Unfortunately, This Time Paul Ryan Was True to His Word

It seems the only time you can count on a politician to make good on a campaign promise is when it’s something detrimental, like approving the Keystone Pipeline. I fully believe Mitt Romney would have done that, as promised, if he had been elected. And I had no doubt Paul Ryan was serious when he announced his plan to have his 10 year old daughter kill her first deer this year.

While I’m thankful he didn’t make Vice President, unfortunately it freed him up to spend more time at his hobby of murdering animals. And sure enough, he saw to it that his pre-teen little girl joined the ranks of deer assassins as well. On Thanksgiving (of all times), he sent her up a tree outfitted with a .237 caliber rifle to wait for one of the practically tame deer they feed to wander within range of her tree stand and blammo, that’s all she wrote. Physically, the “hunt” could not have been easier. Psychologically and emotionally, it may have been more of a challenge for her had the promise of being showered with daddy’s praise weren’t so alluring.

Ten is an extremely young age to have your heartstrings and pre-pubescence conscience toyed with. It is three years away from being considered teenaged—far too young to drive, vote, partake in alcohol or even to go to war.

I’m glad my father didn’t get his kicks killing animals. As any reformed hunter will tell you, obedience to peer pressure or a father’s expectations can take half a lifetime to outgrow. Hopefully it won’t take that long for young Miss Ryan to develop her conscience and decide to do what’s right.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

30 thoughts on “Unfortunately, This Time Paul Ryan Was True to His Word

  1. Wisconsin is on a recruitment binge. Whereas 7% of hunters were women (in the state that spawned Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer), women are now the fastest growing group of hunters demographically. 22 % of hunter education classes are now women. I guess the lure of a dead mink on one’s head – or a pair of tortured raccoon mittens is just too great. Or the lure of being praised by a male mentor. Lure of an adult weapon.

    With recent sweeping legislation, trapping, hunting and bow-hunting can be taught in schools for credit. Also taught at the state technical schools. Wisconsin is regressing as fast as Idaho. A dead state no one should want to move into since now the state parks and all public lands, 7 and a half months of the year will be filled with adrenaline pumped hunters and their 10 year old assassin wannabes.

    Wisconsin is touted on the NRA Sportsmen’s Coalition as a model for the nation of public and private land takeover for killing out wildlife. It is gone from the rest of the land, and now they want to finish it off to maintain their power.

  2. Teaching 10 year olds or teenagers to kill before they even understand what life is all about, is unconscionabe. I am also happy I did not have parents like that. How is it we allow 10 year olds to use guns? And we wonder why we have a violent society. Its mind boggling stupidity, callous irresponsible, criminal behavior.

  3. This is a form of child abuse. A ten year old is potentially going to value her father’s approval more than empathise with a defenceless animal. Maybe it’s a case of apples not falling too far from the tree.
    Although I remember being upset by animal death as a child, however my father didn’t take me out killing for fun. Paul Ryan is a drop kick (that may not be an American term but I think you folks will get my drift)

      • I continue to thank Goodness for Empathy. It is inherent. Most important, empathy is a LEARNED behavior. Think of the many millions of children being taught that killing is a correct path in life. I start a new semester in January. I have decided my thesis will be Trophic Cascades when I do my Graduate work.

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  5. For your holiday entertainment, I just saw this on HFJ. HAD to copy/paste. Check out the description of the wolf hunters/trappers!

    >>On December 2, 2012 at 6:02 am swcrystal said:
    Just wandered on here from MN, where the trapping portion of the wolf hunt is starting. Our local yokel newspaper just had an article about why two particular slobs “want” a wolf carcass, i.e., one to go along with his moose head (or something), mounted fish, and now wants a full wolf mount…sickening. The outright greed is astounding and illustrates in a nutshell, what’s wrong with this country and why things aren’t going to get better anytime real soon. Hopefully, these so-called people who hunt aren’t reproducing, ‘cuz then we’ll be guaranteed another generation of nose-pickin’, ass-itchin’, cousin-marryin’, bed-wettin’, book-avoidin’ Neanderthal cave dwellers.<<

  6. Unfortunately, Wisconsin is a strange state. It’s impossible to get any food in a restaurant without meat in it. Won’t miss Ryan, but the one taking the job could be worse. Enjoyed reading the comments that really apply especially with the violence in our country stemming from people who think a weapon will make them strong and respected. We need to emphasize that wild life watching greatly outweighs the hunters and bolsters the economy. This past March the USDA WS slaughtered 66 deer in my township 68% of which were fawns and yearlings; 21% were 2.5 years old; 7% were 3.5 yrs old; 4% were 6.5 yrs old. It seems they used an automatic rifle since 14 deer were logged in shot at the same time – 12:30 a.m., on 25 acres which I thought was already private property to be developed privately. Most of the fawns were from there. Wildlife (dis)Services wants desperately to be back next Feb., but this time also on private land. What a way to spend tax dollars and to teach the children.

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