be extracted from eating corpses. A vegan diet is the only life-affirming choice, both for the individual and the planet.

        We preserve green space. No single group of Americans puts more money into habitat acquisition and preservation than hunters…billions upon billions of our license dollars and taxes on firearms and ammunition for land that everyone else can use for free. I thought Democrats love free stuff!

        Virtually every taxpaying citizen supports our National Parks system, and all other public lands. Collectively, the tax dollars of over 313 million people, which pay for our parks and public spaces, FAR OUTWEIGH that of hunters. Hunters contribute with revenues generated by hunting licenses and other hunting-related usage fees but whatever hunters provide in fees is minuscule in relation to what they COST the U.S. taxpayer.

        Tens of billions are spent–annually–on increasing the decimation of hundreds of millions of animals, including protected and endangered species, by hunter-dominated, taxpayer-funded wildlife agencies, which artificially manipulate the balance between predators [currently being mass exterminated to near extinction] and prey, solely for the benefit of hunters and ranching interests. POACHING is widespread and accounts for multiple millions spent yearly in manpower to apprehend and prosecute those involved in everything from killing for personal use to profiting from the illegal trade in endangered species body parts which has become a multimillion dollar industry in the U.S.

        The taxpaying public and our wildlife are continually egregiously abused for the sole benefit of hunters. 60% of federally funded wildlife “refuges” regularly allow trapping/hunting within them. With the recent introduction and passage by the U.S. House, of the 2012 “Sportman’s Heritage Act,” hunters are hellbent on leaving no animal protected, anywhere, from their murderous rampage — again completely at taxpayers’ expense. This kind of fascist legislation disenfranchises the non-hunting public from enjoying these lands and bastardizes the purpose of wildlife “refuges” which were created to PROTECT the inhabitants. The average taxpayer is forced to support these refuges, which in turn SUBSIDIZES hunters–not the other way around. If most hunters had to purchase this same acreage and maintain its wildlife, few would have the where-with-all to do so. Without taxpayer funding, these wildlife refuges would not exist, and neither would the land hunters exploit at the public’s expense. The war on our wildlife is an elitist’s game, fully SUBSIDIZED by the abuse of taxpayer money to the tune of BILLIONS annually.

        We feed the hungry. Each year, hunters donate thousands of pounds of venison to local food pantries. One would think the party of the Great Society would welcome our contribution to the safety net.

        What hunters really feed is their own psychopathic desire for bloodshed while attempting to make it look like they are performing a social ‘good’ deed. Claims of feeding the poor are highly exaggerated. The majority of deer flesh donated to food pantries is rejected on the basis of lead contamination and under laws which prohibit the redistribution of meat which has not been tested for possible wasting diseases.

        We support women’s rights. There are few things that make a sportsman happier than successfully hooking a woman on hunting. We’re even okay that they outshoot us many times.

        Men who objectify non-human beings and view their lives as expendable, are by and large, incapable of separating such attitudes from their treatment of humans. They often consider the women and children in their lives as “possessions” to dominate, control and/or abuse. Men who legitimize the murder of non-humans are far more likely to act out and commit murder against their own family members or society, as crime statistics have increasingly proven. Virtually every individual behind the most infamous mass-murder sprees in modern history were hunters, e.g, Columbine, Virginia Tech, etc. And every serial-killer of note, tortured and murdered animals from the inception of their long trail of carnage.

        We’re just regular folks. For every African big-game hunter, there are thousands of hunters making a blue-collar living, and driving our American made trucks.

        The continuous glorification and normalization of violence is destroying “civilized” society on every level possible. We are raising kids who torture and kill without remorse, fully sanctified by parents who embrace the same psychopathic behavior they are passing on to their progeny. There is nothing normal about individuals who murder, whether it be for pleasure, out of anger or in the name of imperial conquest. Hunting fosters psychopathology and disastrously impacts society on a local, national and global scale.

        We’re animal lovers. Hunters are the ones who pay for endangered species rehabilitation, not Hollywood actors or fashion models. And don’t even get me started on our dogs. No one loves and is more obsessed with dogs than hunters. And we don’t keep our dogs caged in purses where they can’t even turn around or stretch their legs.

        It is standard practice for hunters to keep their dogs “caged” when not using them. Most of these animals spend their lives in isolation and on the outside, away from family interaction. The kind of love hunters profess for animals is decidedly phony and deranged. Hunters claiming to be “caring” environmentalists because they help support green spaces [so does every taxpayer] is like saying you’re pro-animal because you support slaughterhouses. Perpetuating the existence of animals for your own benefit, via artificial overpopulation, at the expense of their pain, suffering and death does not make you an “animal lover” or an “environmentalist”–only a malevolent opportunist. Hunting/poaching ranks second behind habitat destruction, as the leading cause of global, non-human species loss. Hunting is nothing short of ecological rape and the deluded and depraved partaking in such twisted, selfish acts of bloodlust can find no HONEST justification for their evil.

        My hope is that our left-leaning law makers will read this article, and realize that we really do have so much in common. And that they will join the minority of Democratic legislators who do vote pro-hunting and put an end to the discrimination that we have endured over the last thirty plus years. I’m hoping their position on hunting is evolving.”

        The fact that you seriously consider yourself discriminated against or could have written such a lying, swill-laced piece of garbage, is symptomatic of severe mental illness. And your “hope” rings false because true progressives “evolve” away from murder, not toward it.

        Congress and the White House are comprised of the Right (Democrats) and the far, rabid, Right (Republicans). With few individual exceptions, both parties are corporatists and neither serve anyone but themselves. You are as politically clueless as you are ethically, morally and spiritually dead.

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