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CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife & F&G Commission: Stop Coyote Killing Contest

UPDATE: January 6, 2013 @ 6pm

The California Fish and Game C0mmission refused to take any action to stop the Coyote Killing Contest that starts Saturday in Modec County.  Animal rights activists spoke out against the sadistic “contest” today in front of the game commission.

The commission gave testimony that OR7 is too far away from the “hunt” and implied he is not in any immediate danger.

Is the California Fish and Game Commission or California Department of Fish and Wildlife aware wolves can travel 25 to 50 miles per day, one wolf is on record traveling 100 miles while being pursued by hunters. The “contest” is several days away, making it very easy for OR7 to travel in that direction. OR7 has also been known to travel and play with coyotes.  Having a bunch of yahoo’s with guns and hounds out in an area, not too far away from…

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  1. I urge everyone to sign the petition and contact the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the California Fish and Game Commission. Flood them with calls! These sadistic, thrills kills have to stop! Now they are going after OR7 who has been spotted in the same area recently. We can’t allow them to kill the only wolf in California in 100 years and say Ooooooops we thought it was a coyote.

    The poor coyotes are persecuted enough and now these cretins are looking for a bigger prize. PLEASE TAKE ACTION. It starts on Saturday, February 8!!!!

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