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It’s  groundhog day in wolf country, a grisly scenario playing out over and over in each wolf state.  The Michigan state Senate passed SB 135o on Thursday, which designates wolves as game animals, moving them one step closer to public hunts. The bill will now be shuttled to the state House for a vote.  So much for Michigan being reasonable on wolves.  The same trophy hunting crowd, who rammed through wolf hunts in Minnesota and Wisconsin, are alive and well in Michigan.

“Michigan moved a step closer to letting hunters target gray wolves Thursday, when the state Senate voted to designate the predator as a game species.

The bill was approved on a 23-15 vote and sent to the House, where a similar measure is pending. It doesn’t guarantee that wolf hunts will be allowed but authorizes the Michigan Natural Resources Commission, whose seven members are appointed by the…

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  1. Michigan is really no surprise.They were making noise about reducing the wolf population before wolves were stripped of their protections. A friend of mine attended a few of those hearings and he came away very concerned. He said they were talking about taking the wolf population down to below two hundred or further.

    The big surprise is they didn’t move as quickly as Wisconsin and Minnesota. Maybe they were waiting to see how far their neighbor states would go, or how much they could get away with.

    And to think this all happened under a Democrat administration. You never hear anyone talking about the wolf slaughter on MSM television..Even when the Senate was pushing the budget/wolf rider back in April 2011, it was crickets. I watched the vote on CSPAN, there was lots of back slapping and happy times on the Senate floor but nothing about the wolves. To this day most people don’t know the majority of yes votes were from Democrats. Not one Senator spoke out for wolves, not a peep. It’s an absolute disgrace.

    • Why, one might ask, are we not surprised when Republicans vote for such a bill but are when Democrats support it? The answer may be the even greater depths of hypocrisy (already plumbed about as deep as the Mariana’s Trench by the Republicans cloaked in their “pro-life” patina) descended to by “liberals” and “progressives” who, while persistently posing as the enlightened defenders of the defenseless and relentless foes of all manner of injustice and political incorrectness, are quite comfortable pandering to the darkest forces in human nature by legislating death and destruction of wild animals for purposes of “sport.”

      I’d hasten to point out that this seeming incongruity is not unique to American politics. The Liberal and New Democratic Parties of Canada have been staunch defenders for decades of the harp seal slaughter that occurs every year off Canada’s east coast. The left-wing Social Credit party in British Columbia supported wolf slaughter while in power. So did the Socialist Party in Norway which also endorses whale hunting and whose past leader was the first woman prime minister of that country, a conjunction (left-wing + female + head of state) guaranteed to set leftist hearts aflutter around the globe.

      It’s easy to despise a creature like Sarah Palin, she’s an easy target; but, truly, is there anything more fundamentally vile than hypocrites such as these?

  2. i have no faith in either party but I’m much harder on the Democrats because they are hypocrites as Geoff stated, pretending to care about wolves and the ESA, yet turn around and do the absolutely wrong thing for votes. How could both Udalls, with such an iconic uncle, vote to delist wolves in the Northern Rockies, without judicial review.? It’s an absolute betrayal yet people continue to support these Senators and act like it never happened. Did one of these Democrats who voted to delist wolves lose their seat, I don’t believe so? Their sneaky strategy worked.

  3. Wisconsin – the DNR is going to study the attitudes of the upnortherners, towards wolves now since they can be hunted. Idiots- with an over the record deer hunt, can’t blame wolves for wiping out the herd.

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