Paul Ryan Is Out to Corrupt His Little Girl

The hunting industry’s motto must be: “Get ‘em while they’re young.”

Being the diehard “sportsman” that he is, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is taking that maxim to heart. Yesterday he told ABC News his daughter has watched him hunt for years, and he’d already bought her a Remington 700 .243 junior model rifle last Christmas.

“She’s going to get to go hunting this year for the first time,” Ryan said. “She’s 10 years old, so she can hunt starting at 10. I just need to get her some clothes.”

What kind of clothes? Why camo, of course. No doubt sensing a photo op, Ryan stopped at the Forest Park, Ohio, Outdoor World and paid $101.14 in cash for camouflage gloves and a jacket.

Females are supposed to be the more caring and nurturing of our species. How is teaching them to murder animals at an early age a good thing? Unless we want a world full of conscienceless, compassionless killers, it isn’t.

A normal young girl’s natural reaction to seeing a beautiful creature killed is shock, sadness, revulsion or repugnance. But if her father praises her enough when she brings down her first victim, there’s a chance she’ll end up thinking that she somehow enjoys it. From then on, when she sees a deer or rabbit, she will think of the praise she received; she’ll see them simply as trophies to mount on the wall; or she’ll envision them butchered and reduced to bloody lumps of meat. She’ll always be a little twisted in her perception of our fellow beings.

Years later, after a string of failed marriages, alcoholism, suicide attempts or a criminal record for child abuse or other violent crimes, in addition to a lifetime of inner turmoil, she might eventually seek psychiatric counseling. Only then will she realize that her problems began on the day her father first praised her for killing an innocent, sentient animal—the kind that she used to think of as beautiful.

And this Ryan guy wants to be our vice president? Considering the way he plans to corrupt his little girl, I’d want him to stay the hell away from my daughter.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson


17 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Is Out to Corrupt His Little Girl

  1. YIKES!! When My Dad brought home duck, geese etc I would not eat them. I tried. To this day, I still have a problem with Game. Fishing was fun with My Dad. I was there to help scale and clean. Catfish, Trout, Bullheads to name a few. I also watched him clean his rifle. He told me to RESPECT the gun. If you can not eat it do not hunt it. I was playing with dolls, stuffed animals, puppies etc. I spent much of my time looking for amphibians and fossils 🙂

  2. This is truly sickening, what a horrible man he is despite all the magnanimous smiling and other nonsense. However; it’s either them, or Obama and forced “healthcare,” and soon they’ll be pushing for mandatory vaccines for everyone not just school kids, and the vivisectors love Obama for the windfall of $$$ he bestowed on them.

    Obama is no friend of animals either. It’s horrifying to have these 2 choices to run our nation, and realistically they’re the only ones who have a shot, so what do we do as animal people, not vote at all and let the rest of the mob re-elect Obama and then we get in line for vivisectionist “healthcare” or pay the punitive tax for not participating, when that money could instead go to help animals or care for our own rescues? I really am at a loss as to what to think or do, it is truly depressing and distressing.

    Is everyone here pro-vaccine, so you don’t mind Obama”care”? Vaccines are a direct product of vivisection and animal abuse and are ineffective and dangerous, also the cause of the alarming & ever increasing “tree nut” allergies, making vegan diets more difficult for those inclined to try. The vaccine pushers are vigorously behind Obama, and look at the major push for us all to get flu vaccines, etc., since Obama came into power, even before his “healthcare” dictatorship is in effect. At least Romney says he’ll repeal Obama”care” as it is, especially removing any mandatory participation or tax penalties. Is there any other solution to this problem?

    • I think there is a very real danger of ignoring what science has to say about natural phenomena like physiology, pathology, immunology, and epidemiology. I would trust the consensus opinions of recognized experts in these fields much more readily than those of creationists, climate change deniers and, forgive me, those who deny the clear benefits of vaccination in the control of infectious diseases. When one aligns oneself with any of these anti-scientific movements one jeopardizes ones credibility as an advocate for change in public policy as it affects animals and risks being dismissed as a luddite, or worse.
      That vaccination science has been advanced historically by vivisectors and some morally reprehensible experimentation is no reason to eschew its proven benefits to man and animals anymore than it would be to reject modern methods of treating hypothermia because they were advanced by Nazi experimentation on human being during World War II.

      Science is a means of searching for objective truths about how our universe works. Its methods in the past may not have been (and in many cases still are not) ethically sound with respect to non-human animals. But denying established scientific facts because of the way they were unearthed is like refusing to use fire because its been used to burn witches or to wear cotton because of its past association with slavery. The first vaccination against smallpox was performed by Edward Jenner on a small boy in such a manner that it would be (rightly) condemned by today’s standards. Nevertheless, human smallpox is now extinct because of vaccination even if the method that was used to validate its effectiveness is ethically tainted. Scientific facts by themselves are no less valid even when the methods used to elucidate them are admittedly execrable. As Adlai Stevenson said at the height of the nuclear arms race: “There is no evil in the heart of the atom, only in the hearts of men.”

      • Not buying it, sorry, Scientism is as much a religion as anything else, including Humanism. Vaccines are dangerous, ineffective, and create all sorts of health problems. The anti people are right on this one. You need to take an objective look at the other side. I’m all for valid modern science, and vivisection and all it’s offshoots including Vaccinism, do not fall into that category, to be polite here.

      • “Fruit” (so-called info) from a poisonous tree (vivisection conglomerate) is nothing but poison. Animal vivisection and its products are not embraced by those who love & respect life and true health.

      • WELL SPOKEN!! My Friend and I were bitten by an Asian Tiger Mosquito in different areas in PA. The bites were within several months. I spoke with Entomology at Rutgers. This is no laughing matter. This Insect is moving WEST! Let us witness how the ranchers will deal with an non indigenous mosquito. This mosquito carries MANY diseases, across Continent. They LOVE warm blood. Welcome to Planet Earth 😦

      • Well, as they say: everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own set of facts. And the facts show pretty clearly that the practice of vaccination has greatly reduced the burden of human and animal suffering in the world, irrespective of the fact that some of the science has been attained by unethical experimentation on both animals and human prisoners of the Nazis and Imperial Japan.

        As a health care provider who has personally witnessed the benefits of vaccination as well as the calamitous results of failing to vaccinate against easily preventable diseases, I think that attacking the scientific basis of vaccination (as distinct from attacking some of the experimentation used to elucidate it) is like throwing out the baby with the bath water. Maybe we should toss all of modern medical knowledge down the memory hole and return to the Dark Ages since much of it is tainted by historical association with unsavory characters and practices? And logically, why stop there: let’s quit using penicillin since many laboratory animals were killed in its development and lets refrain from citing the theory of evolution whose originator, Darwin, was a well known killer/collector of wild birds. There comes a point where rejecting modern scientific knowledge on the basis of it being “poisoned fruit” becomes just plain foolish.

      • Sorry, but your calling me “foolish” is totally without merit. You choose to ignore even the nut allergy catastrophe, where entire schools and other places are zoned “tree nut free” …a kid brings peanuts into school and can be threatening the lives of others, because of peanut oil used in vaccines and going directly into the blood where the immune system is caught by totally unnatural “surprise” and havoc is the result, peanuts are the enemy and the deranged immune response can actually kill kids if not prepared. No one in power cares either, how wonderful it all is. And there goes another vegan food category off limits for people. No one cares, most animal people even keep silent about it, brainwashed as they are about vaccines, it’s like a friggin religion. Your ties to the industry taint your knowledge. Here’s an article for people to see the rest of the story, which I’m sure you’ll try to “debunk,” but truth is truth, and you have no right forcing vaccinations on others, take them yourself. If you start in about “herd immunity,” I’m ready for you there too, but for now:

  3. I decided ENOUGH maudlin. Nat Geo Wild, “Animals Say the Wildest Things.” Want a giggle, Great cinematography and Biodiversity information? Season 1, Episode 1. This will restore your faith 🙂

  4. Vivisection. I have Protested since I was in High School and I am in my 40’s. I do NOT buy products unless I know there will be no Animal testing. Nat Geo has a new show out. Animal Intervention. Those humans who think their backyard is a zoo and that their “pets” belong in the home.

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