Repugs From the Pit of Hell

I voted today; filled in my absentee ballot, that is. I wasn’t real keen on any particular candidate, just wanted to get it over with so I don’t have to think about politics for a while.

I’m a private person, and I respect other people’s right to their privacy. I don’t expect anyone to publicly declare how they voted if they don’t want to. I will tell you, though, no Republicans (or Repugs) got my vote.

Sure, there have been a few good Republican leaders in the past. Abe Lincoln comes to mind. And I thought Washington State’s1970’s-era GOP governor, Dan Evans, was a decent man—until I learned he was so tight with Ted Bundy that he vouched for the notorious serial killer’s character in a written testimony to a Florida court of law when Bundy was on trial for the brutal murders of numerous young women, including a 12 year-old girl.

It’s common knowledge that Ted Bundy was a staunch Republican. He campaigned for a number of prominent GOP candidates and likely would have fancied himself as a future contender for that party, had reckless behavior not gotten him arrested and prosecuted for his extracurricular activities.

Another active Republican serial killer of note, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, can’t seem to keep his mouth shut on the campaign trail about his murderous urges, as well as his intent to train his 10 year-old daughter to become a conscienceless killer like her daddy…or Ted Bundy.

The reasons the Republicans didn’t get my vote are many—they all have to do with threats facing the diversity of life on Earth. (Sorry, but concerns about the economy do not trump the continued habitability of the planet.) Now, if you don’t believe the scientific evidence for global warming, by all means vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket—they’re the anti-science candidates—as long as the things those two do believe in don’t put you off. Freedom of (or from) religion is one thing, but anthropocentric ignorance at the expense of the environment is not a God-given right.

There’s a new breed of Republican stalking the streets of D.C. these days, and they take their religion dead seriously. Ask Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA). He called evolution and the Big Bang Theory, “lies from the pit of Hell” at a “sportsman’s” banquet at the Liberty Baptist Church (be sure to check out the heads on the wall behind him here).

While just yesterday, Indiana Republican Senate candidate, Richard Mourdock, said he believes pregnancies from rape are “something that God intended to happen.” Clearly, to Mourdock, every sperm is sacred, even if it came from a violent rapist (never mind that procreation was the furthest thing on the perpetrators mind.)

For his part, vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan worked shoulder to shoulder with Missouri republican congressman Todd Aiken to try to redefine rape as either “legitimate” or some other unfortunate scenario that these two guys don’t think should warrant a woman’s right to choose whether or not to bring forth another human life into this overcrowded world. In other words, if a woman became pregnant as the result of some loveless, devious act of seduction that was slightly less violent than their idea of “legitimate” rape, she would be forced to spend the next nine months carrying around an unwanted child (Like Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby, pregnant with the Devil’s spawn).

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney plans, if he becomes president, to cut funding for birth control to developing nations. None of these Republicans seem to be aware of the staggering human overpopulation problem threatening the future of all life on this planet.

And I’m sure if you told them our species was solely responsible for causing an ongoing mass-extinction on a scale not seen since the K-T extinction event that ended the age of dinosaurs 65 and a half million years ago, they’d really look befuddled. After all, wasn’t the Earth created by God for Man only 10 thousand years ago? And if Man overcrowds the Earth and destroys the atmosphere, isn’t it just “something that God intended to happen?”


19 thoughts on “Repugs From the Pit of Hell

  1. Just got back from Washington D.C., and what continually astounds me about your country is this great dichotomy…this population so hugely divided between those who are logical and understand cause and effect realities and this large and unbelievably influential minority of fanatics like this guy. But I think what got to me more than the rantings of one misguided ideologue was the consenting murmurs of approval from the audience. Are we to believe that a room full of hunters — people who continually claim to know more about animals and nature than the dreaded “antis”, — contained no one who snorted in derision? Evolution is so well proved in so many ways that there had to be at least a few hunters with a grasp of the basics of natural and sexual selection, genetics and related fields of study, all of which provide an incredibly massive underpinning for both evolutionary theory and the geological findings about the earth’s age. Do they simply lack the testicular fortitude to speak up? It’s quite unbelievable and sad to see the rot from within cause such destruction to the country, yes, but also such threat to the futures of us all.

    I get that no party dare to address climate change (neither does our own Prime Minister, here in Canada) because you can’t tell voters that they’ll need to make sacrifice or expect them to give a rat’s ass about problems either currently more those of others, or to be faced in the future) but I despair that the level of public discourse and education has sunk so low as to create that problem.

  2. I have found fossils which are over 1,000,000 years old. My Geology Professor was nice enough to carbon date a couple shell fossils for me. If the Earth is only 10,000 years old, how to explain the age of my fossils and arrowheads? Idiots.

    Our Planet is just a pup compared to some.

    Just ask Stephen Hawking!

    My Step Father says there is no such thing as Global Warming. He is a hunter and has all kinds of guns, including assault rifles. It never ceases to shock me to hear someone who seems so intelligent speak such bs.

    • Part of it is human arrogance and part of it must be selective intelligence. They choose to learn so much about cars and guns that they haven’t left room for absorbing information about geology or natural history.

  3. Is there anything more ludicrous and morally depraved than a Republican, like Ryan, Akin, et al., feverishly promoting their ‘personhood amendment’ wherein a microscopic speck of protoplasmic goo is exalted as being entitled to Fourteenth Amendment protections of life, liberty and property ownership(!) while at the same time highly-developed, sentient non-human beings continue to be disdained as mere disposable commodities whose only intrinsic value is in their capacity to saitiate the seemingly unlimited appetites of humankind? This is simply the old, discredited philosophy of Descartes and the Roman Catholic Church, disinterred and crossed with a fetishistic devotion to free market capitalism, seasoned with anti-science and jingoism and served up to credulous American masses as their new religion. As Dostoevski said: societies tend to get the criminals they deserve; and, as I would add, societies also tend to get the leaders they deserve. It is a curse of our era that the two (criminals and political leaders) are largely interchangeable.

  4. There are three states of evolution of the soul; The herd state, the individuated state, and mystical state. It’s pretty obvious where everybody falls in that spectrum.

  5. Thank goodness I found this in my search. I moved here to Alabama where the hunters teach their eight year old children how to kill anything in the wild that moves. The Republicans (this is a “red state”) running for office do their ads showing themselves hunting. I felt like the character in the movie Omega Man (the last sane person around.)

    Great statement!

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