America Needs Compassionate Leaders, Not Bowhunters

Not one to miss an opportunity to weigh in whenever his favorite hobby—killing animals—is mentioned in the news, terrible Ted Nugent made this statement to Newsmax about Paul Ryan yesterday: “He’s an addicted bowhunter…just what America needs in leadership…”

Funny, that’s just the opposite of what I was about to say. The last thing any country needs is someone in a leadership position whose pastime is the “primal pursuit of game with a self-limiting weapon,” as Nugent put it. Anyone whose idea of entertainment is impaling animals with arrows has some serious issues.

While testing one’s skill at archery against a backdrop of straw bales can be meditative and rewarding, using an animal as your living target is nothing short of sadism. Bowhunters cripple just as many animals as they kill outright and victims who escape with an arrow stuck in them are bound to die a slow death from infection.

“Bowhunting is one of the most vicious and inaccurate ways to kill an animal,” according to a petition seeking to Abolish Bowhunting and end the brutality!!! Glenn Helgeland unwittingly backs this up, telling his “Fins and Feathers” readers: “The rule of thumb has long been that we should wait 30 to 45 minutes on heart and lung hits, an hour or more on a suspected liver hit, eight to 12 hours on paunch hits, and that we should follow up immediately on hindquarter and other muscle hits, ‘to keep the wound open and bleeding’.”

Neither Ryan nor Nugent are impoverished (at least monetarily), so any claims they might make of needing to hunt for the sake of sustenance border on the absurd. Instead, their acts are inspired purely by selfishness (a “virtue” according to Ryan’s idol, Ayn Rand).

Compassion, humaneness and altruism are the kind of characteristics we should expect from this country’s leaders, not cruelty, violence and self-centeredness.

Text and Wildlife Photography Copyright Jim Robertson

11 thoughts on “America Needs Compassionate Leaders, Not Bowhunters

  1. These are the *risk-takers* who have little regard for or are incognizant of the welfare of their quarry. Translation: Elect Ryan who will experiment with the country while he’s growing up. He doesn’t give a crap about your or me or our well-being. That he’s even given a podium is downright frightening.

  2. Petition signed and shared. Yeah, I am totally shocked! I don’t think “addicted bow hunter” is what the average American has on his/her mind when creating a wishlist for a candidate. And then along comes Nugent.

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