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  1. How sad and frustrating. As mentioned on AC, there is no mention in this article of the approved night hunting decision. I wonder what group or organization put pressure on US Fish and Wildlife to allow it in the first place, what with the similarity between red wolves and coyotes (love ’em, too) and the probablility that it might be next to impossible to catch a wrong-doer in the action under the cover of night. Of course we are dealing with a mentality that will let nothing stop the killing of predators. They wouldn’t care if there were two red wolves left on the planet. You can’t change a mindset in a generation and you just plain cannot fix stupid. Too, the reward falls far short of what could be an effective way to catch the perpetrator.
    What might help would be about 10 or 20 thousand like-minded activists – all under the same “umbrella” – calling…writing….and raising hell.

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