Meet the Wolves’ Enemies

From Earth Island Journal: 

Wolf Hatred is a Gateway to Bigotry

by Bob Ferris – January 17, 2013

Hate and intolerance are the underlying themes of the philosophies and motivations anti-wolf folks exhibit

This article originally appeared in Cascadia Wildlands

(This a PG-13 rated article. We purposely omitted profanity laced posts, death threats, and pictures of blood and gore because we feel that the evidence of bigotry is obvious and the need for action compelling.)

In late December an “event page” on facebook was attacked. The page was celebrating a prayer vigil for wolves that was to be held in Salem, Oregon. And the attackers swooped down electronically the day after the event and filled the page with bloody pictures of wolf kills and fetal deer purported to have been “aborted” by wolves. The action was disturbing and eerily like the protests held by the Westboro Baptist Church, where they show up where they are not wanted and act in the most offensive and inappropriate manner possible.

artwork depicting a Santa Claus figure shooting a wolf from his sleigh“Cartoon” from Save Western Wildlife’s Facebook page

The Westboro mob is classified as a hate group and rightfully so. They—like the anti-wolf folks—are generally overflowing with unbridled faith, strongly held opinions and self-righteousness and somewhat bereft of relevant education, understanding, or any form of tolerance or compassion. Both groups are classic bigots in that they hold unfounded and yet deep beliefs and will not let facts or reason dissuade them from dishing out broadsides of vitriol towards the object of their scorn whether it be homosexuals, people of color, members of other religions or wolves.

Is Wolf Hatred Gateway Bigotry?

Do I go too far in linking bigotry against wolves with the same attitudes against individuals and sectors of the human population? I don’t think so. Studies have conclusively linked animal abuse to child abuse, domestic violence and even serial killing. The experts assert that these acts are all parts of the same dangerous syndrome. I strongly suspect that bigotry is a related syndrome and behaves the same way. And I have seen enough human-directed bigotry—mainly racial, anti-Semitic and life-style directed—on the facebook pages of these anti-wolf actors and their compatriots to think that, once started, predator bigotry translates quite easily across the wildlife-to-human spectrum.

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3 thoughts on “Meet the Wolves’ Enemies

  1. I thank Bob Ferris for exposing some of these anti-wolf sociopaths. Unfortunately, there is a type of bigotry going on in our government aswell. Mainly on how they treat us wolf advocates.

    For years, these anti-wolf people have harassed, bullied, taunted, and threatened us wolf advocates yet they get away with it. Authorities do nothing to protect us from them, but when a wolf advocate finally has enough and does to an anti-wolf sadist what they have been doing to us for more than a decade, we are the bad ones and we are the ones who get into trouble! Why is that? Because in the eyes of this government, anti-wolf people and hunters are good ol’ high pollutin’, rootin’ tootin, gun totin’, hard workin, real Americans while the rest of us are second class citizens!

    Many of us did not want the wolves removed from protection under The ESA and many of us did not want the wolves to be hunted yet the government did it anyway!

    After the wolves were delisted and the states moved forward with their horrific plans of hunting and trapping these animals, anti-wolf people reveled in it posting pictures and video flaunting their cruelty while taunting us and rubbing it in our faces. Many of the wolves killed were wounded or caught in traps before being sadistically tortured for thrills before they were finally killed by the hunters and these hunters actually brag about it!

    Many of these anti-wolf sadists also give tips to each other on their websites and Facebook pages of ways to torture wolves and make them suffer more when they kill them.

    Also, at the rate they are going with killing the wolves, the wolves will most likely be wiped out again like they were in the 1930s if it is not stopped soon.

    Yet this government favors these sickos over the rest of us!

    No offense to some folks but the behavior displayed by these anti-wolf psychos, the things I have seen them say and do, and the way their ideologies have been forced on everyone else by the government has made me despise all hunting and has made me want to see all hunting get banned in this country.

    I also want to see the wolves get back their protections under The ESA that never should have been removed in the first place and these anti-wolf sadists stopped!

    • I say it’s time for a revolt against these hateful sub-humans and they’re supporters. And our government. If they don’t listen to our demands, they should be overthrown by force.

  2. I was looking to give you Kudos.

    danielle riggens, a customer just told us your review was helpful to them while shopping on Amazon.

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    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A MUST read for animal Champions
    December 9, 2012

    Regarding this Horrific image, consider it pressed.


    Santa with a rifle?
    A child holding back the reindeer?
    A patient St. Bernard looking lost?
    A wolf running?

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