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  1. JIm….Can you believe we are over 600 dead wolves and it’s only December? Montana’s wolf trapping season starts on December 15 and Idaho trapping is just getting started..most of the killing goes on in deep winter when the wolves lose their tree cover. The death toll is going to skyrocket.

    Wildlife advocates must mobilize to stop the slaughter, we’re not helpless. Think of the pressure we could put on politicians and the feds if we all spoke with one voice! How many more wolves have to die before this becomes national news?

  2. Every hamburger, every steak eaten, is a vote for this wolf slaughter. The cattle industry has got to be stopped from this insane assault on nature against these wonderful, vital animals. My god, Jim, how can these people call themselves men, women, or even at all human? I sincerely hope they rot in Hell forever, grins forever absent from those faces.

  3. Excellent post Nabeki and Jim.
    its so incredibly disheartening to see this slaughter. So many of us are angry and disgusted. Its a tiring and discouraging battle, but as you say we can’t give up. To see people gloating with dead animals makes me go to a dark place that I don’t want to be in.

  4. There are so many Species in need.

    Where to start?

    I have written over a dozen Field Books in my area this past decade.

    No more Striated Woodpeckers (the Township cut down pine trees) :(

    The Mourning Doves are gone (horrible brutality from children) :(

    The Robins, Cardinals, Bluejays, Grackles, Starlings, several varieties of Wrens, Chickadees, Orioles (I could go on and on) have diminished.

    Squirrels(very intelligent), mice, voles etc are taking over this area.

    I was bitten by an Asian Tiger Mosquito (HORRIBLE).

    I found some neighbors killing Little Brown Bats.

    Yikes. They are so tiny but do such good work!


    Cat Hill Road was a special area. Once upon a time (Circa 2001) there was a Bobcat and a Freshwater Spring.

    Both are gone due to mining and storm-water runoff.

    The Enlightened will win. I have no doubt :)

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