Save the Wolves, Go Vegan!

If you really want to save the wolves, go vegan! And urge your friends and family and neighbors and co-workers to do the same. Tell it to the world: Eating meat is killing the planet, one wolf at a time; one species at a time; one ecosystem after another. Every time you order a steak or grill a hamburger, you legitimize wolf-culling for the sake of livestock growers. And every time you purchase a hunting license, you validate wolf trapping for the sake of elk hunters. To game managers, every action, right down to your purchase of ammo and cammo at Outdoor World is a show of support for their policies.

By now, you regular readers of this blog are probably thinking to yourself, “Well, duh…tell me something I don’t know.” But you might be surprised just how many people who advocated for the reintroduction of wolves eat meat like there’s no tomorrow. Comfortable in their justification, they reason that cows are “domesticated” or “dumb” and therefore bred for slaughter. This post is for them. Their beef comes from a feedlot (as far as they know) and not out on the open range, where wolves are being killed. Others pride themselves on eating only “grass-fed” beef, yet somehow they don’t see how their food choice helps lead to a policy of “controlling” wolves.

And how many hunters can honestly say that they don’t mind sharing their elk or deer with the likes of wolves, cougars or coyotes. Meanwhile, mainstream environmental groups and their members cling to the notion of “sustainable” beef (surely some of the ranchers and hunters out there can afford to look the other way when desperate wolves come around hoping for a quick meal to stave off their hunger pangs).

Rather than continually trying to revise your rationale, wouldn’t it be easier just to remove yourself from the equation and leave the predating to the predators? Human beings can live much healthier on a plant-based diet, like their primate cousins always have. True carnivores, such as wolves, coyotes, cougars, marine mammals or members of the weasel family have to eat meat to survive. If you’re not willing to go vegan for the sake of the animals you eat, maybe you should think of the other animals affected by your bill of fare.

Now, if Mitt Romney had chosen a vegan, instead of a diehard bowhunter like Ryan for a running mate, he might have gotten my vote.

Text and Wildlife Photography Copyright Jim Robertson

16 thoughts on “Save the Wolves, Go Vegan!

  1. A lot of so-called wild horse advocates are beef eaters, too. Just whom do they think is demanding the removal of the horses from the range, and greasing the palm of the BLM to make sure it happens? The beef industry (and it’s perfectly cool with them that these horses go to slaughter, too). Same with rainforest advocates — why do they think South American rainforests are being razed? To raise cheap beef (which I imagine could be accurately represented as “grass fed”, which so many think is somehow sustainable and environmentally friendly). Even if not vegan, you’d THINK those passionate about wolves, the rainforest and wild horses would at LEAST refuse to eat beef. It’s not that big of a sacrifice. I’m not sure that many make the connection — again, I wish some of the major groups would help and get the word out.

    • Exactly! And it’s always been cattle “rancher” interests behind the demonizing and massacring of wolves and other natural predators. So of course if all people were vegan, there’d be NO cattle ranchers or other slaughter farmers. People who advocate for horses only and who eat cows? Shamefully ignorant.
      Another great article from Jim. Btw, after I die I’d be very happy to have my body eaten by wolves in the wild, if only that was legal, instead of all the crazy rigamarole people go through with funeral creeps and such.

      • The problem is if you let wolves feed on your remains, people would blame the wolves for killing you.

        In Britan they’re “allowing” “green” burials again. No embalming or expensive casket–what a concept.

    • Problem is these Western U.S. welfare ranchers would still not go out of business, they have it too good & a lot of their profit comes from export, globally incl. big share to China w/ a billion meat eaters. And lamb exported to Muslim countries. We now live in a global world, totally different from the ‘normal’ world we used to know.

      • ‘Normal’ world meaning before anyone in their wildest dreams imagined Amazon jungles destroyed for hamburger or McDonalds franchises in faraway places. Before global humanity ballooned from 2.5 billion in 1950 to 8 billion today in the span of 70 short years. Before live farmed animals were ever herded onto transport carriers to be slaughtered in other countries, (fresher meat & no refrigeration needed.) And yes, all land & drinking water needed for food for a growing human population, no room for wild horses or wolves here or for elephants in Africa either. What’s the answer? For now there isn’t any.

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