Hunters: the Brainwashed Masses

Never underestimate the power of brainwashing when it comes to transforming peaceable children into violent hunters of helpless beings. If we are to assume that most children are born innocent, with a natural affinity toward animals, then brainwashing is the only explanation for their conversion to hunting. Of course, peer pressure and the mind-numbing power of constant bombardment of violent movies, TV and video games are clearly culprits in a kid’s overall corruption; but those are all just contributors to the overall brainwashing process.

There are four basic elements involved when a person is brainwashed:

  1. A severe traumatic shock
  2. Isolation—being taken away from the people or surroundings where the person feels secure
  3. Programming—hearing what the mind controller wants the subject to believe, over and over and over
  4. The promise of a reward

Applying this formula to the average animal-loving young child, in order for them to be brainwashed into thinking hunting is a normal, acceptable activity, they first need to suffer a traumatic shock. Well, surely seeing their first living, breathing deer, elk, goose or rabbit shot down (whether by gun or bow and arrow), then bled-out and butchered right before their eyes would qualify.

The isolation they would feel would be both physical and emotional, with no one out there to relate to or share in their sorrow for the poor animal so unnecessarily murdered by someone they’ve always looked up to.

The programming would have gone on well before the child witnessed the carnage. After the kill, it would become even more intense as the father (or mother) figure struggles to make their murderous act seem justified.

And the reward comes in the form of enthusiastic praise and back-patting when the child makes their first solo kill.

Before you know it, the once caring young person is fully indoctrinated into the sportsmen’s way of looking at animals—as objects to be “harvested” or “culled,” depending on its species or the whim of its assassin.

Text and Wildlife Photography© Jim Robertson

Text and Wildlife Photography© Jim Robertson

12 thoughts on “Hunters: the Brainwashed Masses

  1. All so true. We do the same thing — with full compliance of public schools — with 4-H / FFA, where children are systematically desensitized to the value of life of “production” animals — they are teased if they cry when their first animal is killed, and praised when they learn to treat the animal as a product / food chain component and no longer care about the life they are extinguishing. With both hunting and animal ag, the brainwashing / desensitization results in a less compassionate, more indifferent child — and this is a very bad thing, not only for the animals, but for society at large. Why the civilized components of society do not recognize and condemn this is beyond me (perhaps inn the name or “acceptance” and “tolerance”?) — not all “traditions” are worthy of either acceptance, tolerance or protection.

  2. There is no worse abuse of authority and power, let alone misuse of the parental role. that I can think of than teaching young kids it’s ok to hurt and kill other living beings. Kids trust the parental figures in their lives, and even if those adults directly hurt the children themselves, kids will still cling to trying to get and keep the affection and approval of those same adults. I’ve seen it over and over as a social worker who works with kids who are mistreated by the adults in their lives. This same dynamic is what allows parents to indoctrinate their children into accepting the hurting and killing of animals in our culture, whether for “food”, hunting, wearing or which ever form of animal abuse is chosen and carried out.

  3. When I get into my 50s I want to create a reform haven for these kids and reconnect them with their love and amazement for animals, and if they are sucessful and commited, the graduation would be this:

  4. Imagine the ridicule kids are subjected to if they express disapproval or horror at their “hunting” elders or siblings. Same as we experience with people whose lives are centered around abusing the helpless/innocent, but with those kids it’s more emotionally damaging since it’s their loved ones and they want to please them, get their approval. It really is abuse, but what can we expect from people who enjoy killing? They should all haul themselves in for intense psychotherapy and stop inciting each other to do crimes against nature, against themselves, ruining their human souls.

    • I agree 100%. For a while I drove a school bus in my small, rural town. I’ll never forget the way the whole bus erupted into cheers of approval, laughter and shouts of joy when the kids saw a dead beaver along the side of the road. They seemed to all think it was “cool” that the poor animal was hit by a car or truck (most likely, on purpose). As I reprimanded them for their callousness, I couldn’t help but thinking, “These young kids have already been indoctrinated into their parents cruel sporting world” and I knew that if any of them felt sorry for the beaver, they were afraid to speak up.

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