Still Undecided? Vote against the Bow Hunter

If you’re one of those hold-out voters we keep hearing about who hasn’t yet decided who to elect for President, here’s an idea for you: cast your vote against the guy that boasts a bow hunter as his Vice-presidential partner in crime—the Robin to his Batman. (That would be the Republican, Mitt Romney—in case you’ve been lucky enough to miss his outspoken VP sidekick and hunting addict, Paul Ryan, yammer on and on about his favorite hobby of launching aluminum shafts tipped with razor-sharp arrowheads into the bodies of innocuous, peace-loving deer.)

I can understand and relate to the disillusionment anyone might feel about our current President. Some of the things he’s pulled—joking about eating dogs, removing their canine cousins, the wolves, from the federal Endangered Species list thereby casting their fates into the eager hands of hostile states, or relegating  horses and burros to the slaughterhouse—are unforgivable. We can’t let him get away with that sort of thing in the future.

But, there’s no doubt that the other candidate would commit equally atrocious crimes against animals, in addition to mocking global warming with his stated goals of approving the Keystone pipeline and opening up fragile federally protected lands to oil drilling. Adding insult to injury, Romney had to go and tap not just a hunter, but a goddamned bowhunter—the most sadistic strain of killer out there—for a running mate.

Unfortunately for dedicated animal advocates, we’re forced to have to choose between the lesser of two evils yet again. In this case, the bowhunter is clearly the greater evil on the ballot.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

12 thoughts on “Still Undecided? Vote against the Bow Hunter

  1. Well stated and I agree totally, Jim, with your analysis. Sometimes choices in life come down to scum or the scum that scum cleans off its shoe.

  2. I have been bitten by many Critters (recently a Centipede).

    I have been bitten by one Species which still mystifies.

    Care to guess?

    Please follow your Empathy.



  3. You need to be a great marks person to MAKE The KILL shot! So many amateur bow hunters don’t know what they are doing! Animals wounded and suffer horrible death because of it. Before any one can get a liscence to bow hunt I think they should have to prove how good they are, FIRST!!!!

  4. Proving how “good” an animal killer is, should not be the issue. All hunters are serial animal killers, and certainly, any person who purports to be compassionate, should be an ANTI-HUNTER, period. I have re-neck Iowa “cousins” who consider themselves “ethical hunters” who get those pesky black bears each year up in Canada. There simply is NO excuse to hunt. It is a sick, carry-over from our caveman days. And, please, no excuses such as “Oh, but I know some hunters who just hunt to “feed their families.” Really? If one tallies the actual costs of a hunting trip, including ammo, beer, fast-food burgers, transportation (including the ubiquitous ATV’s hauled on the back, cost of guns, bows, etc.–it’s not cheap. This mindless acceptance of the Hunting Lobby’s rationales for killing animals is just more excuses to continue this Cult of Violence.
    The Cult of Violence permeates throughout society, often then expressed in other killing–like mass shootings, and serial killers, who most often have a history of violence to animals, including being hunters. Many hunters also can get a cheap Trapping License at their local game agencies–so while waiting in that deer blind, they set up a steel trap for an innocent coyote, or other so-called predator.
    The NRA, which is primarily a Hunting Lobby, still does not like Endangered Species legislation, nor do they support the banning of Lead Shot–which is poisoning birds of prey and other hapless animals.

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