Misery-Makers Love Company

The old saying, “misery loves company” has gotten so shopworn it’s become a cliché. But there’s a new saying (I know it’s new because just I thought it up today), a variation on that old one, which goes: “Misery-makers love company.” The point being, those who cause suffering don’t like to think they’re the only ones doing it.

Hunters, for example, are emboldened and find affirmation by recruiting others to take up their “sport.” It’s the same thing motivating trappers to form associations or duck hunters to form clubs. It’s why bowhunters spend so much time in chat rooms, and it’s part of the reason coyote and/or wolf haters hold social events called “contest hunts.”

Meanwhile, meat eaters feel a stronger sense of entitlement when they see so many others blindly munching on corpses. The same holds true for rodeo fans who get confirmation every time ESPN airs yet another calf-tormenting event.

The list could go on and on. As good people everywhere start citing their own examples, the saying, “Misery-makers love company,” is destined to become an overused cliché itself.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

4 thoughts on “Misery-Makers Love Company

  1. I go to many hunting forum and boy do they love to brag. One thing I do notice is that they try to always bring the subject of “stuffing the freezer” as if to convince themselves and other hunters they don’t do it just because they enjoy killing. They all know darn well they hunt because they love to kill, it’s in their blood, it’s an addiction so the lust they have for killing they need their own private forums to share their cruel stories. Even talking about killing of babies with photos being shown they say “great shot”, “great meat” etc. Disgusting.

  2. Just yesterday I was in a physical therapy building and there was a sub-human using one of the machines. He had on a gross t-shirt with a picture of an elk skull and words something to the effect of “hunt big go big” or the like.I caught (dispite trying not to) the words “bled out really fast,” and “river of blood in the snow.” That kind of detail recounting is more than just bragging. These psychos get off on the misery and blood and death and, just like any other serial killer, get off on reliving it. The other man asked “will you be going back to school soon?” (attempting to change the subject?) and the psycho said, “Yeah, I gotta get my deer before then.”

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