Sleeping With the Enemy

Q. When are wolf advocates not really wolf advocates?

A. When they advocate for wolf hunting.

While other wildlife groups have worked to get this long-suffering species back under ESA protection, the Montana-based, Wolves of the Rockies not only told the Missoulian, “We are not advocating the end of wolf hunting,” but followed up that howler with an article in the Great Falls Tribune, in which they stated: “We at Wolves of the Rockies understand and acknowledge the importance of hunting as a tool for managing wolves, and we stand beside the ethical* hunter in doing so.”

This group asked permission to use some of my wolf photos on their Facebook page. Assuming they were on the side of the wolves, I allowed it. Given their recently stated attitude, I am forced to rescind my permission and ask them to remove my photos from their site.

Why would a wolf advocacy group publically announce their support for wolf hunting, at the risk of alienating wolf supporters and undermining the efforts of other groups fighting the barbaric treatment of wolves across the country?

This question was answered nicely (nicer than I would have) by a Facebook friend with what she  called ‘just her two cents’ (but I would argue it’s worth a lot more than that): “I’ve seen other organizations feel they have to outwardly ‘support’ hunting to get the attention of game departments, DNRs, politicians etc., in order to appear ”mainstream” & therefore afforded a sympathetic ear and/or seat at the table….I DISagree with that stance because it doesn’t work. Even if you have 100 or 1000 hunters on your side, the wildlife management system is not going to support or implement non-lethal conservation or management practices. I’ll bet Wolves of the Rockies die a little inside when they say they support hunting as a tool for wolf management, because I think in a perfect world they don’t want them hunted any more than the rest of us do. It’s too bad they have taken a position of compromise…”

I see it as kind of a, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” approach; the same kind of thing that the Washington-based group, Conservation Northwest, pulled** during the state’s helicopter attack on the Wedge pack earlier this year. What these groups don’t realize is that when you sleep with the enemy, you don’t get just a little bit pregnant.

*see, In the Eyes of the Hunted, There’s No Such Thing as an “Ethical Hunter”

** see, Save the Wolves —Abolish Ranching and Hunting Now

And if you haven’t already, please sign these petitions to Stop Wolf Hunting in North America

and to Stop Wolf Trapping in Montana

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson


50 thoughts on “Sleeping With the Enemy

  1. It would be impossible to reach anything even resembling “compromise” with the wolf killers and trappers and the agencies that represent them. They will never stop until they are mandated.
    “the wolves take a bullet for us”

  2. Of course Jim…good for you for not letting them use your beautiful photography of Wolves! Killers, that’s what they are!

    • Hmmm, calling a wolf advocacy group killers. When that group, the ONLY group, got trapping shut down even before it started and got wolf hunting closed. Killers, indeed.

      • If a group which purports to be a “wildlife group,” compromises and collaborates with those entities that are involved in killing wild animals–they are traitors to the cause of wildlife protection and preservation. This means no more “holding hands” with ranchers, hunters, trappers–for any reason.
        Let’s Just Stop this nonsense of making excuses for these groups–and they are many. The Mantra these days seems to be “let’s just all get along, let’s be reasonable, rational,” and other such tripe.
        Wild Nature doesn’t have much time. More wolves and other wild animals are now being slaughtered than ever before. Yes, there IS a line to be drawn: those who are willing to stand up and be counted, and who are on the side of The Wild, and who are ready to say “I’m for the wolf, the coyote, the bear & all other wild non-humans–and to hell with ranchers, hunters and trappers.” Are you ready, friends for the fight? The animals are waiting to hear from you.

  3. A lot of groups are rubbing me the wrong way with their killing support of wolves. Wolf advocates are supposed to be uncompromising in their position and never side with the enemy. My guidelines for any “pro-wolf” group is this:

    1. Must be against the wrongful De-listing of this powerful predator.
    2. Must be against all forms of “management” including “problem” animals.
    3. Must support other wildlife as well. You can’t call yourself an animal lover if you only care about wolves.
    4. Must have a positive view on animal rights
    5. Always treat the enemy like the scum of the earth. (this one I could live without)

  4. I guess I have a different viewpoint. What I see right now is a political climate that is in utter and total support of wolf hunting. Each wolf state is either approving or in the process of designating wolves as big game species and allowing hunts. There appears to be no sign in the near future of relisting occurring and all of the political sentiment staunchly supports heavy wolf management at this time.

    Pleas for science based decisions go unheard. Petitions to relist and stop wolf hunting and trapping that have thousands of signatures are ignored. No lawsuits have been able to stop this hunting/trapping at this time. So where is being a hard-line pro-wolf group demanding relisting and no hunting getting the wolves right at this time? How many wolves are being saved by those rigid demands?

    I think all groups including Wolves of the Rockies and even Conservation NW, don’t want hunts or trapping. But the reality is, it’s happening. Being logical and reasonable doesn’t get you invited to the table, and even if you are invited, you are ignored. WOTR saw what was going on in the Yellowstone area and took actions that resulted in the immediate saving of wolves. That’s the bottom line. It wasn’t drawn out in litigation for months on end, where those zones stayed open with the wolves still being hunted.

    It will take YEARS for a relisting. They are taking out huge numbers of wolves and saying that they are still meeting the requirements of the ESA. Wolves will get relisted in a few years after hundreds if not thousands more are killed. That’s what will happen by sitting back and waiting for politicians, special interest groups and the state agencies to see the light and pay attention to those petitions…and while litigation is tied up in court.

    Not every pro wolf group takes the same approach. The fact that we sit here and judge other groups and pull support from each other just weakens our side and our goal.

    You can pretend that politics don’t exist and that your not playing a game, and you can think that people will all of the sudden will just wake up and do the right thing. I see no sign of that on the horizon.

    Compromise is not a dirty word. In no real life scenario does either side of this issue get 100% of what they want. There is never going to be a day when wolf management and lethal take will be pulled off the table by any state agency or state with a wolf management plan in place. NEVER. There are times when wolves become sick or habituated to humans and will have to be removed. The best you can hope for is that “management” is left to the hands of State Wildlife and that open hunting is closed down. But even so, the state agencies will never stop lethal take. We live in a time where wolves will not be allowed to be un- managed, untouched and just left free. That is a pipe dream. The realistic goal at this point, is to save as many wolves as possible, and try to build a future where at least some of this species can live in the wild. It’s to hope that some form of tolerance will be build…for as many of us who love and respect the wolf there are just as many more who fear and want it eliminated. That isn’t going to change overnight. No amount of lawsuits or litigation will ever force people to accept the wolf. It will not cut down on poaching or “SSS”.

    Compromise is the only hope for saving even a portion of the wolf population. That is the sad reality.

    I am curious though…I am reposting the 5 steps to be a good wolf advocate below:

    1. Must be against the wrongful De-listing of this powerful predator.
    2. Must be against all forms of “management” including “problem” animals.
    3. Must support other wildlife as well. You can’t call yourself an animal lover if you only care about wolves.
    4. Must have a positive view on animal rights
    5. Always treat the enemy like the scum of the earth. (this one I could live without)

    Please explain how these steps will occur, and how they will save wolves? How do you achieve each step? These appear to be opinions and a statement on what a true wolf advocate is or how they feel, but not actual action items that save any wolves.

    And how does treating the enemy like scum save a wolf?

    It doesn’t. What does, is getting the zones outside of Yellowstone closed. And Wolves of the Rockies got that done. So judge them and put them on your “bad” pro wolf list, but I thank them for saving some wolves this year. It’s probably more than any one of those petitions accomplished.

    Sometimes you have to put away your lofty judgements and look at results. Right now, I just want to see wolves saved, and Im not going to get on a moral high horse about how that gets accomplished. We can be noble and prideful and that’s all well and good. The other side isn’t and frankly, they are kicking our ass and getting to kill wolves. Maybe we should think outside the box and come up with some other solutions. Demanding the states to stop isn’t working.

    I’m open to hearing legitimate suggestions. To me, a good wolf advocate saves wolves as many wolves as possible. They might even make decisions that are unpopular with others to get it done. But when you see that the traditional approaches aren’t working, what are you supposed to do?

    • I applaud Wolves of the Rockies efforts to get a exclusion zone set up around Yellowstone (an obvious win for any group, since there is so much support for it, even among biologists and others “at the table”). All I’m saying is they could achieve without telling the press they support wolf hunting everywhere else in the state. It’s like only outlawing pedophilia inside and right outside Disneyland, but supporting it everywhere else. A lot of wolf hunters have shown themselves as the sick, sadistic bastards they are by displaying their kills online, etc., that getting behind their actions in any way is a wrong move for a wildlife advocacy group.

      • We didn’t tell the press, this was a rebuttal to an opinion written by the Great Falls Tribune which had printed inaccurate information about the plan and MFWP. We do NOT condone wolf hunting, but we accept that it is happening and will continue to happen unless their numbers fall dangerously low. We do not support those “sick, sadistic bastards” that show their kills online. Many hunters who consider themselves to be ethical are so because they do not believe in killing predators. Where are those hunters? They are the ones that will help turn the tide of the wolf hunts. Where is your outrage at IDFG who has it set up that ONE trapper can trap and kill up to 17 wolves with the right combination of licenses and tags? Where is the outrage for WY’s shoot on sight policy? Where is the outrage that the last safe haven for wolves just passed a bill designating them as a game species and will open the door to yet another wolf hunt (Michigan, and it’s approx 700 wolves)? Where were you in mid-August when that bill was introduced? What have you been doing for the past 4 months that you couldn’t be calling or writing or emailing MI’s Senate, House or governor? Were any of you at the MFWP meeting Dec. 10 and actually HEAR our proposal or even seen it on Wolves of the Rockies Facebook page? Did any of you write MFWP during their public comments period? Hunting, in ANY state, will not go away. But there are changes that can take place along the way. That is where compromise will come in. Look at all this fiscal cliff stuff….it’s drawn out because neither side will budge because they want what they want and that’s it. How has that been working out for them, or us? Somebody has to move closer to the other side and it will not be wildlife agencies that are funded by hunters, trappers, etc., not from state general funds and it will not be states’ governors who get backing from groups like the NRA, Big Game Forever, or RMEF. We took a big risk and it paid off. We NEVER said we tolerated or approved of trapping or hunting, but we accept it. BIG difference.

      • I’m glad to hear you say you do NOT condone wolf hunting. I guess I got the wrong idea from the quote in the article that said, “We at Wolves of the Rockies understand and acknowledge the importance of hunting as a tool for managing wolves, and we stand beside the ethical* hunter in doing so.” If you didn’t mean it and retract it, then I’m sorry I wrote this post

      • Well I think personally WOTR did not save wolves buy closing zones, because for the animals there is no boundary that they understand, what about those and the edges of those extended lines or those who are unlucky enough to not live there? They still die and the hands of men who think they are above all and it gives them the right to kill as they please. What will it take for the nation to put of the signs and ban all forms of public killing? Will I and others have to take other courses of action such as this one?

        I say those who are doubting hard-line feelings and uncompromising goals are “wrong” or “gets us nowhere” please watch The Freedom Writers, and then tell me that one cannot get what they want by not sticking to their guns.

        “If this is what the world has made of us, then let it live with the consequences”.
        -Peter Young

        As Kennedy once said: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable”

      • I agree with you 100%. Furthermore, to advocate the protection of wolves and then to support hunting them is hypocritical. There is nothing “ethical” about trophy hunting, period!

  5. But they aren’t getting behind those hunters, they went out of their way to say “ethical” hunters. There is a difference. There are “ethical” hunters who do NOT support wolf hunting. We actually need those kinds of people to stand up for wolves too. There are tons of examples of the people you describe. I know there is no way that those people are considered to be ethical hunters by WOTR or that they support that behavior.

    I personally dont hunt anything. I don’t like the thought of it. But, it’s legal to hunt. Period. There are groups that have been working for YEARS to abolish hunting….they have a long way to go before that happens.

    I understand you are trying to make an analogy using pedohilia…but the problem is, in that example most everyone (except for the pedaphiles of course) is disgusted by and unaccepting of pedophilia. But that is NOT the case with hunting wolves. Not everyone unanimously agrees wolf hunting is bad.

    The challenge in this issue is the gray areas. Can you support wolves in the wild without supporting relisting them? What is ethical hunting? Is there any ethical hunting? Are “management” and “conservation” just substitute words for “killing”? The problem is that there are different increments of how you can be pro-wolf or anti wolf. It leads to a lot of infighting on both sides. That actually causes the whole issue to get even muddier as we are all fighting for different things. It makes it hard for us to present a united front, or for anyone in a power postion (read politicians, law makes and state agencies here) to take either side seriously.

    In my opinion, tearing down any pro-group right now just weakens our position and makes the wolves more vunerable and more of a target for the other side. It makes us look disjointed, unfocused and unprofessional. Why should anyone take us seriously when we can’t even stand untited?

    • Sally, you make some interesting arguments, but the facts are that no social justice movement ever sought compromise in their early days. This is what turned organizations like NAACP and Greenpeace into the corporations they are today. Endless compromises, persistent shenanigans and myopic tactics do NOT bring animals closer to freedom. I am tired of being silent about it.

      There will always be people who have no morals and no conscience and who
      will commit heinous acts like Nugent and Newkirk, and we need to be vengeful with these serial killers. But we have to enlighten the masses first via education, direct action, civil disobedience, and violent and nonviolent activism, in order to eradicate the majority of the killings. We can’t seek to prosecute a few psychos who kill wolves while billions of animals are being massacred for sandwiches, and billions of humans are mindlessly taking part in the massacre. If we opened people’s eyes with education or violent force, then that would reduce the then that would reduce the murders and be a BIGGER victory than any paltry law the animal-welfare types got passed.

      Regulating torture, abuse and murder does not reduce nor eliminate torture, abuse and murder. Regulations are an explicit stamp of approval to let the
      carnage continue unabated because compassionate ways of enslaving and killing billions of animals do not exist. Like the pitiful label of “Ethical Animal Assassin”

      The callousness of the human species cannot be solely washed away with a leaflet and an op-ed piece. Humans need to be kicked off their pyramid of domination. As activists, we should realize that we work for the animals and the animals alone. We should NEVER seek human approval nor human adoration. We should care less about sanctimonious verbigeration vomited out from judges, prosecutors, police officers, media outlets and politicians. We should take action, and MAKE justice reign. We should not wait for change. We should not ask for change. And we should not beg for freedom. It must be demanded!

      “This “change” that we all want will never happen as long as animal rights advocates remain such a bunch of pathetic wussies. As long as reprehensible behavior carries no serious penalty, you may anticipate that there will always be a subset of humans who, being what they inescapably are, will continue to perpetuate it into the indefinite future.

      So, truthfully now, do you really think you’d have a better chance of altering the behavior exhibited by the cretins who post videos and pictures of dead animals through a letter-writing campaign to public officials in the Fish and Game Department than by something like, just for instance, finding the gunman’s parked vehicle (which logically must be somewhere nearby in the woods) and rendering it permanently inoperable?
      Would that be legal or would that be moral? I think I know which option the wussies of the world would choose.” -commenter on ETBG

      • It’s Shelly, not Sally.

        Dwayne. Explain to me how your way is working. Because I don’t see it.

        Have you done something that has stopped hunting and I just missed that?

        You sound very 1960’s. civil disobedience and non violent protests. I think those are ongoing right now. Still don’t see that changing anything.

        I in no way condone poaching or illegal hunting of any kind and believe the stiffest punishments should be given. I think the laws could be tougher on them.

        I’m just curious at what you have personally done to educate the public, create civil disobedience and non violent actions? How did you go about that and what were the results?

        How long will it take for you to save some wolves with your approach?

        If you think it’s wrong to compromise and try to be level headed, that’s your prerogative. I’m not against people practicing the methods you describe and I’m not going to put you down or call you names for doing it.

        That’s called having respect for other people’s opinions.

        I think the energy being focused on other pro wolf groups actions that resulted in wolves being saved should be directed instead towards some of the activities you believe will save wolves. Just a thought.

      • Dwayne. I just reread what you posted.

        I do NOT condone any violent actions being taken as you noted. Exactly how can you put the “bad” hunters down for that when you are suggesting violence as a method to save wolves.

        You get that that is being a hypocrite, right?

        I thought I read what you wrote wrong, but I have reread your post 3 times now. Overall it has a violent, negative tone. I do not condone violence towards anyone…not even people I don’t agree with. I’m not sure you can say the same thing.

        That attitude does not get you taken seriously and it doesn’t help wolves. It may get you on some watch lists though.

    • Shelly (sorry about the name mix up) I did do some activities which promote awareness, the more we have on our team the better. In mid October I did a demonstration in the Midwest that resulted in my arrest, the reaction was exactly what I wanted: more people getting informed and taking sides. My actions were praised as:

      “There should be more people like him unafraid to stand up for what
      he and others belief is wrong. They take their land and food resources and now they think they are entitled to killed them. Humans have become so destructive it is sad we should be one with nature. May God help us all.”

      “Thank you for your effforts, I wold have done the same If I could. Hunting these beautiful creatures should be illegal. Very illegal…….”

      “One Man alone, was what was be heard Creator found His soldier an as stealthy as a wolf , he stood for all of us.”

      “Many thanks to this man for his brave stand today , there is some hope for the human race after all”

      “What a beautiful young man, the song is a part of the soul, as is the howl of the wolf with his soul. Thank you to this young man for sharing song and soul”

      “We need a million more like this wonderful man!”

      And many more. I am not afraid to fight for what I love or whats right. Now in
      2013 I plan to go even bigger. People where shocked as peace was met with
      arrest. That is was generates more to take the same course of action. What I did was not some highly organized action from a group, I acted alone for I am a solo-artist, and I wish others would do the same.

      When the ARM destroyed 50+ traps in the US recently (I have no involvement with this action) they directly saved not only the lives of wolves, but the lives of other animals including our children who use public lands.

      I close with this statement: “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I
      will not refuse to do something that I can do.” -Helen Keller

      • Thank u so much for yur input, Dwayne! You have truly moved along and matured my activism.

    • Yet Shelly, I never advocated one act of violence against others. You misrepresented what I said about action. ” If we opened people’s eyes with education or violent force” this mean it could be action like mine or action like Gary Yourofsky, all the spokes in a wheel have to be used in moving forward.

      This part was the view of another commenter who I used to make a point
      “finding the gunman’s parked vehicle (which logically must be somewhere nearby in the woods) and rendering it permanently inoperable?
      Would that be legal or would that be moral?”

      Now I do have a problem with your response here: We live in a time where wolves will not be allowed to be un-managed, untouched and just left free. That is a pipe dream.” When you grow up like me and being told your dream is ludicrous, it almost makes your fire even stronger.

      • Well. Due to urbanization over 100 years ago, the reality is that the wolf and other wild animals do not have the ability or the wilderness areas to run unchecked, unmanaged and just left free. The human population won’t allow that. You may disagree and think you will force everyone to change their minds about that. Good luck.

        That’s not crushing your dream. It’s called reality.

        I have dreams too. That we ensure that we keep the remaining wilderness and that we continue to have wild animals that can live there. That we maintain healthy ecosystems.

        You can have whatever dream you want. I just think it’s time to start being realistic.

        You still haven’t said what you have done to work for this.

    • There is no way we would condone wolf hunting! We put HOURS and HOURS over weeks to come up with a plan. Not just a plan, but a plan that would be accepted by MFWP’s commissioners. Anybody can write a plan, but to get it accepted (by a 4-1 vote) and implemented is a whole other ball of wax. If we condoned wolf hunting, then we wouldn’t even be around and would have joined the other side, which we will not EVER do!!! Without seeing the original rather scathing editorial written by the Great Falls Tribune, this rebuttal is out of context. The Missoulian printed this a week or so after the GFT allowed our rebuttal to be printed, there was no controversy then. But apparently in the time between the original printing then in the GFT and the more recent printing in the Missoulian (it’s probably in the helenair, too) the connection between their editorial and our rebuttal was lost. Thank you for your offer of a retraction and an apology. I hope this clears up the many misconceptions and rather harsh comments by those who consider themselves to be advocates. Gotta get on the same page or at least the same book or else there will be more dissention and time and energy will be wasted, not to mention the lives of more wolves. We have had success in (hate to use this outdated phrase…) thinking outside the box and we will continue to do so until and unless that stops working. One victory, even though relatively small, is a hell of a lot better than another kick to the gut, which is the usual result for advocates in the wolf war, isn’t it?

  6. Because someone is opposed to compromise re the wolves, does NOT necessarily mean they are dissing groups who DO compromise. We are all working for the same thing, we dont have to all do it the same way, nor does one have to convert one group to another’s way of thinking. Right and wrong is not the issue–the truth is that which endures.

  7. There is enough killing taking place in this world every day. This world was in perfect balance until man stepped in. God gave us all life and this planet on which to live. What gives man the right to say you live and you die. That is not our decision to make. Live and let live.

  8. what the author says here is true. I too find it revolting and reprehensible. This type of behavior destroys the ability to mount the necessary resistance and zero tolerance policy we need in order to dismantle the networks protecting the ecocidal mindset behind actions such as the killing of wolves.


  9. Thank you for this article, I have always respected everything you have posted. Stand firmly behind you 100%. Wolves of the Rockies has lost any support from me, my blogs, I will not be posting anything of thiers, and will make sure the best I can to let my followers know about the real truth in ‘ Wolves of the Rockies ‘ actions. Sadly, they are not the only ones I have seen this with. There is a few other acting under wolf advocate org’s and if you look at the supporters…cattlemen associations is a HUGE tip-off roflmaoooo I have a few of them following my postings… can’t get rid of them… your must smell sweet too 0.o… hate to think they are flies…then we must smell like??? NVM we smell sweet… ..but thanks for the heads -up …

  10. I do not support anyone who compromises with hunters. After all the sadistic behavior displayed by the hunters and the fact that hunters always get to dictate wildlife policy while we get treated as second class citizens makes me have a zero tolerance for hunting! So wolf hunters are ethical huh? Then explain the way they sadistically kill wolves and get off on it! Explain why they taunt, bully and harass wolf activists! Anyone who thinks hunters are ethical should go see a page called Lobo Watch and another page called Hunting Trapping And Snaring Wolves. Then watch this video. Then tell me if they still think hunters are ethical and if they still want to compromise. There is no way I will ever compromise with these sickos and if politicians think killing wolves makes people good ol’ rootin’ tootin, hard workin’ Americans then we make political ads slamming them and kick them out of office during elections. The minute you compromise in something like this thats the minute you lose. I will never compromise with these sickos! With everything I am seeing, I really do feel there is no hope for wolves anymore. I think maybe I should just give up.

    • Justin I have to say don’t give up! The activist aren’t gone, Justin. You’re still here. You can still do great things. Or…you can stay to only voicing your opposition on Internet blogs. Remember this formula: Talk-Action=Shit, Talk+Action=Change

    • Nobody said wolf hunters are ethical, they aren’t. And I don’t consider kiling them as “hunting” either, it’s just plain going out and shooting wolves, period. Not every hunter is like those jackasses. In Michigan a majority of hunters who took part in a survey said they had no interest in hunting wolves. I’ve seen hunters on public sites engage with those idiot hunters and get piled on by them. Those are not the ones WOTR considers as ethical and have no interest in talking with them. As soon as one comment made by a hunter who doesn’t share the same view as the majority of those on Lobo Watch or the other sites is posted they get banned. There is NO compromising with those “sickos”, have no interest in them, couldn’t disagree with them more, and it would just be doing the same thing over and over, which clearly does not work, gets nothing accomplished. I urge you, again, Justin to not give up, that is what the anti’s want, for advocates to give up and go away. That is not going to happen.

      • So, Kristi, after reading all your posts referring to “ethical hunters”, just what is your definition of an “ethical hunter”? One that doesn’t have any particular desire to kill wolves but that is OK with killing elk, deer, geese, moose, black bears, prairie dogs? One that kills strictly for food on a subsistence basis or one that just likes some supplemental venison in their diet? One that kills for skins, for trophies, or to rid the world of “varmints”? Or is it simply one who obeys the existing game laws versus someone who does not? I’m really just trying to grasp your concept of what an “ethical hunter” actually is.

        While I appreciate what you have done to try and mitigate the current slaughter of wolves (a sincere thank you for that!), when you bargain with the devil be careful to not forfeit your soul in the process.

      • Kristi, it appears that you have some confusion regarding your group. Perhaps you need to take this “position question” up with them, so that those who “manage” this group can decide which side they are really on. By the way, wild animals, wild nature does not need “human management.” This may be part of your group’s problem, because it is continuing to promote the worst of Humanist propaganda: that non-humans need humans to “manage” them.
        What Nature and her wild non-humans need is for humans to stop killing them, to stop trying to “domesticate” Nature, to stop endless human growth, to stop making deals with ranchers, hunters and trappers. Humanism is the main cause of the Destruction of Earth, because homo sapiens views itself as some kind of “savior” while at the same time, continuing to go about its “business as usual–eating up the planet. Canadian naturalist, activist & author, John A. Livingston, wrote a great book on “The Arrogance of the Human Species” & The Myth of Wild Life Management.” It is a must read for us all.

  11. One thing is clear to me. There is NOTHING rational about wolf management. The science shows very clearly- and there are some very good studies to back up the claims- wolves do not decimate game herds. A common argument from the hunting community….. We hear the whining and sniveling from Ranchers- that will never change. These two interest groups are reacting to their new found “control” over wolf management. They are making us pay now for the years that they had no control over wolves…. Hunters and trappers who feel their way of life and livlihoods are under threat….They should be worried….There is way too much extremism in the hunting community today….Predator derbies, thrill killing…..hunters that don’t want to share any elk with wolves….These people are LOONS….This will backfire on them trust me.What is an ethical hunter? Do ethical hunters use hounds to tree bears and cougars? Do ethical hunters bait animals in the winter when they trap wildlife? Do ethical hunters kill collared Yellowstone wolves and then brag on the hunting blogs as they mis-spell “alpha”? The term hunter is a very general term. I know that wolves really do not need to be managed. They increase their numbers when there is available habitat and available prey- at some point they attain their biological carrying capacity through pack density. Then they self regulate their numbers. That is the biological argument. There is the whole other factor at play here which is human tolerance and the POLITICS….There’s the rub. As we fight- the pro-wildlife forces against the antis- wolves are caught in the middle and wolves are dying- and this is called “wildlife management”. We live in a time where it seems sometimes that facts don’t matter….Where is the sanity when the FED GOV protects wolves for 15 years and then turns over these same wolves to bloodthirsty degenerates like we have in Wyoming and Utah? I don’t want wolves hunted and trapped. Wolves of the Rockies doesn’t either. They are working in Montana to keep the hysterical forces at bay while the politics sorts itself out…….There is what we want and then there is reality…..We should all be focused on one issue at a time and see that issue through. Wolves will survive until the political climate changes…..There are many days I get exasperated with the SLOB hunters and trappers- I don’t like most of them……Boy – there are days I want to go to Wyoming and take back Lamar Canyon Pack Wolf 06 from the moron who shot her…..Reacting with emotion will not help wolves in the long term…..

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