Killing Wolves Provides “a Level of Tolerance”?

Yep, you read it right, according to Randy Newberg, who hunts wolves and makes hunting television programs, many people who live in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho don’t like wolves and hate that the federal government forced their recovery on them, “Having these hunting seasons has provided a level of tolerance again.” Newberg told NPR News that wolf hunts are easing the animosity many local people feel toward the predator. And Yellowstone biologist, Doug Smith, adds, “To get support for wolves, you can’t have people angry about them all the time, and so hunting is going to be part of the future of wolves in the West. We’ve got to have it if we’re going to have wolves.”

So, let me get this straight, in order to placate and appease good ol’ boys and get them to put up with the presence of one of North America’s most historically embattled endangered species, we have to let them kill some of them once in a while? Wolf hunting and trapping are just a salve—a bit of revenge-killing for them–why not let them have their fun? By this logic, they should also be entitled to shoot an Indian every so often (like their forefathers who tried to wipe them out), to help promote tolerance and cultural acceptance.

Excuse me, but why should we care what wolf hunters think they need to get them to go along with the program—those people are sick, end of story. Just look at their evil, gloating grins and smug, satanic smirks plastered on their faces whenever they pose with their “trophy” wolf carcasses. But don’t bother telling them that they’re vacuous, malicious little goblins, apparently they enjoy being hated by wolf-lovers—otherwise they wouldn’t pose for the camera and spread their gruesome images around the internet whenever they make a kill.

In the spirit of promoting tolerance, it only seems fair that wolf advocates be allowed a season on them in return for all the losses they’ve endured. I don’t know if it would really engender a feeling tolerance, but it can always be justified as a way of “managing” or “controlling” them, and thinning their numbers.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2012. All Rights Reserved

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2012. All Rights Reserved


54 thoughts on “Killing Wolves Provides “a Level of Tolerance”?

  1. It’s the same type of mentality as those who say the only way to save farmed animals is to eat them. It’s victimizing nonhuman animals for human-caused problems rather than address the real problem: human selfishness and bloodlust.

  2. “… apparently they enjoy being hated by wolf-lovers…”
    That’s only because they feel themselves abolutely immune from any physical retribution for their various-and-many crimes against nature. Change that part of the equation and these cowardly little pieces-of-shit would be running for cover and definitely not broadcasting what they do and where they live on the Internet. An environmentalist “fatwa” on their sorry asses might make them think twice about doing it again, or at least publicly flaunting it.

    Going along with this, why are their no anti-hunting websites or newsletters that collect, archive, collate, and then disseminate all of these hunting horror stories? There must be hundreds of them. I’d think the best way to turn public opinion against these miscreants is by showing the non-hunting, ambivalent public exactly what hunters do and let their own words (and pictures) condemn them. A case in point was the story coming out of northeastern Pennsylvania about two years ago where a bow hunter “legally” killed a black bear (requiring 8 arrows to dispatch it!) that had been peacefully living for several years near a community, regularly visiting one gentleman’s backyard (who was devaststed by the killing), and had become something of a local attraction due to its fondness for marshmallows. The story ran in the local press and the tone was anything but sympathetic to the hunter. Can you think of a better PR tool than specifc instances like this for illustrating to the general public the overall depravity of bear hunters? Afterall, the public eats up “human-interest” and animal stories. The hunter’s name, picture and residence address were freely posted in the local press. Can you think of a more effective way of making this cretin’s life a living hell than by disseminating that information nation-wide? I’ve posed this very question to C.A.S.H.: why not become a truly effective organization, rather than just a pale vestige of its long gone dynamic founder, by establishing an Internet collection-point and clearinghouse for such local or regional stories? The raw information is freely available on the Internet or through a press-clipping service. Publishing a regular on-line or hard-copy digest summarizing and highlighting the most eggregious cases of animal abuse by hunters, trappers, and fishermen shouldn’t be that hard. God knows, there’s a wealth of material out there! Last I heard, C.A.S.H. thanked me for my suggestion, asked for another donation, and were “studying” the proposal. That was two years ago. And you wonder why I consider the bulk of animal rights people to be ineffectual “wussies”?

    Since Steven Best apparently abandoned his blogsite, this is the only up-to-the-minute website I’ve seen that regularly posts “robust” (i.e., non-wussified) commentaries on the mayhem created by the hunting fraternity in the US. Keep up the good work!

    • My husband told me a story about a local town that had a male turkey hanging around it. The town made him their mascot and wrote about “Tom” the turkey in their paper. A hunter from Colorado saw the article and came up to the town with his turkey license and shot Tom just to spite the people in that town. No other reason for it. But while I agree that people who behave this way are cretin’s, I am not sure that trying to make their lives a living hell is the best way to go about things. I know quite a few hunters and I have noticed that it seems that the ones who want them destroyed are either trophy hunters or the less uneducated of them. The non-trophy, more educated hunters are fine with the wolves.

  3. You gotta just deal with all that anger, it’s only natural. I so to deal with my anger at hunters I’ll start lobbying the government for national murder the hunter day. That’s surely a perfectly reasonable proposition, after all it’s all about my need to be happy!

  4. They won’t harm what can fight back. The true definition of cowardice that lies in the eyes of wildlife assasins. Now what about my happiness? It would make me very happy to see scums of the Earth like trappers get their just dues. But “that would be hypocrisy” and it would. I can’t be for animals if I’m against humans, but then again I don’t value these types of practices as human. Why should we even care about the “hunters” “decimated deer and elk population” if they’re just going to shoot them anyway? I love Elk and I hope to see one someday, and I’d like to see the same one next year, not on some mantle over the fireplace. If “hunters” want to be treated fairly, they must do so with the victims they kill. That means no knives, rifles, bows, and you must eat it raw from the fur down to the bone.

    May we all say the pledge: “I am a nice human. Not a mindless killing machine, if I am to change this image I must first change myself. Animals are friends, not food, ecological competition, or beast of waste.”

  5. Most of these neanderthal killing junkies claim to be christians, yet they don’t like the ORIGINAL texts, only what was revised for their ilk by opportunistic psychopaths; here’s some from the uncorrupted version of their holy book:
    “As Jesus was going with some of his disciples, he met a man who trained dogs to hunt other creatures. And he said ‘Why doest though thus?’ The man said, ‘By this I live and what profit is ere to any in these creatures? These creatures are weak, but the dogs are strong’. Jesus said ‘Thou lackest wisdom and love. Every creature which God has made hath its end and purpose and who can say what good is there in it, or what profit to thyself or mankind? And, for thy living, behold the fields yielding their increase, and the fruit bearing trees and the herbs; what needest thou more than these which honest work of thy hands will not give to thee? Woe to the strong who misuse their strength. Woe to the crafty who hurt the creatures of God. Woe to the hunters for they shall be hunted.”

  6. Thank you for this blog. You said it all. I also want to add that the idea of killing wolves will make people tolerant of wolves is the most ridiculous and asinine excuse I have heard to date! How does killing wolves create tolerance of them? They were nearly made extinct in the 1930s by people hunting and killing them so I would like Randy Newburg and Doug Smith to explain why their wasn’t any tolerance with all the hunting and killing back then! Killing them will not make these sadists any more tolerant than they were 80 years ago! In fact with the outrageously loose hunting regulations that are set on the wolves, it looks like they will be wiped out again while doing it under the guise of wildlife management. Killing wolves will not make these people more tolerant of them because they have made it clear they want them wiped out and they want to have their sadistic thrills while they do it! So I want them to explain how killing the wolves will make wolf haters more tolerant. I want them to explain Toby Bridges who has an anti-wolf organization called Lobo Watch and why he and his followers talk about torturing wolves and ways to make them suffer while killing them so they die in the most painful ways they can make them during their hunts. I want them to explain why Toby Bridges and his followers have threatened, harassed, bullied, and intimidated wolf lovers and have gotten away with it. I also want them to explain why hunters and trappers have been flaunting pictures of the wolves they killed and rubbing it in the faces of wolf lovers while thumbing their noses and taunting them. I also would like Randy Newburg to explain why he publicly taunted wolf lovers on the episode of his show when he killed wolves and even put a cap that said Team Elk on the dead wolf’s head while posing with it’s corpse for the cameras? The behavior displayed by these hunters is pretty self explanatory that they hate wolves and have no intention of being tolerant of them. They will only become tolerant of wolves when they hunt them to extinction. At the same I wonder why wolf lovers have not done more to fight back? Wolf Lovers need to become more aggressive and forceful if they ever hope to stop this and save the wolves that are left before its too late! I don’t know about my fellow wolf activists but I have absolutely no tolerance for hunters and I will only become tolerant of hunters when they cease to exist! I want to destroy and take away the hunter’s sadistic hobby for all the grief they have caused. I just hope other wolf lovers sincerely feel the the same way I do.

  7. Because they took the wolves off the endangered list I have no desire to go to that state , it use be beautiful but now it has become a very ugly state. The killing and trappings of the wolves is unjustice, it shows lack in the human race (we don’t understand it so lets just kill it ). You should be a shamed of your reasons for harming these animals. How would you feel if the animals choose to treat all of you the same way. Next time give the permits to the wolves .You over there are a disgrace and should not have the power you have. You are really ignorant!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Killing does not create tolerance. Killing just creates a lust for more killing, until nothing is left – and then the hatred turns to the next object. Sadly, experience shows there is NO working therapy for murderous psychopaths – they have to be removed from normal human society permanently.

  9. Oh, Doug Smith. Your statement bums me out. I understand that current day conservation is more about politics than it is about science, but that doesn’t mean we have to publicly admit defeat. We should always fight for the ideal.

  10. Thank You Jim Robertson, for telling it like it is! Very disappointed in Doug Smith’s comment 😦 If the lead wolf biologist in Yellowstone condones wolf hunting, he is making it all the harder for wolf advocates who want the cruelty and injustice stopped, to be heard.

  11. I know that it would make me feel more at ease and tolerant if I could use people like Newberg as shooting target but the law prohibits me from doing so :(((( Why is that? Oh wait I know, we humans were created by some powerful god scented magic and therefore our lives are secret whereas all other species have simple evolved from some nasty bacteria and have absolutely no purpose other than to satisfy our own parasitic needs. No wonder so many people continue to see themselves in such “light”, they are still in the scum stage eluding evolution.


      Nice try to backspin, WY.

      I am reminded of Janus.

      I mention Janus as this Ancient Deity was Two Faced.

      Bi-Partisan? Spin?

      While the fundamental nature of Janus is debated, in most modern scholars’ view the set of the god’s functions may be seen as being organized around a simple principle: that of presiding over all beginnings and transitions, whether abstract or concrete, sacred or profane.[11] Interpretations concerning the god’s fundamental nature either limit it to this general function or emphasize a concrete or particular aspect of it (identifying him with light[12] the sun,[13] the moon,[14] time,[15] movement,[16] the year,[17] doorways,[18] bridges[19] etc.) or see in the god a sort of cosmological principle, i. e. interpret him as a uranic deity.[20]

      Almost all these modern interpretations were originally formulated by the ancients.[21]

      They are promoting a Carousel for Tourists in Wyoming.

      Grasping at straws.

  12. Hopefully I write my reply coherently and not too long-windedly — still a little woozy from bronchitis (well… more like the expectorant and decongestants) but I still have to say something on this.

    I can somewhat see this theory — giving this sense of “if we make the wolf a game species, people will want to keep them around so they can have the pleasure of hunting them for trophies” or even “if we can people to not hate them so much, we stand a better chance of protecting them”. It may be the case for how we got our deer and elk management set up, as people love to brag about their antlers and how they got a huge buck, but unfortunately, not so much for predators like wolves. I know far too many people who just want to eradicate wolves because of so many stereotypes and myths gone bad as well as outright irrational fears and greed. Theoretically this kind of “if we make them a treasured game animal, we can protect them better” could keep them from being driven to extinction or near-extinction again, but in practice, I don’t see this working because of their natural role in the ecosystem and fringe groups seeing them as competition for their beloved trophy herbivores. It’s a compromise at the very best and one that’s going to leave a pretty nasty ecological mess especially with how management revolves around “keep populations just high enough to avoid being re-listed on the ESA again”. Sure, we can probably keep wolves around with that type of logic, but it’s not going to be a healthy population that can fulfill its proper ecological role in the long run and one that’ll be vulnerable to random (or not-so-random) disasters.

    This is going to be one heck of an uphill battle for all of us and I’m doing my part the best I can through trying to educate people to dispel myths about wolves as well as teaching them basic ecology and how wolves and other apex predators play a key role in maintaining ecosystem health. I know there’s going to be a pretty good boatload of people who refuse to listen and learn or even walk away from anything lucrative, but I’m hoping that maybe in the long run, I can at least get a few people to re-think what’s been happening and build up more momentum to help protect these amazing apex predators.

    I usually like to try for some form of compromise based on the best science available to me, but this is an issue that isn’t one of them, at least not the compromise suggested at this point.

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  14. I applaud you for the tireless work you are doing to appeal to the indifferent; those who lack empathy, compassion and understanding of the vital connection between man’kind’ and animal-kind. I am also very happy to see a growing number of bloggers responding to your posts. You have set an example that has been very good for me. You are making a difference. Hang in there. ~Gerean, The Animal Spirits

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  16. Jim… I am an avid voice for wolves. I really appreciate this article and have posted it to my face
    book timeline. Thanx… I will follow you on twitter too as that is where I found you…

  17. Thanks, Jim, for writing so well, the truth about this unjust and criminal killing of wolves. These wolf killers are sick bastards and they are supported by sick wildlife policies. We are going to cure their sickness by re-listing wolves on the ESA, permanently.

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