Sun Tzu: the Art of War For the Wildlife

Like any other technological advancement, the internet is a tool that can be used for good or evil. Social media is a great venue for educating and rallying caring people and amassing an army of kind folks to work together for a positive change.

At the same time, it can also be a meeting place and breeding ground for sick minds sunk so deep in the gutter that hate oozes from every pore. The general public is now well aware of the problem of pedophiles and stalkers trolling the internet, but there’s another malevolence out there they don’t hear much about—mainly because the crimes committed by these psychopaths are legal.

I’m talking about the prideful trophy hunters showing off their kills on Facebook; the sneering wolf hunters and trappers who post their grotesque triumphs on webpages where they know they’ll be viewed by people who are already so distraught that one more image may push them over the edge. It’s part of the game to them, to see who snaps first. Don’t be their next victim.

My advice to those of you who, like me, can’t stand seeing another NRA leader gloating over a dead water buffalo, or country star hunched over a bear he murdered with a bow in a fenced in canned hunting compound, or a wolf-hunting website designed just to turn the stomachs of kindhearted wolf advocates: don’t go there—at least for a day or two. Take some time off if you need to. Hold on to the anger, but try to pace yourself. Wars are not won by those who are blinded by rage or lost in a pit of depression. There’s an art to war; it takes self-discipline and careful strategy to be victorious.

Rome wasn’t toppled by the first invading army; like the decadence of sport hunting, it had to crumble from within first.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson




19 thoughts on “Sun Tzu: the Art of War For the Wildlife

  1. I agree. By clciking on links to these horrific sites, the villains are fed via attention, comments and statistics. A much better game plan is to continually support sites that make profound positive differences in the protection of animals. By doing this, the scales are tipped and unity is better achieved. Thanks for the post!

  2. As always Jim, you are right on target. They are achieving a sick pleasure out of our misery. As Sun Tsu says: “He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.”

  3. I’ve known fully of their intense gratification at the horror expressed by animal lovers over their sick cowardly sadistic acts since I joined the web back in 2009; before that only had an inkling of it and hoped it was mostly my imagination. No, all too real, worse than expected; they enjoy making others suffer, animal and human, and nothing is too low for them. Extremely damaged people taking all the wrong routes to alleviating their pain over the abuse they suffered at the hands of those who were merciless and sadistic towards them, or those who shocked and disappointed them extremely in some way. So they succumbed to their abusers and became evil like them, giving their abusers that power over them, because it has to be willingly given; other people are abused/traumatized and turn out greatly empathic and compassionate…they rise above abuse and become truly human in their desire to protect innocent victims. If there were a litmus test for entry into Heaven or Hell, if there is Heaven & Hell, this would be it. Animal abusers/killers are making their choice with every sadistic act…defiling their souls. Choosing their ultimate fates.

  4. It is a matter of the ability to empathize and show compassion . . . vs. . . . the inability to empathize and show compassion. Anything between the two extremes is either indifference or uneducated. Our opportunity presents itself in the reaching of the indifferent and the uneducated. By raising public awareness and influencing the hearts, minds & spirits of those who aren’t paying attention AND those who simply are not educated, the numbers greatly outweigh those who out of arrogance or mental illness, simply will not/cannot raise to higher levels of consciousness. This is another reason not to spend our precious energies slinging words at/with abusers. Time and focus is better used on the in-betweeners. . . and there is much work to be done.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them claimed some connection to Christianity, either. It’s what they do.
    Yes, I agree it’s better to forego looking at their sites, yet I went to a wolf one tonight at the request of someone who was asking people to report them on facebook…which I did. The photos and comments were beyond belief. It was almost surreal.

  6. I’m still all for letting them do it so we can use it against them. Archive as much of their shit as you can, make compilation of the “best” examples and publish it as “The REAL exposing the big game” to an unsuspecting public. Full colour glossy coffee table format. Free sick bag included in the back cover of every copy.

    • Rory, I think this is exactly the right strategy to pursue. If you can’t personally stop a great on-going evil that is being perpetuated in your midst, at least you can be a willing “witness” to what it is going on and someday, hopefully, turn it against the evildoers.
      Existing criminal laws prevent us from “taking names AND kicking ass” but at least we should be taking names.

  7. Rory, I so agree with you! “Full colour glossy coffee table format”…..AND their videos, too. SOME DAY one of us – or some pro-wolf group – will take the opportunity to bring the entire collection and present it to our legislators. They need to see this for themselves. There is hope for change . I wonder why the tv media has not picked up on this? Jane Velez Mitchell….anyone?

  8. Jim- I think most of us pro- wildlife animal wildlife supporters think the same. We cannot underestimate the importance of cultural upbringing when dealing with this issue. Let’s take Jamie Olson for example. The man is a sadist- who happens to work for the FED GOV….WS in Wyoming. His supervisor in Wyoming knows full well what Olson does in the field….They look the other way- because in Wyoming animals and especially predators- have no value to an outfitter or rancher…..There are a few of us that are seeing his case through…..We need to focus on the larger picture. We will win- and the “antis”- funny how they call us anti- wildlife….have neither the science or public opinion on their side. I was particularily struck by the comments from the “SLOB” hunters who took such joy from taking those collared Yellowstone wolves in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana…..They do realize deep down that these events will not turn out well for them- so we must continue to push.

    • Not only do predators have no value to them, they have negative value, as in the antonyms of value: abhor, condemn, despise, detest, dislike, execrate, hate, scorn (all fitting words when discussing wolf hunters and trappers).

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