Case Closed

You’ll never catch me making compromises by condoning the lesser of two evils or playing one type of wildlife killer off another.  I used to fish, but I don’t go around defending fishing while attacking hunting.

At the same time, I don’t hate myself for having gone along with a locally popular activity before finally seeing that fishing is not a victimless sport. “Hate” is not a word I use lightly; I reserve my hatred for those who get off on the killing and will never see the light or change their ways.

Farley Mowat used to be a hunter, I don’t “hate” him. My uncle and my wife’s father were hunters, but I didn’t hate them. I live where the vast majority of my neighbors and coworkers are hunters, but not all of them are rabid, Ted Nugent-types with lifetime subscriptions to wildlife snuff magazines. They just do it for the same stupid reasons I used to fish and eat meat–because that’s what’s popular; that’s what their fathers did; they grew up doing it; it’s “what’s for dinner,” etc.

Because I think there is a chance that some of them will someday lay down their weapons, there’s no point spending all my energies hating them in the meantime–especially if we want to sway public opinion away from the evils of hunting, trapping and fishing. If there’s one thing I keep hearing from people it’s that they are put off by hatespeach of any kind (even if it seems justified to some of us).

That’s part of the reason I have a policy on this blog not to approve any threatening comments toward anyone from either side.

And just so hunters or hunting apologists don’t spend a lot of fruitless time writing comments that don’t get approved here, this is not a forum for debating hunting–it’s a platform for venting disgust, disrelish and even hatred* towards hunting. (*that’s hatred towards hunting, not necessarily hunters). To those people who write comments which never get posted, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to find another place to extol the “virtues” of hunting besides this blog’s comments section.

I’ve spent a lot of time ruminating over this issue (even going so far as to writing a book about it) and I didn’t start this blog to give people a venue for arbitrary speculations on whether hunting is just or evil. As far as I’m concerned, the case is closed.


11 thoughts on “Case Closed

  1. “I have a policy on this blog not to approve any threatening comments toward anyone from either side.”

    I think that’s a very good policy.

      • Jim, I applaud your statement. I agree, my family’s roots are in rural Maine. We all know or have been hunters and fishermen/women and people change their minds. It isn’t about hating people but about providing a forum where we can express our views about the terrible atrocities being committed against animals. There are forums for debate but the message often gets lost. I for one look forward to knowing I can come here and express my opinions and feel safe doing so. I feel your blog is unique and I appreciate it.

  2. You are so very wise Jim and right! While growing up in France I have helped hunters w/ making noise so quails and other birds would lift up from the fields and hunters behind me shooting them! My father also took me fishing. Today I am asking all these Animals to forgive me…plus the frogs’ legs I ate and snails too! And… and… and… so many different meats, even foie gras. The horror!

    • You are wise for seeing the horror in it now, Claudine. It doesn’t do us any good to hate who we were. All we can do is just shake our heads and be glad we can see through that now. The animals that are no longer here may not be able to forgive or judge us, but the animals we spare would thank us if they knew.

  3. Important distinction between the Nugent types who get off on the suffering & thrill-killing, and who love to torture animal lovers with their stuff as well, and those who do it thinking it’s necessary somehow, or to continue a tradition… those we hate the actions of, not necessarily the people. Those can and sometimes do redeem themselves, as they are not actually sadistic. Sadists who prey upon helpless innocence and get all hyper & ecstatic watching beautiful creatures suffer and die are nothing but despicable. All of us have family or friends who still patronize some form of animal abuse, but we love them anyway, as, again, they’re not sadistic… they’re ignorant in this area, like we used to be and even still are occasionally. Thanks Jim.

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