The Day the Human Race Went Vegan

When we last left our intrepid Earth people, nearly seven billion of them had trifled with the idea of returning to a lifestyle of hunting—with disastrous results. Then, whether out of desperation or evolution, they decided to embrace a vision for a truly sustainable future that didn’t involve killing animals for their dinner. En masse, they laid down their weapons and vowed to live a less destructive life.

As vegans, Homo sapiens now live more peacefully with one another, like their strictly plant-eating primate cousins, the bonobos. Had early humans studied the behavior of the more familiar, omnivorous species of chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes, they could have learned a valuable lesson about the societal dangers of primates becoming predatory and saved themselves and others a lot of grief.

Pan troglodytes spend ninety percent of their time living hand to mouth, eating plants in peaceful cooperation with one another. But every so often, one of them gets a wild hair and instigates a violent hunting foray which often results in an attack on those they see as “lesser” creatures, usually monkeys. If the hunt is successful and a monkey is killed, the notion of sharing goes out the window. Like a housecat with its prey, the killer turns aggressively possessive and mayhem ensues. With loud hoots and hollers, the otherwise egalitarian chimpanzee life turns ugly, as they now have something to fight over.

The long history of Homo sapiens’ decent into carnivorousness played out the same way as their troglodyte cousins’, eventually becoming magnified to the seven billionth power.

But human beings have turned their backs on hunting and meat-eating and now live in gentle harmony with the other creatures of the Earth. Feelings of greed, selfishness and lust for power have begun to fade, as there is no longer a bone of contention—literally or figuratively. 

Now there’s hope for lasting harmony among the people of the planet and nature breathes a sigh of relief.


3 thoughts on “The Day the Human Race Went Vegan

  1. I hope I see it before I die! “Now there’s hope for lasting harmony among the people of the planet and nature breathes a sigh of relief.” Lovely!

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