There Was Magic in the Underwear

There was magic in the air last night—magic underpants, that is. Mitt Romney must have been wearing a crisp new pair for the debate. It’s not likely he would have beaten an intelligent, popular incumbent president without them.

Special skivvies aside, Mitt’s disregard for the environment showed through in the first few minutes with the line, “I like coal” and his promise to approve the Keystone pipeline. It was if he was saying, “Bring it on!” to the disastrous impacts of global warming. And by boasting about having five sons, he was clearly thumbing his nose at the problem of over-population.

For the sake of the natural world, Mr. Romney should trade in his magic undies for a crystal ball—or a dose of reality. Maybe then he’ll be able to see what rampant coal and shale oil extraction and burning are doing to the Earth and the atmosphere and how unbridled breeding is threatening this, the one and only planet we’ll ever know.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

22 thoughts on “There Was Magic in the Underwear

  1. So totally agree with your take on last night’s pres debate. We all have cause for extreme concern. I just finished watching a debate “expansion” on DemocracyNOW. I guess it’s easy for Green Party Jill Stein and Justice Party Rocky Anderson to speak as they did AFTER the debates, but they sure gave me pause….and enough reason to begin to google them.

      • “Giggle.” One of my favorite quotes. I think I already posted this.

        “The world would not be in the situation it is in now if not for the kind of anti-nature, anti-activist mentality of pretty much half the population. It seems that half the population of society is awake and the other half believes in angels, magic underwear, and Wal-mart.” Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd

        I want to vote, but do not trust ANY politician because of the Wolf De-listing 😦

      • Here is the list of questions I submitted for tomorrow’s tele conference. If anyone has questions, please send to Tim Preso.

        “Sharp Shooters” look for tagged Wolves and use this information to find a pack. Is there a way to scramble the signal in order to keep a close eye on the Wolf packs and confound trophy hunters?

        Bill McMirvin stated on several occasions nothing less than the entire Wedge Pack is to be annihilated. Once the Wedge Pack are gone, other packs will move in. What next? Will a new Pack face the same slaughter?

        What will these “cattle barons” do when all Wolves in the area are gone and Elk start spreading disease? Brucellosis and Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) are just two examples of disease carried by elk and deer which CAN be passed to cattle. Without Wolves to cull the herds of deer, Humans may unknowingly consume tainted meat. What then?

        What is the ratio of Panhandle Wolves vs. cattle? The same question in regards to deer / elk population.

        After so much mismanagement by the
        WDFW (and other State’s FWS), what can we expect if the ruling is in favor of the Wolves?

    • Gail, I watched it in real time and Stein/Anderson were responding live in studio for Democracy Now … or that was my understanding, at least. Bill Moyers ran a nice interview with Jill Stein a few weeks back, same episodes as Bernie Sanders.

      • Ingrid, just my impression that the debate was completed when the interviews were done with Stein and Anderson. No matter, really. I liked them. Then again, I’d have been delighted to be preparing to vote for Dennis Kucinich! (Poor guy even lost his congressional seat. I think he’d have made a great wildlife advocate in the White House.). Meanwhile, we have to deal with who we have…and neither one seems to be helpful regarding wildlife issues.

  2. I get it, Danielle. We are in a mess because OUR wildlife causes and environmental concerns seem to be falling on deaf ears. Any point in thinking that because the Green Party has “green” in it’s name…that we’d be any better off?
    Well, not really the right forum for too much in the way of politics, but then it’s “politics” that are killing wolves and elevating the status of ranchers. Although on second thought…maybe there is a LITTLE progress being made in that direction.

    • Don’t you LOVE how everyone is jumping on the Green Band Wagon? I am 48. I have loved Nature’s Diversity since I was a tyke. This is why I decided on Bio Diversity as a major in College (obviously I took time off!). I can’t wait to finish my degree. My colleagues and friends PRACTICE what they preach. I have met too many who spout rhetoric. Lip Service I do not tolerate!

      I love your Information 🙂

    • GRRREAT NEWS! One little step in the right direction which will hopefully catch on in other wolf-killing states.
      I had to chuckle at the opposition’s comments about all the money this “study” is going to cost. Sure. Like the wolf slaughter in WA didn’t cost a bundle? (Does anyone here yet know that actual cost?) When you retrofit helicopter(S) etc you have to know the cost was high.
      Thanks for this update, Danielle 🙂 Yes, I’m sure it makes all of us here feel hopeful.

      • I get the weekly newsletter from the Bio Div. Center. LOTS of great info. As for the $$$, we can spend trillions of dollars on certain politicians quest for black gold, but whine about taking care of our Planet.

  3. Danielle, anxiously looking forward to the results of your tele conference with Earthjustice.
    I am wondering about the following:

    Q. Will there be a rep from Earthjustice at the big meeting being held TOMORROW (10/5/2012) in Olympia, WA – scheduled to discuss the Wedge Pack? (see links below)

    Q. Does Earthjustice have a list available to the public with a complete breakdown of
    WOLF numbers vs CATTLE (or other livestock) numbers AND alleged depredation FOR EACH STATE where wolves are hunted?

    Q. Cost to taxpayers of rancher/farmer compensation BY STATE
    (we need to have this for EACH wolf-killing state since we all KNOW we aren’t going to rest easy just because the Wedge Pack is now non-existent).

    Q. What other information can Earthjustice provide us with to fight the wolf killing at the grassroots level?

    I’m certain that if we could get that information…ALL of it….it will better enable us to fight more adeptly; if the public could SEE the paltry numbers of wolves compared to numbers of cattle…BY STATE…. it may more easily educate the interested general public. They don’t seem to have a clue.

    Thanks for doing this, Danielle! Good luck…and keep in touch 🙂 We’ll be anxious!

  4. The song I woke up with.

    Long as I remember the rain been comin’ down
    Clouds of mystery pourin’ confusion on the ground.
    Good men through the ages tryin’ to find the sun.
    And I wonder still I wonder who’ll stop the rain.
    [ Lyrics from: ]
    I went down Virginia seekin’ shelter from the storm
    Caught up in the fable I watched the tower grow
    Five year plans and new deals wrapped in golden chains.
    And I wonder still I wonder who’ll stop the rain.

    Heard the singers playin’, how we cheered for more.
    The crowd had rushed together tryin’ to keep warm.
    Still the rain kept pourin’, fallin’ on my ears
    And I wonder, still I wonder who’ll stop the rain.

  5. Gail, I signed up with a guest.My friend can not make it. Feel free to call 866-838-2054 and tell them you are my guest. I would love someone from Howling for Justice to be involved with this tele-conference.

  6. Danielle, just called. Got a message “the person you are trying to reach is not taking calls at this time”.
    I will try again….and again.

    Here are two questions i just added to my list. If I CAN’T get through…maybe you could keep them in mind??

    Q. Is immunocontraception being considered as another way to “manage” wolves?

    Q. Do Some (or all?) states allow ranchers the “right” to shoot wolves killing livestock?
    Why can’t it be MANDATED that a PHOTOGRAPH MUST be taken of the alleged incident in
    in order to truly substantiate the kill?

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