Contact info for MFWP

Here are two things you can do for wolves in the Yellowstone area…

1. Plan to attend the Montana FWP meeting Tuesday January 29, 2013 at 10 am to make a public comment: asking MTFWP to close the wolf hunt. You will have 2 minutes to speak.

2. Send a letter to MTFWP: Email Montana FWP Commissioners:, FWP Director Hagener: and Montana Governor Bullock:

Here are some things Bear Creek Council’s has written to FWP, which you might use as talking points:

YNP Wolf Project had lost 8 or more radio-collared and uncollared Yellowstone research wolves to hunting in Montana. Millions of tourists around the world were outraged to hear of the deaths of wolves they have observed. Montana’s economy depends on wolf and wildlife tourism, which brings in more dollars than ranching or hunting outfitting.

We want to see wolves protected in Yellowstone National Park and in the Gallatin National Forest/Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness areas:

1. Our region depends economically on wolf tourism in Yellowstone Park and our National Forest. People come here to hike in wolf country or to visit the number one place in the world to observe wild wolves, Yellowstone National Park. Montana has begun hammering away at the wolves here, allowing hunters to take an inordinate number from our region and damaging an invaluable economic, educational, and research wildlife population.

2. We value and want to advance YNP Wolf Project research on predator-prey relationships and other science about wolves.

MTFWP claims its management polices are based on hard science, but aside from the YNP Wolf Project’s 18 years’ work, there are very few long-term studies of wolf predator-prey relations. Why isn’t Montana protecting the some of the best research on wolf-prey relationships? Why aren’t we protecting the study subjects—Yellowstone wolves?

One value of YNP Wolf Project is that it studies one of the largest unexploited wolf populations in the world. Until Montana’s hunts in opened the hunts in 2009 and 2012, there were practically no human-caused wolf mortalities in the park. Does Montana FWP want to be responsible for destroying one of the best research projects on wolves in the world?

3. We want to see wolves valued as native Montana and North American wildlife and for their role in our predator-prey ecosystem.


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