Restoring the Imbalance–for Hunters

First, here’s an urgent message from Defenders of Wildlife:

…In the past year more than 400 wolves have been killed in Idaho, and last week the Idaho Fish and Game Commission approved a proposal to pay Wildlife Services $50,000 to launch a new round of wolf killing – which could include aerial gunning of wolves under the excuse of artificially inflating elk herds to make hunting them easier. This death-by-helicopter or airplane plan is misguided and wrong!

Last year, Idaho called in Wildlife Services to kill wolves in the central part of the state to artificially boost game populations in the region – and it appears that they’re planning on doing it again…

Clearly, hunters want their cake and eat it too. Out of one side of their mouth they declare there are too many elk and that they are doing the animals a favor by killing them to prevent overgrazing. Yet when wolves spread out and successfully reclaim some of their former territories, hunters resent the competition and call for every brutal tactic imaginable to drive wolves back into the shadows, thereby restoring the imbalance that hunters depend on to justify their exploits.

The point of recovering endangered species should be to bring back and/or protect enough biodiversity to allow nature to function apart from human intervention. The presence of predators like wolves can help to restore a sense of natural order and nullify the claims by hunters that their sport is necessary to keep ungulate populations in check.

Wolves in Yellowstone have been keeping elk on the move enough to allow willows to thrive once again in places like the Lamar Valley. Newly emerging willow thickets in turn provide food and shelter for an array of species, from beavers to songbirds. The loss of each thread of biodiversity brings us one step closer to a mass extinction spasm that would wreak more destruction and animal suffering than the Earth has seen in some 50 million years.

Now more than ever we need to counter the hunter agenda at every turn, for the sake of a functioning planet. It’s time to put an end to the notion that wildlife are “property” of the states, to be “managed” as their “managers” see fit. The animals of the Earth are autonomous, each having a necessary role in nature. Only human arrogance would suppose it any other way.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2012. All Rights Reserved

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2012. All Rights Reserved


9 thoughts on “Restoring the Imbalance–for Hunters

  1. “But, let’s go further. Wildlife biologists have confirmed that when deer, and other animals, including humans during war times, feel their population is being decimated, as is the case after hunting season ends, the majority of all the females give birth to twins or triplets. So, let’s take the twin scenario. Seven females are now giving birth to 14 babies instead of the original five (if our society didn’t hunt) thereby having 9 EXTRA babies per sample group of 10 deer. When you multiply the extra babies over the entire Michigan herd, you have an “extra” 500,000 to 700,000 deer every year. And guess how many hunting licenses they issue every year? You guessed it, between 500,000 and 700,000. Plus, that’s how the Michigan herd grew from 500,000 in the 70s to nearly 2 million nowadays. This scenario works in every state with the numbers only varying slightly. And they have the audacity to call themselves “Environmentalists”.

    “And hunting is not sound science. It is only sound fun for unsound individuals who commit cowardly acts. And it sounds to me that any sound person who possesses a scintilla of sound sense would understand that soundly truth.” -Gary Yourofsky

  2. YES–the animals do not belong to the government or the citizens either, they belong to themselves and the earth. They have just as much if not more right to live here as humans do. I, too, have observed that the reasons hunters/the DNR give for killing wild animals conveniently shifts depending on the outcomes they want. First, they must hunt deer because “there are too many of them and it’s better to kill them than for them to starve.” Then it’s “we have to kill wolves because they’re killing the deer that WE want to kill.” There is no logic, no morals, no science and no ethics to any part of this.

  3. If the next mass extinction is right around the corner, hopefully the hunters, ranches, and trappers who prefer an imbalance will be the first to die off.
    Humans are to Earth what herpes is to the human body or what speed limits are to our roadways: Once you have them, you can’t get rid of them.

    “I’ve got speed limits!” – Richard Hammond, Top Gear UK presenter, Season 16 Episode 6

  4. Press Your Issue!

    For all Life,

    I heard rifle shots in a nearby farm community within 48 hours.

    When one “knows” the distance by echo is sad but perhaps good.

    I know what happened.

    The PA Bobcat.

    The biggest paw print I had ever seen was this elusive male (scat).

    My favorite “haunt” had a freshwater spring.

    Due to the lack of funding and mindless quarrywork, the spring is dead.

    The Bobcat male (scat) moved North.

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