Obviously, all tribes are not of the same mind…

Howling For Justice

LookOut Pack Yearling 2008

Washington Lookout Pack Yearling Wolf 2008 (WDFW)

The Colvillle Tribes,  in eastern Washington, are holding a wolf hunton their 1.4 million acre reservation, which is larger than Glacier National Park in Montana.  There are at least 2 wolf packs  living on the reservation, maybe three.  Many wildlife advocates were shocked by this turn of events.  The Colville tribe’s actions run contrary to Native Americans in the Great Lakes, specifically the Ojibwe, who are struggling to save their wolf brothers.

“The wolf, Ma’iingan, is considered sacred by the Ojibwe and figures highly in their creation stories. Tribal member Essie Leoso noted that according to tradition, Ma’iingan walked with first man.

“Killing a wolf is like killing a brother,” she said.”….Indian Country, Today Media dot com

I understand the Colville Tribe land is sovereign and they have the right to manage their affairs as they see fit but it’s very difficult…

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  1. I read the full article and some of the comments, extremely sad, here’s an example of that different mindset you referred to, Jim: http://www.ivu.org/history/native_americans.html and a good video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX6Wegv6qv0 …Not about wolf killing but about the related hunting of all animals, and vegetarianism.

    Leave the killing and eating of others to the ones who must do it to survive, and leave nature to its own devices, respect it and love all the hardworking, innocent creatures with so much suffering already to endure without us in the picture compounding it endlessly and stupidly, to an insane degree. If only people could see that.

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