WTF’s Up w/MFWP?

What the Fuck (WTF) is up with the Montana state wildlife officials these days? Now they want to make it even easier to hunt and trap wolves in their state.

Last year, just after wolves were removed from federal endangered species protection, the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks department (MFWP) seemed comparably tame (well, compared to Idaho anyway). Though they wasted no time in implementing the state’s first season on wolves in seventy-some years, at least they spared wolves the torment of trapping.

Ignoring 7,000 letters in support of wolves, this year they added trapping to their wolf assault and upped the original “bag limit” from one to three per trapper—before the season even started. Instead, they’re bowing to the whims and whinings of ranchers, hunters and trappers who have called for an expansion of wolf killing and more liberal rules than the state had last year, when “only” 166 wolves were ruthlessly murdered. MFWP officials responded to anti-wolf, anti-nature, anti-environmental pressure by making the 2012 season longer, eliminating most quotas and allowing wolf trapping for the first time.

The agency is now mercilessly asking for additional measures in the form of a state House Bill, HB 73. Their proposal would let hunters and trappers buy multiple tags; use electronic wolf calls; reduce the price of a non-resident tag from $350 to $50 and eliminate the potentially life-saving requirement that hunters wear fluorescent orange outside of elk and deer season. (Okay, I’ll go along with that last one—who cares if wolf hunters shoot each other?)

“We want to get a wolf bill out of the Legislature so we can implement those things that can potentially make a difference,” said FWP spokesman Ron Aasheim, adding selfishly, “More management flexibility. That’s what we want now.”

The House committee will also take up a second bill by Republican Rep. Ted (oh shit, not another Ted!) Washburn, of Bozeman, which would also limit the total number of wolves allowed to live in the entire state (we’re talking 147,046 square miles) to no more than 250. Washburn’s plan also asks for an Oct. 1-Feb. 28 wolf hunting season and an even longer season for special districts next to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks!!

No doubt you all remember that fateful day in 2011 when congress lifted federal protections for wolves in Montana and Idaho, handing management over to those openly hostile states.

Meanwhile, the nefarious Montana state wildlife officials are currently opposing federal Threatened Species protection for the depressingly rare wolverine, down to only 35 breeding individuals in the lower 48.

Not many hunters can honestly say that they don’t mind sharing “their” elk, moose or deer with the likes of wolves, cougars or coyotes. But those few who claim to support a diversity of life need to realize that every time they purchase a hunting license and a deer or elk tag, they validate wolf hunting and trapping. To game managers, every action, right down to the purchase of ammo and camo at Outdoor World, is a show of support for their policies—including killing wolves to ensure more deer, elk, moose or caribou for hunters to “harvest.”

A far cry from living up to their laughably undeserved reputation as the “best environmentalists,” hunters are just foot-soldiers carrying out a hackneyed game department program of “harvesting” ungulates and “controlling” predators. It’s an agenda based not on science or the time-tested mechanisms of nature, but on the self-serving wants of a single species—Homo fucking sapiens (HFS). Modern hunting is about as anti-environmental as mining, clear-cut logging, commercial fishing or factory farming.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2012. All Rights Reserved

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2012. All Rights Reserved


19 thoughts on “WTF’s Up w/MFWP?

  1. As usual, you sure said it, Jim. Expletives and all, which are so vital as a pressure valve while we witness the tragedy of slaughter. It is all around us. The wolves, the predator “contests” (Foxpro is a big nation-wide sponsor which i believe moves around to each contest like a traveling circus). The wolverine situation is astounding and I’m at a loss for words. Do you think they REALLY think 35 breeding pairs is even “sustainable” (I hate that word, actually). I was told by a hunter or two on the Wildlife News blog that the only way to have a voice was to buy a hunting tag even if I chose not to “punch it”. Is that what our federal and state wildlife and environmental “protection” agencies have reduced us to? What to do??????

    Well, it seems in most places there are hunter complaints of not being enough private land to hunt on. I think we need a nation-wide effort to get even more land posted, a “Post in Protest” revolution. What do you think? Can it be done? Would it be effective, i.e. put the squeeze on the agencies to stop some of the crap?

    • The Wolverines are almost gone in the world, Montana and all these states are killing off anything that might be in the way of frack mining..would not want to have an animal that has an endangered status standing in the way of a drill…wolverine would stop a mining company..this does not surprise me one know that there is a video with Salazar actually saying Frack Mining is SAFE? and he is all involved in getting all the horses getting sent to slaughter…they are almost wiped out in montana..the biggest rancher in Montana..and why is he still in office? So, corruption runs deep..and we all complain and nothing gets done… we need to gather together…form this movement.. all of us.. band together… because they have the money… and we need the people … which is what is happening..time to take our earth and animals back…they can’t have them anymore!

  2. All “Squish and Maim” Commissions are alike. Here in New Mexico they also responded to many thousands of letters against trapping by extending both the time and area of trapping season. They do not serve the public. They do not serve wildlife. They ARE hunters and trappers and serve only themselves and their equally psychopathic buddies.

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