Howling For Justice

Nine more wolves were reported slain since YESTERDAY, October 23.  

Wake up America!! 

Innocent wolves are dying torturous deaths. Pups, mothers, fathers, wolf families destroyed! 

This image was sent to a wolf advocate on Christmas Eve 2009 with the message: MERRY CRISTMAS!!

Get Active! Organize! This will continue until we join together to stop it!

 Howl Across America!!!

IDAHO – 65





142 Wolves Wiped Out in 55 Days


Video: YouTube: En compagnie des loups – Pour tous les Loups.wmv

Photo: Sent to Wolf Advocate 2009

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31 thoughts on “

    • Thanks, I read and appreciated parts of it, except your suggestion that the reintroduction of wolves to Britan would rightly open the door to trophy hunting of them. I did find this, from one of the links you provided, interesting as it backed up my point about deer hunting only leading to more deer:

      The biggest foreign landowner in Scotland, the
      late Paul van Vlissingen, also wanted to
      reintroduce wolves and lynx to the Scottish
      countryside. A three year study of his 80,000
      acre Letterewe estate showed that traditional
      culling was having little impact on deer
      numbers37. These results demonstrated that
      deer were not being properly managed and
      that reintroduction of large carnivores would be a more effective method of control.

  1. Thank you for not attacking me personally. I’ve had attacks on my own WP blog. One person accused me of being complicit in murder because my partner’s family are dairy farmers, who lost their herd during the foot and mouth disease epidemic here in Britain.

    This kind of thing made me wary of any WP mention of shooting. But I decided to go ahead with a series about the game seasons in Britain. Several of my readers have been supportive. It’s important, I think, when considering how ecosystems are and should be managed.

    • You’re welcome. I don’t believe in personal attacks, but I should warn you about my policy on this blog of not allowing comments from hunters justifying the killing of other species (read the “About” page). It may seem closed minded to you, but it’s really no different than sites that don’t allow talk of threatening the deaths of other people. You clearly see non-human animals as resources rather than sentient equals–I don’t know that anyone can change your way of thinking. The fact that you yourself are not a hunter has kept me from bannishing your comments, but if you continue to talk so dispassionately about the murder of so many animals in the name of the meat industry or of “managing” wildlife, I’ll be forced to block your future comments.

    • That’s just something the “meat” (read: kill) industy likes to throw out there to dissipate the passion of the animal rights movemnet. The fact that it’s total B.S. is exemplified by the readership of this blog. People from nearly every country in the world visit here, not just white North Americans. I have vegan friends of every race and religion.

    • I can’t remember wh said it but ingrained on my mind is. The statement ‘if abbetiors had glass walls most people would be vegetarians’. It’s not just Americans who find the meat industry unpalatable, however I think the feedlot type farming in the US heightens many people’s disgust. In Australia we have had appalling incidents with live animal exports that have distressed many.
      When hunters argue that hunting is somehow a cleaner kill I doubt it, especially bow hunting. Just imagine what would become of wildlife if all meat eaters lived on kills from the wild. There would be no animals left very quickly.
      I think I get most sickened when God is brought into the argument. I’m not religious but to imagine you have a devine right to kill other creatures, causing them pain and suffering in the process, really disgusts me. These people are delusional.

      • Right, there’s nothing divine about causing suffering and death. I think the quote you mentioned was from Paul McCartney (maybe he was quoting someone else). And the claim by hunters that killing wildlife is more humane is a transparent attempt to appeal to the animal welfare/rights community, whom they don’t otherwise try to relate to. They’ll say anything to make their sport seem more pallatable.

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