Ryan Choses Vegan as Speechwriter

Fair warning to voters: If you start hearing Paul Ryan waxing poetic about mercy and compassion, those aren’t his words but rather the words written for him by animal welfare author, vegan and former George W. Bush speechwriter, Mathew Scully.

According to an article in the Daily Caller, “Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan has tapped renowned speechwriter Matthew Scully to assist with campaign communications in the lead up to the GOP convention in Tampa, Florida. …

“He’s a Catholic vegan: Scully, who investigated meat-processing plants and factory farms during his stint in journalism, wrote a book arguing for the better treatment of animals called Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and The Call to Mercy. A Catholic like Ryan, Scully believes that the Bible’s injunction for man to “have dominion” over other species requires us to treat all living things with respect — and extends that philosophy to personally abstain from eating meat.”

Of course, diehard bowhunter, Paul Ryan is light years from abstaining from meat and must think men, including rapists, have “dominion” over women too (but not the respectful, merciful kind of dominion Scully suggests for animals). Ryan was also in the news today for having co-sponsored a legislation with the now infamous Todd Aiken aimed at redefining rape and forcing women to turn an unwanted pregnancy into an unwanted and possibly unloved child.

Paul Ryan is shown here indicating just how much compassion and mercy bowhunters like him really have for animals…

17 thoughts on “Ryan Choses Vegan as Speechwriter

  1. Vegan or not, Mathew Scully seems like a sell out. He knew Palin was a monster, but he still shiiled for her—now for this wretch Ryan.

  2. Matthew Scully, shame on you for choosing money over compassion and morality…you are now working for a murderer.. .just remember .that’s bloodmoney you’ll be getting.

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  4. The problem in “working with” the animal killers/exploiters (enemies), is it never really helps the animals, but it certainly helps human Egos. Once we genuflect to the enemies, we make them stronger, and they want even more. All we have to do is look at what is now happening: more wolves, coyotes, & other wildlife are being slaughtered every day…the oceans are dying even faster than before, everyday 216,000 or more humans born, more mega-cities destroying more wild places, human water consumption , depleting ground water faster than aquifers can be replenished, with 70% of remaining water supplies going to animal agriculture, around the world. Here, in the West, public lands grazing is destroying the last wild habitat for native animals.
    So, groups and individuals will continue to cry about “saving the earth, saving wildlife,” but without a firm stand against compromise to the enemies of Nature & Non-humans, the only thing that will happen, is things will get much worse. As Homo sapiens sinks into oblivion, so will most other living beings, and their habitats, because we are dragging them all down with us.

    Some day into the future, perhaps some beings from another world will visit the Ruined Blue Planet. No birds singing, rivers and streams dried up, oceans devoid of life, the atmosphere not breathable, green replaced by brown, and ash, no living beings, except perhaps for some single-cell bacteria….some of the edifices of Homo sapiens will still be around–the mega-dams maybe, and of course, the radiation, and even the plastics. Will they say, “this dominant species was insane, they destroyed their once-beautiful world.”

    And, the Human Population Bomb Keeps Ticking: http:http://www.worldometers.info/


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