More Unnecessary Animal Suffering

At the risk of inciting absurd accusations of misanthropy, I want to talk a little bit about animal experimentation. Don’t worry; I won’t make you hear about all the hellacious, gruesome, twisted and/or morbid things non-human animals are put through in the name of medical science. (If you don’t already know what goes on in those torture chambers they call animal testing labs, please go here or Google animal experimentation.)

What I want to look at is just how unnecessary all that animal suffering is. Not only are there other ways to reach the same conclusions, sans the insanity of experimentation, but the fact is, many of the drugs on the market today are simply superfluous. And many of the illnesses and conditions big pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry have us fearing on a daily basis—through obnoxious and irresponsible ads for their products in every medium—are avoidable, preventable or unlikely to ever threaten us.

How many times have their drugs, though tested endlessly on animals, done people more damage through side effects than the ailment they were said to protect us from? And how many nonhuman animals continue to suffer needlessly because of a national obsession with health care created and fueled by the world’s fastest growing industry?



6 thoughts on “More Unnecessary Animal Suffering

  1. I thank you also, Jim. Many wildlife enthusiasts who care passionately about “saving” this or that endangered or charismatic species fail to see the connection between humanity’s utilitarian attitudes towards wild animals and its routinely-abusive treatment of domesticated ones. It all springs from the same poisoned well: a hubristic determination that human interests, whether culinary, scientific, or recreational, must in every circumstance prevail over the interests of non-human beings. The preservation of ecosystems and furtherance of “sustainability” is all fine and noble work, but no true friend of wild animals can remain indifferent to the sad plight of their domesticated cousins anymore than an ethically-sophisticated animal welfare/rights campaigner can concern themselves exclusively with homeless dogs and cats.

    It’s just that of all the lame excuses the human species has offered up to explicate its on-going murderous exploitation of the non-human residents of our planet, none is so lacking in moral conscience, so utterly depraved, as is hunting animals for sport. So, thank you for continuing to address this darkest, most revolting side of the human psyche in your blogs.

    • I have been deeply involved with Anti Vivisection Groups.

      I became involved at the age of 9 years and have not looked back!

      Geoff, you mentioned Homeless dogs / cats.

      My Penny (feline) was found in the most horrible conditions in Phiily.

      It took 11 months 17 days to remind her she is Feline.

      She could not jump, purr, meow or play.

      I will put her pretty face as my avatar.

      She is now a true Lioness!

      My Dad has a Rescue dog.


      What a SWEET Gal!

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