Wolf Hunters Are Guilty of Hate Crimes

It occurs to me that the killing of wolves by those who detest them qualifies as a hate crime. By definition, a hate crime is: a crime, usually violent, motivated by prejudice or intolerance toward a member of a social group.

Well, you don’t get a much more social group than a wolf pack—and you don’t find any greater prejudice or intolerance than among wolf-haters and hunters.

In an effort to defend his wolf hunting, wildlife snuff-filmmaker Randy Newberg presented the following shocking testimony to the court of public opinion (via NPR News), “Having these hunting seasons [on wolves] has provided a level of tolerance again.”

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming state game departments and, most shocking of all, Yellowstone wolf biologists, are all going along with this line of thinking. But allowing wolf haters to have their fun by giving them a season on the object of their disdain is akin to letting the Clan get away with murder once in a while, believing it will “provide a level of tolerance again.”

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2012. All Rights Reserved

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2012. All Rights Reserved


36 thoughts on “Wolf Hunters Are Guilty of Hate Crimes

  1. The idea of killing wolves will make people tolerant of wolves is the most ridiculous and asinine excuse I have heard to date! How does killing wolves create tolerance of them? They were nearly made extinct in the 1930s by people hunting and killing them so I would like Randy Newberg and Doug Smith to explain why their wasn’t any tolerance with all the hunting and killing back then! Killing them will not make these sadists any more tolerant than they were 80 years ago! In fact with the outrageously loose hunting regulations that are set on the wolves, it looks like they will be wiped out again while doing it under the guise of wildlife management. Killing wolves will not make these people more tolerant of them because they have made it clear they want them wiped out and they want to have their sadistic thrills while they do it! So I want them to explain how killing the wolves will make wolf haters more tolerant. I want them to explain Toby Bridges who has an anti-wolf organization called Lobo Watch and why he and his followers talk about torturing wolves and ways to make them suffer while killing them so they die in the most painful ways they can make them during their hunts. I want them to explain why Toby Bridges and his followers have threatened, harassed, bullied, and intimidated wolf lovers and have gotten away with it. I also want them to explain why hunters and trappers have been flaunting pictures of the wolves they killed and rubbing it in the faces of wolf lovers while thumbing their noses and taunting them. I also would like Randy Newberg to explain why he publicly taunted wolf lovers on the episode of his show when he killed wolves and even put a cap that said Team Elk on the dead wolf’s head while posing with it’s corpse for the cameras? The behavior displayed by these hunters is pretty self explanatory that they hate wolves and have no intention of being tolerant of them. They will only become tolerant of wolves when they hunt them to extinction. At the same time, I wonder why wolf lovers have not done more to fight back? Wolf Lovers need to become more aggressive and forceful if they ever hope to stop this and save the wolves that are left before its too late! I don’t know about my fellow wolf activists but I have absolutely no tolerance for hunters and I will only become tolerant of hunters when they cease to exist! I want to destroy and take away the hunter’s sadistic hobby for all the grief they have caused. I just hope other wolf lovers sincerely feel the the same way I do.

    • Justin–Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Especially your last five sentences. Believe me, at least this one wolf lover sincerely feels the same way you do.

    • Thanks Justin for expressing in words what so many of us feel intensely. I lived in Montana for a decade but now reside in a state that, unfortunately, has no wild wolves. But were I still living in Montana and found myself personally subject to threats, harrassment, bullying, or intimidation by Toby Bridges or any of his moronic followers, they would quickly learn exactly what it feels like to stare down the opposite end to which they are accustomed of an assault rifle. As Clint Eastwood would put it (before he lapsed into senility): “Go ahead punks, make my day.”

      • Have to agree with you there Geoff. The “hunter’s” touch may be deadly, but the wildlife advocate is cold and persise. Toby Bridges is the type of guy I would beat up just for the hell of it. Anyone who suggest things like posioning, traps, or snares is not deserving of my compassion, let alone my respect for their life. I fight for what I love and I will defend animals just as I would my mother or sister. I’ll do what ever it takes and I’m glad that I’m not alone. It’s the big drunks vs the little punks (and that includes other items).

      • Please contact Dictionary.com and suggest EMPATHY as the Word for 2012.

        Gail just sent me the most HORRIFIC photos of Hunters and DOZENS of slaughtered Coyotes.

        I will post on Linkedin.

        I am fasting.

        Soymilk and water 🙂

    • Thank You for this words ” Wolf Lovers need to become more aggressive and forceful if they ever hope to stop this and save the wolves” . I feel the same , and I know how difficult start to be aggressive.

  2. Yes, Justin, I feel the same way. I’ll admit that I occasionally daydream about myself being the persona of “Karma” and what would happen……let’s not even go there. I never knew my imagination was so vivid.
    I certainly do not agree with the theory that the hunters will become more tolerant if they’re allowed to fulfill their thirst for predator blood. In fact, just the opposite: It will feed their derangement. Let me compare, for a second, this situation with the way far too many pitbull dogs are treated at the hands of their sadistic “guardians”. I’ve often thought we’d need to see the forest for the trees, and so for a while I supported BSL (breed specific legislation). It eventually occurred to me that if pit breeds were to disappear, say, by attrition, then the sadists would only find another breed to perpetrate their well-known terrible actions against. The point I hope to make is that no matter what these people are allowed to do, or how many wolves are killed – even if they once again became extinct – these villains will find another specie to commit their atrocities upon. IT’S IN THEM!! Plain and simple. They are prisoners of their own poisoned, sick minds and they cannot escape. Call it an addiction if you will. I think we can only fight them legislatively or find a way to funnel funding into the wildlife agencies. Having many more outspoken pro-wolf supporters would be tremendously helpful as well. Even though there are many of us, I am perplexed by the seemingly general apathy.

    • Wow, first Justin, now you–what great replies today! “Prisoners in their own poisoned, sick minds.” That’s just how I think of them. And I too am “perplexed by the seemingly general apathy.” I wish those of us who see these monsters for what they are could meet in person and put our heads together and brainstorm.

  3. Jim, you’re in my head again. Hunting IS serial killing. Wolf persecution IS a hate crime. Thank you for seeing and stating the obvious. Paul Watson and Derrick Jensen are good at that too. What good company to be in!

  4. Recreational hunting should be officially classified as a psychiatric disorder. If I had the time, I would pursue this via official medical channels. Getting pleasure from killing living beings is violent, sick, and wantonly destructive. Rather than being placated and promoted by the government, it should be an offense warranting punishment and/or psychiatric treatment, and forfeiture of the right to own a gun or other weapon.

    • Right, as someone suggested, there should be a question on all gun applications such as, :Have you ever used a weapon against an animal (or, thought about it)?” If the applicant answers “Yes,” they are denied a gun permit. And, as you sggest, they should all have to undergo treatment as well.

  5. My tears will not stop falling.

    Both meditation and fasting do not let my brain understand WHY KILL?

    No more grief!

    Your post should Awaken those who do not understand LOSS.

    May we try to Celebrate Life?


  6. Wow!


    “LinkedIn Polls”
    Poll: What fossil fuel do you believe will be most widely used in 2030?

    “Ed, basically engineers are not competent in the field of CAGW or CACC and I work daily with the main scientists, physicists, chemists, statisticians all at the PhD level who have studied atmospheric physics or past climatic conditions as some geologists do also at the PhD level from across the globe. Two are Nobel laureates. You read the media and develop your own personal theories; that is your right but if you did not know there is a huge war going on between the scientific views on this subject and the consensus is and was never a case of manmade catastrophic warming. Past Vostok core samples showed CO2 at three times the current ppmv concentrations in the atmosphere today and by using such proxies we can tell to some degree the concentration but we cannot measure the temperatures easy 1000 years ago or longer. The fact is we are coming out of the Little Ice Age and of course the earth will warm up some before it goes back down. It always has and it always will. I would be glad to send you recent data on various topics. Recently the GISS data disagreed with the IPCC models showing a huge difference in what actual data presented than what the faulty computer models showed. No computer can predict the future and as an engineer you should understand this especially within the complexities of your liquid atmosphere. I certainly do hope you do not believe what you read in the media on what they call factual science. I am also talking about some of the science magazines, National Geographic, etc…they are biased publications. Ed, I have an email list you might be interested in joining that has both sides going at it and includes the top scientists in the world on both sides including a lot of political science majors who pawn themselves off as scientists on the warmer end. This is actual real time debates and I can tell you Ed, the warmers are losing with their consistently flawed science. Since the liberal publications won’t publish skeptic peer review (as noted by the leaked emails of the recent past) the war goes on outside of published scientific papers. Most people don’t know this is going on as the media will not publish it.”

    Posted by Jeff Lassle , who voted for “Petroleum (oil)”

    Since your comment, there have been 292 new votes and 13 new comments.

  7. Perhaps many of your are missing the point with your intense dislike of hunters. I believe in my heart of hearts that we could come to tolerate, and maybe even appreciate hunters if we could have open hunting seasons on them, We wouldn’t want to drive them to extinction, but certainly extirpation in areas occupied by non-H. sapiens species would improve social tolerance for hunters. Probably five to seven mating pairs for each state, distributed in inner-city areas would be sufficient to avoid extinction, but we would still have to manage them closely, as they breed like flies on cattle-crap. To further solidify social acceptance, we could hold Hunter Derby-Hunts, and award prizes for most harvested, fattest ass, skinniest, drunkest, and other fun categories that would make even vegans start to feel social acceptance toward hunters.

    Before you call me just another wolfer-weeper, hunter-hugger,or killer-kisser, you should know that I still support taking out ones that show habituation to people. If you see one in the shopping mall, or grocery store, say, it’s obvious it has lost its fear. If you see one, it’s probably habituated and must be taken out for safety reasons, as it will soon become aggressive. Sometimes you can change their behavior if you take out one of their family members, and I subscribe to doing that earlier, rather than later. Otherwise, with delay, you may have to take out the whole blind or stand.

    I’m really not trying romanticize hunters, but we should collar them, and try to determine whether they serve any other role in the ecosystem than their proven niche as detritivores. We could see whether they maintain family units, teach their young, have any type of social organization, can solve simple problems, and the like.

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