Trapping: the Indiscriminate Evil

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2012. All Rights Reserved

Footloose Montana reports that the 2012/13 Trapping season has begun, and with it, the first incident of someone’s beloved dog being caught in a trap: “Monte,” a yellow lab cross was injured today in a leg-hold trap set submerged at the Bitterroot River Florence Fishing Access in Florence, Montana.  She survived his ordeal, but suffered an injury on her leg and a broken tooth.  This is sure to be the first of many pet incidents this trapping season.  Particularly with many new trappers pursuing wolves on our public lands this year, please be cognizant of the danger…

I have had more than my share of heart-wrenching experiences with the gruesome evils of trapping. On a walk near our cabin, my dog stepped into a trap that clamped down onto his front paw, prying his middle toes apart. He yelped in horror and frantically tried to shake it off, biting at the trap, at his paw and at me as I fought to open the mindless metal jaws that continued to cut deeper into his tender flesh.

My efforts to release him only caused more excruciating pain. After battling with the unrelenting spring for many interminable minutes, I was finally able to loosen the degenerate device enough to pull his foot free.

Another dog I rescued was caught in two steel-jawed leg-hold traps. One was latched onto her front leg while the second gripped a hind leg, forcing her to remain standing for untold, agonizing hours. Judging by how fatigued and dehydrated she was, she’d been held immobile for several days. The sinister traps caused so much damage that a vet had to amputate one of her injured legs.

Traps are an indiscriminate evil. No animal, wild or domestic, should suffer such torture for the sake of sport, recreation or the mindless pursuit of pelts.

Folks in Montana can Call Footloose at (406) 274-7878 if…

1.      You need advice on releasing your pets from traps

2.      You would like us to do a pet release workshop in your community

3.      You have an incident to report

4.      You have information about trap sightings or locations


Portions of this post were excerpted from the book, Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport    

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2012. All Rights Reserved


11 thoughts on “Trapping: the Indiscriminate Evil

    • I have mentioned this so many times.

      I was six and holding hands with little ones.

      An Husky, a Shotgun (hunter), frightened Children Running from slaughter is an image beyond description.

      Blesses to All!

  1. Jim, we need more Humans who feel such empathy.

    I know the Strength, Patience and Soul which can accomplish Rescue.

    I keep most stories to myself. This Rescue needs to be shared.

    I was living in a different location in SE PA.

    It was COLD! Less than 15 degrees F.

    Across the backyard was a a cat on top of a dumpster.

    She was nothing more than a kitty skeleton with fur. Someone (who should be behind bars) had kicked her in the head. She had head trauma, PTSS and Brain Damage. The fact she could still trust a human gives me hope.

    Gladly, my Super Hero of Feline Vets said to keep her.quiet and near sunshine. Done 🙂

    She lived another 10 Wonderful years.

    I named her Baby.

  2. “Trapping: the Indiscriminate Evil | Exposing the Big
    Game” was indeed a terrific post, can’t help but wait to go through a lot more of ur blogs.
    Time to squander numerous time on the net haha. Regards -Filomena

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