Nothing Nice to Say

I’m visiting my 87 year old father who is under hospice care, nearing the end of his life’s journey. Over the coming weeks, I expect I’ll be doing a lot of reflecting on the things he taught us kids growing up.

He came from a family of old-fashioned Iowans. One thing Grandma always used to say to keep the peace between squabbling siblings was, “If  you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.”

In the spirit of lessons learned from our elders, this is all I have to say about hunters, trappers and other animal abusers…












14 thoughts on “Nothing Nice to Say

  1. Jim,

    I’m sorry to hear about your father. Its a very difficult time. I lost my father 4 years ago and it was game changing as they say. i suspect your father may have given you some thoughtful reflections on living life and sharing your environment with the natural world, as did mine, I really really miss him every day. I hope you have some peace in this.

  2. What an ordeal this thing is, we went through the hospice experience with our mom 6 years ago and our dad 5 years ago. We kept up the pressure on hospice caretakers to keep giving our mom more morphine. Morphine is truly a blessing, it made her exit as peaceful and painless as possible. I hope your dad has as good a death as possible, Jim. This is one of our hugest trials, losing our parents; get through this and you can get through anything.

    • Thanks Laura, we went through this with both of my wife’s parents a few years ago. In this case, my mom is the primary hospice caretaker, which makes it hard on her too. Fortunately, he’s not in as much pain as he could be yet, but I agree that morphine can be a blessing when the pain gets unbearable. There’s definately a downside to people living longer these days. It often means they suffer longer too.

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