Send a Message for the Animals

No more waiting—the official release date for Exposing the Big Game is finally here! There are a hundreds of pro-hunting books out there, the kind that glorify the act of killing for sport. There’s probably even several on the shelves at your favorite bookshop. If you’re like me, you get pretty irritated whenever you see hunting books in your local shops or libraries, not to mention all those wildlife snuff magazines available at every rural store or minimart. 

Now is your chance to cast a vote for the animals, and against hunting! Stop by or call your local bookstore and ask them to carry Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport. All you need to give them is the title and/or the author’s name (yours truly, Jim Robertson) and the following ISBN# 978-1-84694-808-4. 

Let’s send a message to the hunting industry by spreading the word about Exposing the Big Game far and wide! (If that doesn’t work we can always sneak down their chimneys and steal all their f*#%ing ammo.)


4 thoughts on “Send a Message for the Animals

    • It’s available now in the UK (the publishing company is based in England). Amazon UK carries it, and any book store there can bring it in as well. I’m still not sure if it will come out as an e-book or if so, will it include the 240 photos that are in the book version

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