Call Today! The “Sportsmen’s” Act of 2012 Must Fail

URGENT!  Before you read another line, pick up your phone, call your Senators and tell them to OPPOSE S 3525 (the so-called, “Sportsmen’s” Act of 2012)! You can find the contact numbers for your senators at the following web page:

Though the threat of having to watch bowhunter Paul Ryan by crowned Vice President has passed, the specter of sport hunting still haunts the halls of Congress. Under the cunning guise of “conservation,” the Sportsmen’s Act of 2012, S 3525, is a Senate version of the House’s ridiculous “Sportsmen’s Heritage Act” (what will they think of next, a Serial Murderer’s Heritage Act?).

No animal should be reduced to the level of mere object only to be “harvested” at the casual whim of jaded trophy seekers out for a diversion from their meaningless lives.

For the sake of wildlife, public lands and unspoiled wilderness nationwide, we must stop this absurd act from becoming law.

Of course, the animal’s enemies are lining up behind it. According to a new post in Outdoor Life (a popular “sportsmen’s” magazine that actually promotes outdoor death) entitled, “Must-Pass Legislation: Sportsmen’s Act of 2012,”

“The fight for the Sportsmen’s Act isn’t over. The NRA, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Boone and Crocket Club, Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, and a host of other national, regional and local groups are calling all hands to lobby their Senators for passage.”

Make no mistake, those of us who truly care about wildlife wouldn’t want to see this pass even if it were a painfully annoying kidney stone. The Sportsmen’s Act of 2012 is a must-fail piece of legislation.


Thanks to the Animal Welfare Institute for the following action alert:

On November 13, their first day back in session following the recent election, the U.S. Senate will resume consideration of The Sportsmen’s Act of 2012 (S. 3525). Please call and urge your Senators to oppose S. 3525.

If enacted, S. 3525 will have substantial and direct adverse impacts on wildlife, public health and existing conservation efforts. This bill would weaken protections offered by laws such as the Marine Mammal Protection Act, Toxic Substances Control Act and Endangered Species Act. Included in the bill’s language are provisions that would:

•Eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority under the Toxic Substances Control Act to regulate hazardous substances—including lead, a dangerous neurotoxin—released by ammunition and sport fishing waste.

•Encourage federally-funded construction and expansion of public shooting ranges on state and federal land, including land managed by the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management.

•Amend the Marine Mammal Protection Act to permit importation of polar bear carcasses taken before the species was listed as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act in 2008—including those taken despite multiple warnings of an imminent ban on imports.

This legislation, if enacted, will interfere with important statutory protections affecting animal welfare, human health, and the environment.

The Senate is moving quickly on this bill, so your help is urgently needed TODAY.  Please contact your Senators by phone, email, or fax and tell them to oppose S. 3525!

You can identify your Senators and their contact information here.

Sample Message:

As one of your constituents, I urge you to help protect human health, wildlife and public lands by voting against S. 3525. This legislation, if passed, will undermine provisions of existing conservation statutes including the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Toxic Substances Control Act. It will also interfere with the exercise of authority by federal agencies responsible for managing federal lands and protecting public health. Please oppose S. 3525, and help to protect wildlife, habitat and the public.

Thank you,

17 thoughts on “Call Today! The “Sportsmen’s” Act of 2012 Must Fail

  1. Passing this bill would be detrimental to wildlife. Animals are not ours to dispose of when some lame hunter gets a whim to murder. They require thoughtful protection so they will remain here for generations to enjoy ALIVE not viewed in pieces on walls so they can be viewed as what once was… Please do not support S.3525!!!

  2. I got a troubling reply from a previous email that I sent to Senator Cantwell concerning the Sportman’s Act. I was greatly disappointed in her response, which I pasted below.

    The Sportsmen’s Act (S. 3525) was introduced by Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) on September 10, 2012. This wide-ranging legislation bundles a number of bipartisan bills that facilitate the use of federal public lands and waters for fishing, sport hunting, and recreational shooting. One key measure requires that Bureau of Land Management (including National Monument land) and Forest Service Lands be open for recreational hunting, unless the managing agency closes lands for a specific purpose. S. 3525 also allows federal agencies to lease their lands for shooting ranges and designate ranges for recreational shooting. The legislation also includes other important conservation measures such as the reauthorization of the North American Wetlands Conservation Act and the Multinational Species Conservation Fund. On September 22, 2012, the motion to proceed to S. 3525 passed the Senate by a bipartisan vote of 84 – 7. The Sportsmen’s Act is currently awaiting further action in the Senate.

    Because the Sportsmen’s Act includes a number of significant conservation and public land measures, I voted for the motion to proceed to the bill. However, I have some concerns about a few of the provisions in the current version of the bill and will push for improvements to the legislation through the amendment process when the Senate takes it up again. Those troubling provisions include amending the Marine Mammal Protection Act to allow the Department of Interior to issue one-time permits to import polar bear parts from Canada if it can be proved it was acquired during an approved sport hunt in Canada prior to when Polar Bears were listed as an endangered species. S. 3525 also amends the Toxic Substances Control Act to exclude any firearm, bullet components, or sport fishing equipment from the definition of “chemical substance.” While this provision is troubling, to date ammunition has only been regulated by U.S. Fish and Wildlife and this bill does not preclude the continuation of their regulations or those of states and localities.

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts on the Sportsmen’s Act with me. In Washington State, we are blessed to live near, work by, and play in some of America’s most iconic national parks, forests, and wilderness areas. I believe safe access to diverse recreational opportunities on federal public lands is vital to maintaining our natural heritage and quality of life. Please be assured I will continue to fight for the conservation of our precious resources for the collective benefit of current and future generations and I will keep your thoughts in mind as the U.S. Senate continues to debate this legislation.

  3. The Seattle Times had an article on the bill, but only focused on the part about importing polar bear pelts.

    It seems that the only thing that the Democrats and Republicans can agree on is killing more wildlife. Michael Moore said that the only difference between the Repubicans and the Democrats is that the Democrats tell you they love you before they screw you. In this case and in the case of delisting the wolves, they did not even say I love you. We and the wildlife have been f*cked.

  4. Sent to my two senates in CA. and white house To oppose S. 3525 few times. I heard she support with the bill for most of the ranchers in southern states… Oh grief!

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