Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife

I have often wondered how humans throughout history have allowed sadistic dictators and other evil people to brainwash them and participate in the most heinous of acts. Psychopaths from Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and to a lesser extend David Koresh and Jim Jones have been able to create a “lynch mob” mentality among otherwise “normal” people. We are seeing the exact same thing now with the obsessed wolf killers and anti-wolf trolls. This isn’t on the level of genocidal maniacs like mentioned above but the concept sure seems the same.

From the absolutely disgusting sadism on display in pictures and words on the “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” Facebook page to the vile posts that anti-wolf trolls try to harass living wildlife advocates with there is something pathologically wrong with these people. The absolutely lose their minds when someone questions their killing motives or dares show compassion for the animals that…

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  1. I can relate to this article. Because I have defended coyotes in my area I have also endured harassment. It is the killers sense of entitlement that I find most surprising. No one is allowed to speak out against what they do and if they do they will pay the price. This is classic bullying and it is encouraged in our society by others silence and the lack of political will to enforce existing laws that defend our environment and wildlife.

    • All kinds of violence, from domestive abuse on up to serial killing and mass murder are motivated by a strong sense of entitlement. We pass laws to try to prevent this kind of behavior toward humans, but when they claim entitlement over wildlife we call it custom and culture.

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