To Wildlife, They’re All Assault Weapons

During last night’s debate, the president accused his opponent of pandering to the NRA by changing his stance on so-called “assault weapons.” The accusation is valid—former Governor Mitt Romney also pandered to the pro-gun lobby big-time by tapping die-hard “sportsman,” Paul Ryan, as his running mate. But at the same time he made the accusation, President Obama pandered to the NRA himself.

Though Barack Obama has never been a hunter (to his credit), he was quick to give oral tribute to hunters and “sportsmen” who use their weapons regularly and repeatedly (albeit “legally”) to assault the non-human citizens of this country. At the risk of showing his hand, I’d speculate that if it wasn’t for the power of the National Rifle Association to make or break an election, the president, deep down, would ultimately prefer to see all dangerous weapons banned.

Though they tiptoed gingerly around the subject, both candidates agreed that all guns are dangerous in the wrong hands. From the point of view of the wildlife, all weapons are assault weapons—and all hunters are the “wrong hands.”

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

17 thoughts on “To Wildlife, They’re All Assault Weapons

  1. Isn’t a hunter who sees a record buck and just HAS to shoot it dead instead of enjoying its living beauty rather like a man who sees a stunningly beautiful girl and just HAS to rape and strangle her ?? If there’s a difference, I for one, fail to see it ..!!!!

  2. It’s really too bad that sometimes a person has to please a certain group of people to win an election. I am disappointed that President Obama gave an oral tribute but I suspect, as I think you do, that that is why he said it. And considering that his opponent is a bow hunter, I will not hold it against our President.

  3. Nicely stated, Jim. Obama has been a HUGE disappointment to anyone concerned about wildlife or the environment. His only saving grace is that those who would replace him are a thousand times worse!

  4. Geoff, I agree. That is the only reason Obama has my vote. I just wish and pray we can get rid of Salazar 😦 I am not holding my breath that he will be “fired” by Obama, as the rumor states.

  5. After what Barack Obama did to the wolves, he will never have my vote or my support ever again. I have decided to either vote third party or not even vote at all.

  6. i never in my life use a gun and never will on humans and especifically on animals. I respect the biodiversity of all the species that shares this planet wheter humans, animals from air, sea, jungle etc. All of us share this wonderful planet. Protect all the species.
    ps love your website i thought i was the only one who is against hunting

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