Finding the Christmas Miracle

This is the time of year when people like to find the silver lining in things. The phenomenon is especially obvious during mainstream media newscasts, as the networks are keenly aware that their viewers might abandon them and move on to a different channel if they stick too close to the reality of a given situation on this, the holiest of nights.

So, in the spirit of silver linings, I’m going to try to be positive and find the “Christmas miracle” in everything (at least until December 26th anyway). Okay, here we go…

-Although the Earth’s climate is changing faster than scientists originally predicted—due to the ongoing, rampant, anthropogenic burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, resulting in worsening droughts, more intense hurricane and fire seasons and a record melt-down of the Arctic ice cap—at least we survived the Mayan Apocalypse.

-Even if Ted Nugent personally poached and otherwise killed an inestimable, undisclosed number of bear, deer, elk and other undeserving victims this year, at least his silly T.V. show was cancelled.

-Though there was an increase in the number of noble, majestic elk who were senselessly yet legally “harvested” (read: murdered) by sportsmen in Montana this year, the numbers are in from hunter check stations for the final weekend of the general big game season across the state and overall it looks like 2012 saw fewer hunters taking fewer animals….(That one was easy; I just put a positive spin on the original end of the year report by the Montana game department that read, “The numbers are in from hunter check stations for the final weekend of the general big game season across Montana and overall it looks like 2011 saw fewer hunters taking fewer animals. One bright spot seemed to be a small increase in the elk harvest in several areas.”)

-Despite widespread trapping of mink, marten, otter, raccoon, beaver, muskrat, bobcat, fox and about every other “furbearer” in the state of Montana, the wolverine are off the hit-list there…for now.

-While gun sales set a record on Black Friday and spiked even higher since the Sandy Hook school massacre, at least some of this year’s crazed gunmen did the world a favor and eventually turned their weapons on themselves.

-Although 115 wolves have been sadistically slaughtered in Wisconsin (in addition to hundreds of others shot and trapped in the Lower 48 so far this year), that state has reached its “quota,” so no more wolves there can be legally killed by hunters…at least until the next hunting season (hunters there are calling for an unlimited quota next time).

-Despite the fact that we’re in the midst of the sixth mass extinction event in the planet’s history with so many species going extinct per year that no one can possibly keep track, remote cameras recently photographed both an ocelot and a jaguar in southern Arizona.

-And on a personal note: although, due to his failing health, my 87 year old father was spaced out and barely able to whisper a word or acknowledge anything the entire day yesterday, he suddenly started smiling and became animated and engaged when he found himself winning nearly every hand at poker last night (by the end of the game, he had amassed an enormous pile of chips and the rest of us were bankrupt).

Seasons Greetings and always keep an eye out for that elusive silver lining!

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson


17 thoughts on “Finding the Christmas Miracle

  1. >>That one was easy; I just put a positive spin on the original end of the year report by the Montana game department that read, “The numbers are in from hunter check stations for the final weekend of the general big game season across Montana and overall it looks like 2011 saw fewer hunters taking fewer animals.<<

    Yes! I thought it was good news, too, Jim. Fwdd to a couple of people who felt "sad". Well……

    So glad your dad had a good night. I wish him well and all of you a Merry Christmas.

      • Another great blog , thank you for your sense of humor even though we all know massacre of the innocent is no joke some days we need a little laughter. Don’t you just hate the word “harvest”? If what they are catching was “harvested” they wouldn’t need all those doodads and nick nack to kill an animals with. They are even afraid of their own scent, now with potatoes and tomatoes now there is harvesting. I never seen them run and cry in terror and pain. Merry late christmas and a Happy New Years to come. Lets hope it’s a true happiness where anti-hunters
        are winning and the psychopaths are losing. Ciao

      • Thanks, same to you and a Happy New year too! Glad you got a laugh.
        And you’re right–they can’t call it a “harvest” if they did not plant, water and otherwise nurture it. How arrogant. Are they trying to steal Nature’s glory?

  2. I laughed out-loud at your sarcastic humor, so, thank you for a merry moment despite being surrounded by senseless murder. I’m glad you got to enjoy your dad’s smile again. Happy Holidays!!

  3. Another positive is: thanks to all the wolves being killed in America, more animal rights activists are stepping up to the plate for 2013 and onward. Next year looks to be the greatest show of animal rights activism the world had ever seen.

  4. Thank you for your inspiration over the year, Jim. Writing my column is sad work and it is so good to have a fellow writer documenting this time.

    I hope we will all get a group of people together in every state and go to our legislators and demand ( ask for ) our right to “pay and have a say” in governing nature and wildlife in our own states. We have an appointment with a couple of legislators January 10 to start the conversation and education of our legislators, even though the house and senate and governor are all ALEC Republican tools. If we do not pre-empt them, they want non-hunter funding through the sales tax ( called the “Missouri model” – now adopted by Minnesota). Nobody knows where their sales tax money goes, so the hunters want us paying that way to fund their killing so we do not know it is being funded by us and do not demand our rights. We need to reform funding of state agencies from killing licenses replaced by general public funding tied to fair representation for wildlife lovers, silent sports, photographers, biologists. With that, each Natural Resources Board would only have one member proportionate in representation!

    Power gives up nothing without a demand. Demand our citizen rights to participate in decisions about our commonwealth – both wildlife policy and public lands. Private lands too – they are after access to them for killing out wherever they can. Demand to pay and have a say!

  5. I love your blog, and this is a great article, but can you please edit it to take out the word ‘retarded?’ I have a disabled brother, and I know that, even though you probably didn’t mean it, ‘retarded’ is offensive to mentally disabled people. It originally was created as a medical term to refer to the disabled, but then it turned into an insult, and it now implies that all disabled people are stupid.
    Again, I love your blog but can you please just remove that word and not use it again? It’s offensive. Thanks, though!

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