“I’d like to put an arrow in that.”

It’s bad enough to know that there are sadistic sociopaths by the thousands setting traps and snares for wolves out in Yellowstone’s tri-state area, or shooting arrows into deer throughout the Midwest and across the Mississippi; but some of these straightjacket escapees get an extra thrill, adding insult to injury, by taunting those of us who care.

Wolf advocates have been harassed, threatened and made to endure gut-wrenching photos of animals murdered in the most tweaked and twisted ways. Another favorite game the terrible-two-year-olds like to play is to post disparaging comments alongside photos of living animals they’d like to see stuffed and mounted on their trophy wall.

A recent example was a comment left under this bighorn ram photo on Exposing the Big Game’s Facebook page, “I’d like to put an arrow into that.”

Text and Wildlife Photography© Jim Robertson

Text and Wildlife Photography© Jim Robertson

Crazed killers such as these get off on knowing how much their glib comments upset the rest of us. But, as with any bully, cyber-bullies need someone to pick on. They feed on our reactions; take that away and it leaves them feeling as impotent as they obviously are.

The thing they fear the most is being ignored—a mouse hovering over the delete button is Godzilla to them. Therefore, whenever I get one of their comments, I send it straight to the trash can and banish the sender for good measure. In an instant their power is squashed. With that one quick click of the finger, we can get some small sense of satisfaction. They can’t get to us if we don’t let them in.



13 thoughts on ““I’d like to put an arrow in that.”

  1. I have youtube account, facebook account, bloggers and each time I finally block the idiots they come to my other account and say “see she blocked me because she knew I was right and did not want to hear the truth”. I try to ignore that with a grind in my teeth because I want to get the last word but to argue with a hunter is like going in circles. Dog chasing after their own tail and I waste my time so I started to put “No comment” and blocking people. Let them say what they want but I do get my last word in give few min for him to read the I block him/her. I have 7 youtube account, 3 facebook acount and it gets to be a waste of my time with these idiots repeting the same excuses of “concervation”, “meat in freezer” etc etc.

    Hunter likes attention knowing we can’t do nothing about legalized animal cruelty and that is what makes me boil. They know they can say and do things and get away with it but I notice rather fight with them I say “hey thanks for that evil comment I can use that to show others what rotten cold hearted bastard hunters are” or on a video I say “wow, I can use this video to expose the ugly truth about hunting” you know how many hunters deleted their videos after I said that and even their comment. There are the hunters that argues with other hunters of “see now she is going to expose us” type of response. Better to be as if their crap will be used against them and let them know. I go under several alias hehehe.

  2. You can’t have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Best to just block/ban them and let them argue amongst each other.

  3. Good for you, Jim! That’s what I do too. I see so many facebook pages where the administrators and members waste their breath (or in this case, pixels) replying to the comments of sub-humans. They are SO not worth it. Just delete ’em and ban ’em.

  4. Part of being a psychopath is enjoying the distress others feel at their cruelty. Every time I read their taunts I have more evidence of how truly deplete these people are. These people need to be regulated, no wonder they are carrying on about ‘threats’ to freedom. Absolutely, their freedom to kill animals in the wilderness, that are heritage of the earth, needs to be controlled now.

    • Though I don’t allow hunters to comment here (because the first time I approve one of their comments, the Word Press blog program automatically approves every other comment they send unless I step in and delete it, and I don’t have time to read them all for threats or obscenity, etc., as they get posted), this one did bring up a worthwhile point:

      from John Dec 24, 2:32 pm:

      Mark, does your comment help anything other than proving you are as sadistic as your enemy?

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