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 What gives with the number changes? Can’t they count? Did they lose two wolves?

I haven’t been saving the individual daily counts but now I am. This has happened several times. Idaho’s counts have changed too. It’s bad enough having to do this but seeing the numbers go up and down  is even more maddening

January 14, 2013

138/31 Idaho
104/45 Montana
42/27 Wyoming
117    Wisconsin
412    Minnesota

January 11, 2013

138/31 ID
105/42 MT
42/27 WY
117 WI
412 MN

January 10, 2013

137/30 ID
109/37 MT
42/27 WY
117 WI
412 MN


January 9, 2013

136/28 ID
102/38 MT
42/27 WY
117 WI
412 MN



January 8, 2013

136/28 ID
103/39 MT
42/27 WY
117 WI
412 MN

There are no words for this disgusting display of cowardice and brutality. Why are these wolves dead?  What is their crime? That they live and breathe…

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  1. I still can’t believe the slaughter. With the addition of the Great Lakes the number of wolves “dying for nothing” has doubled. It will continue in Wyoming predator zone 24/7 – 365 days / unless the lawsuit is successful. Idaho has a wolf hunt going on somewhere in the state all year long. This is so out of hand and beyond anything I could ever imagined.

    For each wolf killed a little piece of wolf genetics dies with them. A study in the New Scientist states Canadian wolves have lost over 43% of their genetic diversity since the 19th century,. which effects all wolves in North America. This can mean weaker immune systems, making them more susceptible to disease, bone deformities, smaller litters, etc. Why aren’t the so-called wolf biologists talking about this when they rubber stamp wolf hunts? Yeah, it’s about the science alright.

    Wolves In North America Losing Their Genetic Diversity…
    26 November 2004

  2. What a bunch of absolute cunts. Would it not be possible to save at least a few wolves by buying up hunting licenses? Or is (money issues aside) that just me being naive.

    • We’d have to buy up each and every one of them, or the hunters who still held wolf tags could get the whole “quota” themselves (there are a lot more tags sold than wolves killed). There’s no limit on tags sold, only on how many can be filled…Also, buying a few tags would just help substantiate the whole business. Nice thought, though.

    • That won’t help, you didn’t hear this from me, but state fish and game industries check who applies for tags and licenses so if your name comes up on their blacklist, they will make sure you don’t get one.

  3. It is a great thought. I wonder how many tags are resold?

    You can sell guns on the Black market. What about Wolf tags?

    I have tried to find some numbers, but have been “stonewalled.”

    Any thought?

  4. Four years ago I lost my best friend. My hiking buddy, my walking companion, and so much more. The image of the wolf in the story is a spitting image of him. I enjoyed the story through several waves of tears and many, many fond memories. And these wolves are so much like him……..

    • I am truly sorry for your loss. Most of us can empathize with the pain.

      It is wonderful to smile through the tears when you remember particular “antics” of your Companion 🙂

      My gal hated thunderstorms and we lived in Iowa! She always found her safety zone on my bed.

      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

        To me, killing wolves is akin to killing my best friend. A very painful thought.

    • The numbers are there. Dishonest Biologists “fudging” numbers is my stumbling block. I can’t prove it but something doesn’t jive.

      How to know if the data is correct?

      I am a beginning Scientist. I believe in TRUE data.

      I have been told in by WY 3 weeks for 2012 data. I have been told by WY 6 weeks weeks, 12 weeks, 2 weeks and NO ONE will respond as to how long we must wait for the facts regarding the number of Wolves slaughtered vs the number of tags sold.

      Numbers are being tabulated through a colleague in the Yellowstone area. I know this person is 100% reliable.

      If anyone has reliable data, please let me know. You can PM me on Linkedin. Danielle Riggens.

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