Howling For Justice

Thank you Brooks, George Wuerthner, Marc Bekoff and Bob Landis for this powerful video. May it shine a bright light on the darkness that has descended on America’s wolves.


british columbia wolf_environment news service


Video: YouTube Brooks Fahy

Photo: Wolf Environment News Service

Posted in: Wolf Wars

Tags: Predator Defense, Brooks Fahy, George Wuerthner, Marc Bekoff, Bob Landis,  wolves under siege, wolf persecution, stop the hunts

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  1. This is so deplorably wrong! I was just at a meeting involving a number of animal and ecosystem defenders from a variety of backgrounds, focuses, and we were all sick about how the wolf enemies here in America are getting their stupid, insensitive and cruel way. They are indeed disrupting the natural balance and causing such terrible suffering and disruption of the balanced natural societies and ecological web that must be restored not attacked if we are to preserve life on Earth, now under critical siege from many fronts. These ignorant and thoughtless or down right care-less people whether through apathy or maliciousness MUST BE STOPPED. See my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy available on I talk go into this in considerable detail and discuss the wolf’s part of restoring America and balance.

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