New Review of Exposing the Big Game

Veg News, January-February, 2013 (Thanks, Claudine, for spotting this!):

A September 24, 2012 article in USA Today proclaimed “Hunting, Fishing Rebound in US.” Not so fast. Nature writer and wildlife photographer Jim Robertson would beg to differ, and does, in Exposing the Big Game.

Robertson—along with Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson, who penned Big Game’s foreword—puts forth a scathing critique of hunters, whose numbers are now the same as anti-hunting activists, about 5% of the population.

Big Game is a thin though powerful volume, a quick study into all that’s wrong with hunting and hunters. Robertson’s stunning black and white photos grace nearly every page and one would hope that he expand both text and (color) photography into a larger, more robust work. The material is here.


Author’s Note: As the purpose of Exposing the Big Game is to shed new light on the evils of sport hunting, incite outrage and spark a firm resolve to help counter these atrocities worldwide, I decided to go with the current paperback format to keep the purchase price down, in hopes of spreading the word for wildlife as far and wide as possible. My publisher has promised to print a full-color coffee table book, once sales of this edition reach 5,000 copies. We’ve still got a ways to go…



2 thoughts on “New Review of Exposing the Big Game

  1. Well deserved recognition and praise for your book, Jim. I’m looking forward to an expanded second edition in which all of these hunting horror stories that have come to light since Cleveland Amory’s “ManKind?”, illustrating the moral depravity of sport hunters and the medacity of the organizations and politicians that support them, can again be made public record. I’m gratified to hear that there are now as many anti-hunters as hunters in the US but wonder what further outrages and abominable behavior by hunters will it take to get the remaining 90%, “undecided”, public up off of their asses?

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