The Only Acceptable Option?

Make no mistake, not only is the mainstream media frequently full of shit, but also they distort the truth to fit their agenda. Case in point: the Spokane, Washington Spokesman Review ran an article on August 17th entitled, “Stevens County ranch reports new wolf attacks.” For one thing, the validity of the so-called “attacks” is still in question; and also, they didn’t happen on a ranch.

It turns out these alleged wolf attacks were on calves—not adult cows—yet the injuries were so minor some observers speculated that they could have been made by a strand of barbed wire. I’ve seen enough wolf kills to know that unless you arrive at the scene just when they were made, there wouldn’t be enough left on a calf-sized carcass to identify the cause of death. Wolves kill out of hunger and they eat what they bring down post haste, before the smell attracts a bear or any other scavengers.

Part way into the article, the “Inland Empire’s” largest newspaper revealed that the calves were not on the private Diamond M ranch, but on a Colville National Forest cattle grazing allotment, leased by the McIrvin family. That means the McIrvins (or their dogs or other guard animals) were not out with the cattle, so it’s highly unlikely anyone arrived on the scene of a fresh wolf kill.

I lived for many years in that part of Washington and worked in the Colville National Forest. I pity the cows, who are cruelly de-horned, trucked up to the ends of the logging roads and left to fend for themselves on some thistle-covered clear cut with only a dried up creek for water. My wife’s father “ran cattle” in the same way. It would be a big week if he checked on them twice. But he only had 30 “head” of cattle; the Diamond M ranch has over 400.

Rancher Len McIrvin has a state-issued wolf kill permit for depredation if wolves are caught in the act, but has said there’s little chance of meeting that requirement. The environmental organization Conservation Northwest released a statement questioning whether McIrvin made a “good faith effort” to reduce the risk of conflict between wolves and his livestock. “It’s unclear in this case whether the right livestock stewardship steps have first been tried to reduce conflict potential,” Mitch Friedman, Conservation Northwest executive director, said in the statement. “If we expect wolves to behave, ranchers need to meet them halfway.”

But Irvin told the Capital Press (a cattle industry tabloid posing as a newspaper) that the only compensation he’s interested in is a dead wolf for every dead calf. “This isn’t a wolf problem, we always could take care of our own problems,” he said, adding that the only acceptable option is trapping and poison.

Text and Wildlife Photos Copyright Jim Robertson

15 thoughts on “The Only Acceptable Option?

  1. How can one rancher create all of this? Guessing they all band together and one won’t cross the other, whether they share hatred for the wolves or not. Did anyone happen to watch the youtube 2009 interview with the F&W spokesperson? She states the decision-making committee was comprised of hunters and ranchers, among others.
    I’ve often wondered why, when everyone has cell phones or access to trail cams these days, complaining ranchers are simply not required to follow a “hands off the wolves” policy UNLESS they can provide photos or videos of wolves actually caught in an act of depredation. Wouldn’t that be simple?
    These people have zero empathy. Stunning that they are permitted to run this country in so many ways.

    • Yes, they all band together, but most of them think alike anyway. And even if they had a photo, it doesn’t mean the wolf deserves to die, There were about half a dozen wolves in the Wedge pack and that one “rancher” has 400 cows.

      • Oh, believe me, I don’t think *any* of them should die but that in itself doesn’t change things too much up to this point. I stated that because it would compel the ranchers to take SOME responsibility for the livlihood they chose and I’ll bet dollars to donuts that it would eliminate a LOT of the controversy because if they had a dog or “rider” posted every 20 feet, they still could not provide the proof. Why? Because my gut instinct (I’m old enough to trust that a lot these days!) tells me that while they may *see* wolves in their respective vicinities, they aren’t literally *seeing* wolves killing their cattle. But they want them dead anyway.

  2. Friday the 24th of August the organization Howling for Wolves plan to meet at the State Capital for a rally. The more people that come, the better. As I mentioned many times, I really think that hunters are weak people who only know how to take advantage and kill those animals who are innocent and cannot defend themselves. I have no good words or thoughts about those who
    hunt and kill and call it a sport.

    • Judith, does HFW have a press release of something that could be shared or cross posted online? I get a number of petitions and messages from a variety of pro-wolf groups but have not yet seen any reference to a rally. I’d like to be able to pass the info along. Thanks.

  3. I can’t tell you all – how sick & tired I am of these whiney asshats. Yes, that would be the ranchers. If you really want to call them that. Are they ranchers in the sense they go out on horse back & camp out by “their” cattle?? No, probably NOT. Maybe someone should tell this idiot to go into another profession & stop the crying. When you live in an area that is full of wildlife & you DON’T take care of your livestock in the proper manner, well shit happens. Don’t or STOP blaming the wolf for your laziness & stupidity.

    • Amen to that, Sandra. Not to mention they are permitted to claim for “depredation on dogs” since they are now “considered livestock”. I believe it was mentioned in the F&W interview video I posted yesterday. That’s certainly a kick in the teeth to those who have worked tirelessly in attemtps to get domestic dogs delisted as “property”. It’s amazing that the ranchers have such a large following and so much support when they are among the biggest government teat-suckers in the country.

  4. Welfare ranching, which is ranching as we know it, is a blight on this nation, yet these wretched, hate-filled “men” continue to have a huge influence. They are the worst of the worst, along with sport hunters.

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