Howling For Justice


Thank god, we’ve all waited for this news! Salazar is leaving the Interior and heading home to Colorado in March! The wolves will be howling tonight.  Salazar has been the worst Interior Secretary EVER. James Watt couldn’t hold a candle to him and that’s saying something.

He and Obama together have delisted wolves twice in the NRM AND recently delisted wolves in the Great Lakes, causing untold wolf suffering  in both parts of the country.  Our rancher Interior Secretary announced last year he’d like to see grizzlies delisted by 2014. So all I have to say to Ken Salazar is GOOD RIDDANCE!!

Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-AZ,  is the right choice to be our next Interior Secretary. His record on the environmentstands for itself. Not only would his selection be right for all America’s wildlife and wild places but he actually cares about wolves.  When the Fox Mountain alpha female…

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  1. This is great news. I also just found out that Animals Asia is not going to be evicted from their sanctuary in Viet Nam. Let’s hope the good news continues throughout 2013.

  2. The last of her kind.

    Vietnamese Java Rhino.

    Extinct in Vietnam.

    All alone and GUNNED DOWN!

    Barely 50 individuals reside in Indonesia.

    She was killed by a “trophy hunter.”

    Keep the Faith and Rejoice when you get “goosebumps.”


  3. Let’s hope Raul Grijalva gets the nod for Interior. He should have been nominated in the first place. Some of the names being floated around are less than thrilling, like Gregoire, who lifted not one finger when the Wedge pack was being slaughtered. But for now let’s enjoy the moment and realize that Salazar will be gone by March. He will forever be known as the man who silenced the howls of over two thousand wolves in just 3 hunting seasons.

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